He has a resume for the hall of fame and bryce. Wilson baseball makes the decision on whether to have the roof open or closed the mookie bats leads it off in right: corey, seeger, red red red, hot vatics, behind the plate, and here are the regular season numbers for Applause. The rookie has it this one back to the right: hander flips it up overall was committed to go to north carolina, albies and freeman on the infield travis. You know the outfield riley pachay acuna here is the defense for one two pitch: how about the start for bryce wilson against the left hander, who is in his career 11 and 11 in the post for nine in this lcs, followed by freddie freeman? This one is a short one as he lines a base hit into left he’ll. Take it jumps on the first pitch. Second hit of this lcs and hakuna is on to start the night for atlanta. Well, a few atlanta breaks, you’re, hoping uh. You do with the dodgers tonight two homers four rbis. He strikes out good pitch down and away by kershaw last night when we had a chance to visit with kershaw here’s the hard hit right at turner out. At second thing i, like so far about wilson, is he’s not afraid to throw his fastball it there’s more to that specific part of the story he strikes out over the inside four hits here yesterday: hey Applause, some challenges on wilson brings it and staggering under.

It is the sure, well if the hitter three two pitch here is chop dyed, loving it throwing it chances against. Kershaw are when he doesn’t have a strike. One two pitch now turner’s been busy has to cut it off. Can’T and seeger can’t make a play. We’Ll see how that’s ruled let’s face it, joe wide open, and the only way you can do that joe with the style of hitting and the pitching, because he’s going to pitch him in the next is on the inside corner. He just kept pounding him in and kershaw gets strikeout number two on the night Applause blake pitched runner will go and with all that wind it’s muncie and that is ripped into right. Will it go back at the wall. Goodbye edwin rios the d.h has put the dodgers on top here in the third here in game. Four, the old adage, they’ll tell you: pitching coaches will tell your pitchers navigate all those innings last night game out of hand after one bets on deck, is hit at the shortstop swanson out goes all these says he has it acuna who has one of the two Atlanta hits, and that was a rocket that seeger couldn’t handle that was, do or die and practice it and do it yeah. Oh look at this, how he fouls it good for him, though, but but what what he did is he tried to do it in an actual like he tried to run again obviously, and he missed it.

Two balls two strikes good pitch by kershaw and this again and a strikeout for kershaw his third of the night, one away here in inning number, three, just too big of a swing here i mean putting them it’s the second time through three innings. One is a double play: rbi single, a home run up. That is the field line slicing here by seeger, and that is picked by freeman at first with a backhand good play. He is terrific that forgot his first time and ponchay appearance now, and he is not in on giving the braves everything they could have hoped for, as he misses upstairs on the track to end it like him. He lines right to seeger one away. Applause here needed in the postseason, so he hasn’t gotten until recently. That is a blast way out of here. This ball game is tied and a couple of stops along the way around the bases for marcel and home, runs in all for darnell this year and he takes in the dirt a one on one that’s off the plate. Kershaw gets off the mound and makes a terrific play for out number two they’re gon na look at it in that. If you spend much to league, that is a fair ball and out at first is swansea rios young dh for the dodgers strike three called there’s. More lcs action and then eastern eastern time, there’s strike three. This kid bryce, wilson, Music, here’s a fly ball into left center field, got it off the end of the bat playing ball.

Talking about houston, left side seeger. They would do right now, nothing and two on potshay he’s got to be in the state in the dallas area. He said i love it, hitting seeger waiting, here’s a ground ball to short swanson got it all the trouble that’s into right field carrying caught by a that is popped up. Shallow left calling for it. Three two pitch is over the head of kershaw. I want to play but safe. The ball gets away. Acuna ends up on the ground and may be in some pain. Kiki hernandez did all he could and we’ll just have to look at the replay and see how asuna hurt himself good news. I think it’s hard hit, base hit and atlanta will take the lead digging around third acuna digging into second freeman. The two switch spots and it’s two to one atlanta here in the sixth Applause 2 1 pitch is down 3 2 pitch that’s into left center field. Another run driven in bazoona cruising another double it’s, 3 1 atlanta, on top still in his favor 2 1 pitch, is hit in the air to right, carry the bets who had to go up and get it and then bets looked up and saw ozuna going back To albies hits it to right and uh base hit, ozuna had to hold, so he just goes to third and it’s, first and third, with one out on a base hit by ozzy albies Applause, two tough things: the guy throws 101 and you have all pain.

A star big enough on what he was able to do. The face hit down the left field line ozuna scores going to third, as aubry’s they’re gon na bring him around here’s the relay by seeger, not in time two more runs for atlanta and they have blown it open here in the sixth inning. They lead five to one going crazy with every pitch and they are loving it now now they’re 3 2 pitch now, and that is a bullet in his center field on his way to the plate. Riley he scores without a play and they just keep adding it’s. Seven to one there’s the put away pitch on a cuny pitch here: runners go ground ball right side. Hernandez makes big leagues been very successful. There are his number that’s into center. What in it back by turner all right, we’re, coming back a four pitch: walk back at the wall, it’s a matter and that’s inside to load them up back into game? Four: a swing and a miss by rios that’s straight two. One two pitch is hit a center field, poche comes in, makes it and that’s exactly it right. Trading out that is inside, just missed to load them up good at bad by beatty. This is loaded two down two two pitches lined and caught for the dodgers. Dylan flora back at the wall and it is gone ozuna, his second of the night and the braves get that run right back it’s.

8. 2. I promise you Applause, Music, there’s, a strikeout, as he strikes out bets there’s no rbis on the infield for right. That is a bullet down the left field in game number: four: how about matsik side day good pitch by floro bought them all a long run for bets he’s there they had him lined up here’s the ground, ball left side to seeger and brady, missed it, and Then freeman’s going to dump one into center field, the runners were going so easily scoring his punch. Dylan gave up the big night he’s going to add to it with a base hit into center. Another run is on the board and it’s a 10 2 ball game. Here in the eighth Music, two pitch three guys have a shot at it.