The palaces statement only noted that the small ceremony was attended by the Queen. The Duke of Edinburgh and close family and the wedding took place in compliance with all relevant government guidelines. The full guest list hasn’t been revealed, however, the bride’s parents Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York, as well as her sister Princess Eugenie, are believed to have been among the 20 or so guests in attendance, with the guest list vastly stripped back through the pandemic restrictions Which allow a maximum of 30 people, the bride’s grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who have both been in isolation at Windsor Castle, were in attendance and appeared in excellent spirits as they left the service. A few hours later, the Queen was happy to share with national hero. Captain Sir Tom more and commented that the ceremony was very nice. The chapel, which can accommodate 180 people, was an ideal choice for social distancing, especially given the bride’s. Grandparents are both in their 90’s and in a high risk group and with only family in attendance. Although many people were disappointed that the princess wasn’t able to have the big, beautiful wedding of her dreams, the good news is that precautions were taken to ensure the small event was compliant with social distancing regulations. Due to the global pandemic and the controversy surrounding Prince Andrews reported friendship with convicted offender, Jeffrey Epstein, Beatrice and adored OHS official wedding date, announcement was repeatedly postponed, reported the Sun in February soon after the British royal family finally announced the event would take place on May 29, the plans were cancelled due to the escalation of the pandemic.

The good news is that, despite all of the setbacks, Beatrice and adore doe are officially hitched, and it comes as no surprise that social media had a lot to say many offered their congratulations to the newlyweds and wished them a good start to married life. Music. Others were anxious to see the princess wedding dress. However, some felt it was unfair that the couple didn’t get the lavish royal wedding experience most other royal couples, and it was also an opportunity for people to point out double standards in regards to how the tabloids treat certain members of the royal family differently. Although the reactions to Beatrice and adored OHS wedding are varied, their nuptials are a reminder that, even in the midst of global turmoil, there can still be moments of joy. Only time will tell what the next step is for the royal pair, but it’ll be interesting to see how they jump into married life.