Antonio rudiger, plays with Kurt Zuma in central defence. Mateo Karachi plays with middle of midfield. Olivier zero is the main striker. Today, Wamba sucker, talker McGuire sure Applause, Granby sucker saw the pass coming and got there. First Applause is given outside yeah he’s playing on the shoulder, but just needs to hold he’s gon na touch. The magmatic Bruno Fernandez, papa Hernandez sure McGuire to keep it out while he needed an VG beast I’m there, the paper and then it goes, could have been difficult to defend there soldier now I got it away, but in the end straight to an opponent. Thank you. On the defenders, defensive block there no cross coming in Applause, don’t keep the ball at the moment, brilliant defending it saved a Sutton go. He was almost. We didn’t want to celebrate them. The short road here. Applause turn towards the first post head generally y yeah. The goalie was butit in a spot. There, Applause out into the wide areas now it’s Marcia, the opposition, with these passes brave blocking Applause. Now, William that’s been equator entire cottage Applause chelsey, given the advantage here, Applause he’s got some room out there, Marcus Alonzo, giving it away next to shut up watch it there making sure there’s, no turnover Applause. His contact, potay here’s, William, William, takes over and immediately thinks positively get away that’s what you have to do now on today: Marcial Applause, some like a brilliant by the Vols threat to the opposition Applause Finnick Greta now.

Will it here’s Antonio Rudy? Go Applause Olivia as you’re riding the challenge well and keeping the board first touch was okay, but second touch a bit clumsy simple, say for David to hiya: it still expect them to win. I do feel I’ve got ta switch it up a gear to start asking more questions at the opposing defense, really trying to use the full width of the pitch here to make some progress corner for Manchester United trying to force their way into the lead. Now: Applause, the corner by the keeper, the valiant Matic one bazooka, the poor glued to his boots. It seems excellent work. The challenge Chelsea acquire go who’s that, on top of it had a great view, some big lads in that box waiting for us have been hoping not to be disappointed only partially cleared so there’s still some problems for them. Doesn’T want to lose it here. Christine the referee says free kick nemanja Matic Misaka before man just across it, so go well to reach it, but he couldn’t keep it dangerous moment. Couple of teammates up in support away well away from gold it’s been a fantastic first. Half in the FA Cup final, but not a decisive one level, pegging yeah altered like well they’ve had the first half to get the occasion really out of their system and concentrate on the football match so we’re into the second half now of the amorous FA Cup. Final yeah, it was cagey a little bit at times in the first half she say: Marty I’ve got a feeling the occasion and looking forward to the next four to five minutes.

Applause now Georgie neo, Marcus Alonzo saw that coming and intercepted Applause well they’re trying to put some pressure on him. Now. The attackers sure Applause, Aaron wamba sake, the man yep mattock Bruno Fernandez talk back now. Poltava shops broke very quickly: Applause that’s, not what he wanted to do. A porpoise Applause get past him strong tackle Applause. Well, this could be dangerous in a wide position. This is going to be a TRO Bruno Fernandez, there’s, Antony Marcial he’s had a go shop brought to it at the pass: Marcus Alonza, Olivier Shiro, kabocha, ch Applause, probing away working away at the opposition. With these parcels, Applause cut you down constant sure Bruno Fernandez, there’s a chance of Manchester United to go forward with interception Applause, Marcus Alonza. Well now they can attack and he’s got support with it. I just have to pull up well they’re waiting for the support the goalkeeper still in play a chance to break the captain. Marcus rational today, Marcia lately intercepted Applause, Marcus Alonzo, Karadzic, Manchester United 2 1. The ball back here, Applause promising full drive from them again shot is blocked, throwing to come substitution coming up with Chelsea there’s Antonio Rudi girl. Now Georgina metelkova touch Applause, that’s drifted straight out of play that attempted cross is a goal kick while the pliers can only be heartened by the kind of support that they’re getting today yeah without question, then he does have an effect on the form and confidence of Pliers they play a big part in those funds.

We’Ve got 8 more minutes of the 19th. Now Bacchus Roscoe sure is Marcia. Applause put it in the box from here, as a Applause only needs half attempts. This point Fitness caught believe he’s, tucked it away so late. In the game to say again yeah they have got a history of this. We should have expected it show these frustrations. The valley table sure I’d love to be out there playing himself, but he can’t endure losing them as doing up he’s had a decent outing. Has they some real contributions? Oh he hasn’t he’s got the tote up top their feet many times. This is much work lights on Manchester United ahead down Antony. Now we got four minutes remaining in the match: Applause substitution on chest and closely attacking here, terrific time to the new place for sure. Well, look at the room we wish to attack, one least in that period of attacking play. In the end, it was disappointing Antony ma, maybe expected a bit more but 200 minutes. This Applause it’s a great team effort.