Thanks for that peter hi, everyone, the excitement has really picked up now and i’m eager for the action to start just joining us. We are already on the way, so tell me this: who are you looking for in particular here yeah giorgino, the kind of player that can pass a team to death at first? A lot of his passes seem a little safe and conservative, but they all serve a bigger purpose. Slowly, shifting the opposition from side to side once there is that little bit of space to work in then the killer instinct usually kicks in and he’s able to deliver that decisive pass. Okay, interesting rumor fernandez, juan mata, andres pereira, maguire looks to slip it through Music. James james very firm in standing his ground there. It is a tough full contact contest, Music and it’s pedro marcos alonso with the ball through pedro, so who’s. He picking out gorgeous control there. Music. All the balls come loose Music, good clearance. Now can they make something of it? Well, what can i say, truly wonderful, goalkeeping, chelsea, certainly won’t want to look back and dwell on that. It was a good chance, though, tries a through ball juan basaka. Is it out wide and in space, knocks it away laid back in threw himself at him, but he’s got it cleanly and the counter is on out wide to the right quantity he’s made sure that that won’t get through Music, fred Music. Hudson maguire gets it back.

Well, that was high class goalkeeping there to back up his high class wage. Do and let’s be leave it clear, so who’s wrong down the left hand, side, diogo, dalo and it’s james fred plays it into the channel james, going for cole marcos, alonso georginio abraham over to the left, Music pedro, the balls come loose and the chase is on Music panty that wants to win it back the moment you felt that was going somewhere, but they’ll have to go again, they’ve all needed to be better there, that’s a wasted chance and it’s james james goes up and over looks to clip. It forward hits one goal: manchester united manchester united, take the lead yeah, looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning, breakaway Music is manchester united, take the lead, yeah and they know there’s plenty of work left in this one peter before they can actually say that the job is over. James steered out wide puts it across, and intervention was very necessary james yeah. Well, he won’t be happy with some of the defending in front of me. He can hold his head high. That was a fantastic stop hit fun. The half time whistle goes there. We are off, they go for half time. The breakthrough did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that one goal. It is very, very tight rhythm for their game.

The players seem to have clicked well there’s, good movement off the ball. The passes are sticking no one’s afraid to have a go here for teams heading in for half time. One nil up we’re, already back on the way here, manchester united carry a one goal lead into the second half spreads it towards the left. Nicely controlled digs one in to here and pick that up fred bruno fernandez out to the left. It goes oh well, intercepted! Really alert to the danger abraham takes it out to the flank. James passes it through saved only by poor, finishing abraham, really has shown an example of why indecision is fatal. Music, Music, fernandez, Music and it’s james james he’s gone for, and it goes and with that goal comes comfort with us to shoot and he truly delivered. Yeah and teamwork was key to that. A beautiful piece of uh engineering to set him free in the box. I’M. Just united, i have a couple of goals without reply: it’s. 2. 0. Well. That second goal has given them so much more command and confidence now, and they should be able to take it on from here and either add to their lead or close it out. Surely they’ll manage one or the other andreas pereira goes. Looking looks like a good ball. Through now, it’s fernandez, pedro, abraham Music tries a through ball tried to play it through. The movement was good, but the past lacked authority a cause of mild frustration to dink it.

In chance just can he finish back of the net and as soon as they made that error in midfield, they didn’t have time to react before the ball hit the net very much a lesson learned chelsea get themselves back into contention. Dude, listen goals, change games that has changed the whole complexion of this one. They have the momentum now fred clips, one through that’s, been intercepted and that will come to nothing. Abraham played out to the right beautifully done. It’S deflected over the goal line for a Music corner Music chelsea are definitely going about this. The right way, jim there’s, not too much subtlety or sophistication about this. It really is a question of needs – must spot on peter ford. It goes well to tidy up the situation. We sit high abraham finds himself offside. Just it seems, but just is enough. Music de gea sends that a long way fred pushes it out wide it’s one piece knocks it in gently Music, james, hudson, a toy with the ball through abraham and the header so close to drawing level. That was extremely good focus from the keeper and it could turn out to be quite a significant moment. James tries to stroke it through and back to base. He just got good distance on that looks to slip it through james hudson, a toy are sweet feet from him. There cut out in the nick of time are definitely not going down without a scrap their attitude.

Just can’t be faulted. I’M gon na throw in Music swell over and he’s there to cut it out. Five minutes left on the clock. I’Ve. Given such an open invitation, he was always going to shoot yeah. It looks simple peter, but it requires intelligent use of space and good understanding to pull it off. Oh, there is some activity down on the touchline. It seems there’s going to be a change well to wait until now to make this change seems a bit baffling he’s. Expecting the miraculous to turn this around from here, two up and very little time left. Surely this is it can’t place it forward? James, glorious footwork he’s got options in the box if he gets his head up, abraham has to go quickly.