Why would they? It is an ideal circumstance for what could be an ideal game. Everybody has been attracted to it. It has been the talk of the town and uh the buses to high profile high caliber teams. This is a welcome event for all these supporters. Oh get ready for some high grade football theater, two strong teams, as you say, full of wonderful, individual talent, and we have every right to anticipate some really entertaining football. As to whether we’ll see a high scoring contest that’s a little harder to predict i’m. Not complaining, though, because there are good players everywhere, you look around this surface and friendlies tend to take the edge away. In my experience, if the opposition go at it full tilt, then you have to reciprocate rashford short and he goes again go manchester united, manchester united, but for me that’s, just pure predatory brilliance, it’s, not so much to finish, but the way you read the situation that Nobody else was even alert to it’s fantastic that’s. One way of trying to make things happen, there’s a few who could follow that example: that’s not gon na make it surely it’s willian lindelof is there to heave it away, marcos alonso any flies it’s there. Oh super header, wonderfully acrobatic, ah strikers, love, a diving header and behind that to perfection, goes Applause. He’S got options in the box. If he gets his head up, lindelof is there and he can get that clear and the counter is on now it’s martial he’s one on one martial.

Oh, that was no routine save well. That was high class goalkeeping there to back up his his high class wage. The balls come loose and the chase is on. He gets past his man horizons. Looking back on that, it was some safe and potentially a big moment for the keeper and this team fully sich shiru Applause and the comeback is complete. Well, that defense just wasn’t expecting their midfield to mess up then so, when they did, they were caught completely cold by such a swift breakaway and such a well worked finish too. With the clearance now rashford has a shot. Applause salon drives it forward, that’s a decent ball now it’s martial has a pop could fall kindly oh nearly, but nearly it’s, nothing. I don’t need to tell you he got underneath it and there’s only one place. It can go very, very threatening dream. Greenwood, oh denied, brilliant and here’s martial and the finish good. Stop that wasn’t easy! Well, what can i say? Truly wonderful, goalkeeping manchester united have turned to their bench and we’re, going to have a substitution and they’ve been caught out here. Applause about as smooth as it gets, that is stunning just too hot to handle. Well, the technique generates the power in that situation and his power is assured any Music Applause, lifting it over Applause. The keeper really dug out his defense, then a magnificent effort. Applause played, it short, a whistles gone. Now then, the referee has given a free kick just outside the box.

We knew what was coming that’s a yellow card wow, it was deliberate, it was cynical and it had to be done and that’s been leave it clear. He’S in he’s had a go goal. Chelsea and they’ve got their lead back. That is just remarkable. The amount of bendy got on that yeah and it’s not a surprise, to see him elect to shoot from there, considering how much movement can be generated on the ball. Great hit martial it’s being picked on here, yeah and, if they’re going to try and stop them in this fashion, peter they’re going to really test the referee’s patience from here. Applause marcos alonso can hoist it clear, well, it’s, good stuff and here’s martial rashford Applause, pogba and here’s martial shoots, yeah and it’s very much deserved in the circumstances in these games, it’s so tempting to maybe well. You know thinking about that. I think they’ve perfected, that on the training ground, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front they really commit forward in numbers too. It was all very well drilled, but this will be his final warning. He just needs to find the control button on his aggression before the ref. Does it for him peter? Oh, nearly nearly matic cuts it out and it’s james is on the back foot. Bruno fernandez had a shot he’s done very well. To get to that look. This can still go either way. It might be flowing one way, but there’s still time for some edge has a hit go manchester united they’ve done it.

It was coming, are really pouncing on any straight passes at midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking heaven. Manchester united get themselves into the lead, no doubt as to who has the momentum here now. The only doubt is how many is coming big chance. Chelsea are actually displaying tremendous fighting, suddenly just spotted now a little tiredness creeping in, and you know if that’s the case, then you know he’s doing the right thing. He’S got the ball goes for goals and that would have been game set and match tries to get it clear and it’s short look with time running out. They have to get the ball in the penalty box and if it means a long punt, then so be it they’ve got to give themselves a chance. Oh shooting chance. Oh it’s hit the post spreads it towards the left. Pull this itch and that’s that well that’s bounce back ability superbly to come from behind shrugging off setbacks along the way and determinedly getting there. In the end, any reflections on what you’ve seen jim manchester united gave themselves a dream start this.