Looking like a 40 million pound deal, we got the the sort of the rumors started. Gathering momentum yesterday yesterday morning that it looked like united were in frame, it looked like a deal, was about to be done, and then we got those three magic words from frabizio. Romano here we go, he tweeted van der beek to man, united or vanderbilt. Sorry to man. United here we go, man united tonight is expected, have sent their official bid and ix just accepted without any negotiation agreement reached for 40 million euros, plus add ons paperwork and medicals next week. So it looks like it’s all done: it’s it’s, sorted there’s! No! Oh! If we can work out a payment structure, if we can get the player to agree to it, if he’s happy to move to old, trafford it’s all done he’s happy, the club are happy. The clubs are happy. So that is a done deal for the iax midfielder. The 23 year old who’s had a great few seasons at iax. He played against united a few years ago, um in stockholm for the europa league final. I was there that night he came on, i think, with 20 minutes to go not going to pretend that i remember him, i’m, not going to pretend i was stood there going. Oh united sign him in a few years, he’s going to be great, but he has had a really good few seasons at the club. His stats are pretty impressive, um and obviously, all the talk this morning, all the papers focusing on how he’s going to fit into this manchester united team and what sort of a player he is now.

Apparently, the negotiations were helped by edwin van der sar on the on his uh instagram romano also said, the agreement has been reached. A strong release, relationship between the two clubs and also edwin bandissa himself have helped to complete the deal so fast. Vanderbik already agreed personal terms until june 2025, so a five year deal and ended with an assad, the united legend, the one that i said was our greatest ever keeper. In the debate we just had recently, we caught that he apparently has stepped in there’s. Also other reports that matt judge, who’s or overseeing transfers had got involved as well sort of tried to speed things up because, apparently, according to, i think it was the mirror. Um tottenham were looking at trying to hijack the deal so matt george edwin van der sar getting together there to get that deal over the line and get it all sorted um. So you know a lot of. As i said, the reports are sort of talking about what sort of player we’ve got how he’s going to fit in um van der beek was uh. He says here i think it’s on sky they’ve been talking about him. How he’s, obviously ollie’s first signing this summer. Hopefully, the first of a minute i’m going to get to some of the signings the potential signings a little bit later on, but he says that he was part of the iac side that got to the champions league semi finals in 2019, um.

Also, looking at his stats, i’m sure you’ve all done this i’m sure you’ve all had a google and gone on youtube and checked out his clips and looked at his he’s, his stats as well. We will be speaking to someone who’s. Quite who knows quite well. He’S been following vanderbilt’s career, quite well, we’re speaking to him a little bit later on the channel so make sure you stay tuned for that, but just going through a few of these stats, um a river division, getting the words out 118 games, 28 goals, 24 assists Um champions league he’s had 17 games five goals, three assists obviously a very talented player, um, a midfielder there who can sort of he’s being described as um an attacking midfielder a player. Who can you can sit a little bit deeper, but he could cover for bruno or pogba if one of those two are injured or are out, but it does beg the question is: is that done? Is it? Is that it for manchester united in terms of midfielders and by the looks of it according to some of the papers, it isn’t, this talk that we could be in for some more midfielders one midfielder we’ve been linked with is thiago alcansara. Now people may look at this and go tiago alcansara. What is this 2013 because don’t forget? We were linked with that: the the um the midfielder back in 2013, when david moyes took over from alex ferguson.

It looked like we were going to get him. He almost had done deal almost here. We go time, but then, for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Reports were that david moyes didn’t, quite fancy him that wasn’t didn’t know enough about him. He wasn’t willing to to sign him. Instead, we went out and bought marijuana fellaini. You can make that what you will, but according to sport, build united have been looking at alcantara, who has been linked heavily with liverpool as an option now we’ve been looking at him and apparently you know he’s available for a 30 million euro fee. Well, not, apparently, i think that’s pretty set in stone that’s a fee that it would take to get him and he has been heavily linked with liverpool, but united could be trying to get in there getting that deal because it says the um been monitoring the situation Closely um and are willing to make a bid. Now we spoke to florian plattenberg last last week. I think it was. He covers bayern munich, four sport irons over in germany, a reputable german sports website, and he said he was saying that he felt alcantara would be open to me of coming to old trafford. He felt that the move to liverpool, although it was lightly, was far from done. It wasn’t a done deal because he said that there was sort of a feeling that alcantara was looking at liverpool midfield and feeling that he may struggle to get in there that it may take.

Someone like naby kate, are moving on for alcantara tiago alcantara. To get into that side. Now i don’t see liverpool selling uh navigator. I don’t think he’s going anywhere and i think they have got other options. They have got the likes of fabinho. I know that one album can play in that position, even jordan henderson, so you may all be looking at it and thinking i may struggle to get that liverpool team, even though i think cass midfield is as strong, if not better than liverpool’s, for the type of Player he is, he may look it and think. If i can sold trafford, i can fit into that role behind bruno and pogba and van der beek um, or you know one of those or combination of the those three and get into this team, and he is open to tall trafford plattenburg, who we spoke to Saying that you know united are very revered in germany by munich, and you know german fans and german players all look at united, rightly as being the biggest club in england, so he will be. He would be open to that move and also rumor nigger, the uh. The band chief has said that he’s sort of he expects him to go. He said not necessarily to united, but he said that alcantara is going to go. He did an interview recently where he said it looks like he will leave us. So that was pretty much. You know he’s going it’s, just a question of: is he going to liverpool or could manchester united get in there? I think, if united were to make a bid from what we’re hearing that there’s every chance that he’d be open to coming to the move to old trafford because of the the reasons i’ve.

Just given so it’ll, be interesting to see what happens with that one. Because united have been monitoring him he’s, the player that’s been on our radar. Now for what seven years he’s opened some moves tall traffic and he’s available for a price that would suit manchester united. We know that you know money is always an issue here, not the amount of money. We’Ve got with the amount of money. The owners are willing to spend 30 million euros for a player like that. Who’S just won the champions league, i think he’s, 29 years old. So he’s not past it he’s got at least two or three seasons left in him at the very top. He sounds like a bit of a bargain. To me, to be honest with you, the only question is: can we get in there before liverpool, because we know that liverpool are heavily interested jurgen klopp, a big fan of the midfielder, so it may take some sort of fast moving there fast paced moving to get That deal done before liverpool get in there, but we’ve seen it with donald van der beek united can do a quick deal when they need to not very often, but it can happen so we’ll keep you posted if any developments come on without one, if united do Make a bid and if bayern munich, our open side of selling them to us now, another midfielder we’ve been linked with for again, it feels like a very long time is jack greylish.

Now people will look it and go well. This is it united bought a midfielder. Now, we’re not going to be in for greylish that must be over, but there’s been reports. I think it’s a mirror, um and other a few other papers as well the mail. Yesterday they were saying that even though we’re looking at donnie van der beek, we we’re still looking at jack grealish and i think the mirror picks up on that as well and said that it could be potential there for united to sign both players. Now you may look it and go. Why would we need both they’re both sort of similar they’re similar but they’re? Not the same jack grealish can come into this side and he can play in midfield. He can play just off the striker he can play in a 10. He can play on the left or even on the right. He is one of those players – don’t, dare i say, jack of all trades, forgive me for that awful pun, but he can fit in almost anywhere along the front five. Now, if you think about it, you think well, okay, manchester united have just spent what around 40 million pounds – 40 million. I think ‘ million pounds, ‘.3 million pounds on a player. That’S not broke the bank, so we should still be able to afford to buy other players. We know we’re still sort of the jaden sancho things rumbling on i’ll get to that in a minute, but we should be able to sign other players and one thing manchester.

United, have is an abundance of players that are surplus to requirements. Now you look here and you think, could there be a deal there with aston villa could united we heard that perhaps romero could be going to aston villa could united, maybe throw in chris smalling or someone like that. Who’S, an established defender, an england defender, a player, that’s won the premier league and who’s. Just had a fantastic season in syria. Would aston villa be open to a cash plus smalling deal for someone like jack willis. I think they would. Maybe you can even make it. You know a double swap, you could maybe say lingard again another england international 27 years old, an established premier league player, could a deal be done there. Now you may be saying: oh, this is you know, pie in the sky you’re just trying to get rid of all these players, but going to a club like aston villa if you’re, someone like chris mullin or whoever it’s, still a big move they’re still in a Big club, i know they’ve been around near the bottom of the table and only recently got promoted a couple of seasons ago, but they are a big club and if you’re looking, you know, your surplus requirements at old trafford that that move could make a lot of Sense and also aston villa have got the money to pay those type of ways as well. They’Re, not skinned, so it’ll be interesting to see whether united do pursue jack greece and whether we do go in for the ago alcantara.

It could be that united aren’t done in the midfield department just yet and we could see a few more signings on the horizon and in terms of jaden sancho. I round up with that, because i feel like i have to give you an update on jaden sancho. Every time i do a video because that’s the sort of the transfer saga that has been rumbling on and there isn’t much to report the the sort of the same old story is being really good. You say that you know united are still interested there’s a bit of an impasse between ourselves and borussia, dortmund as to how that fee will be paid and whether that fee will be paid but you’re. Looking you think, okay united stand spending money is that out of the kitty for jane and sancho some papers reporting, it is others reporting it not, but if it isn’t then manchester united could quite easily go for the likes of jack relish and maybe thiago alcantara and Still have money left over if that’s the budget they’ve set aside for jaden sancho and the jaden sancho deal isn’t happening just yet again. We spoke to patrick berger from sport. Irons last, i think, two weeks ago, sorry he covers brucia dortmund and he was adamant that jaden sancho isn’t going anywhere this summer. He was saying: dortmund are digging their heels in. He said the fact that bayern munich have won the the champions league. The fact that i think it was the one of the biomunica execs was throwing a little bit of shade at dortmund, saying oh you’re, a selling club has hurt their pride.

They look at jaden sancho as being integral to them getting back or or to trying to take the top spot from bayern munich, so they’re willing to hold on to him so we’ll have to see how that one pans out it has been rumbling on. For many. Many months, but the transfer of donnie vanderbig hasn’t rumbled on it’s been done very swiftly within 24 hours, we’re just waiting for his medical. Now that’s expected this week, he’s expected to sign on the dotted line over the next few days and officially become a manchester united player. This has been the paper talk as you can see, i’m outside old trafford, and it feels a little bit warmer, especially now. We’Ve got a player over the line. Don’T forget to check out the videos. We’Ve got coming up later on, we’ll have houston’s brew, where meaning will obviously be talking about united’s lady signing we’ll also be speaking to an iax football expert.