We were able to stick with the game plan and that helped a lot. Didn’T have to think too much just execute pitches go ahead. Bro bryce! I always say you know you got to be ready for anything. Can you kind of go back to that that last week of the regular season, where you know you’re, you’re hoping to get an opportunity and when they told you um that you were starting there? Instead of handles what what you felt in and how much confidence you may have gained that week, um, i think for me that was huge. You know coming up and obviously being able to pitch the way i did against the marlins in the game that we ended up clinching the division i was was huge and you know i was able to establish a huge level of confidence that i felt like i Didn’T have before and that’s. You know why i was able to do what i was tonight. Go ahead. Tim um, first postseason game, uh, clayton kershaw is the opposing pitcher pitch. Like you did. Is this pretty much something you’ve dreamed of all your life? Yeah? 100? Um. You know and like you said, to be able to do it against somebody um as well established um as as clayton kershaw is that’s that’s a lot it’s. You know a great honor um to be able to pitch against him. You know i’m. Just super happy. I was able to get the team to win and one step closer to the world series um, and they showed your your parents on television a lot during the game.

Have you had a chance to talk to them? Um i got to talk to them a little bit before the game from the distance, obviously um and then a little bit after the game. But you know them being here means absolute world to me: it’s a huge sacrifice for them. My brother’s got a game saturday. So you know, they’re gon na have to fly home, go watch that, but the sacrifices they’ve made you know now and even even more so when growing up just means the absolute world to me. What did they say to you after the game? Um they didn’t really say anything. I was is a little bit too far of a distance, but i could just tell you know i love you um, you know we’re proud of you um, and so just that is enough. It’S plenty. Thank you. Thank you good. Are you scott, hey, bryce uh? Can you describe what your game plan was against the dodgers lot of force, team 2c mix and how uh how you executed it yeah um. You know i really just wanted to come out and attack the zone. Uh getting good counts. Keep them off balance and you know we were able to do that. Uh yeah, like you said, the big thing was the forcing two scene mix um and that was that kept them off balance. You know mix in change up curveball every once in a while um, and you know that was we were able to stick with it and execute the pitches, so that’s uh.

What because the dodgers are, i mean just like your team, a really good fastball, hitting team and and seeing what you know they did to kyle. Yesterday i mean, can you describe, i guess what you took out of watching kyle, since you guys have some similarities and how that helped you in this one against a team like this yeah um. You know i was actually telling kyle. You know when i finished up that i took the exact same game plan into this game that he did yesterday um. You know, i think the biggest thing is you know i executed um and you know i was telling him you know if he pitches tomorrow or whenever the next time he pitches against them will be. You know that same game plan will be effective for him as well. It was just one of those days yesterday they were, they were finding barrels and you know just coming out of that for him. You know, i know he’s motivated to get back out there, and i was just glad i was able to use the game plan that he had and execute it one more for you bryce. What did you think of the weather conditions yesterday compared to today, and just the wind in general um? I think for me, you know. First, second inning is definitely an adjustment period, mostly on my breaking balls uh, just because the wind was definitely pushing them a little bit more.

So i had to adjust the release point, but once we got once we got used to that and got adjusted to that um, a smooth sailing from there who are you, maria martin bryce? You talked about how your confidence was already. You know building heading into this one, but when you do go toe to toe with a guy like kershaw someone that you respect so much. What does that do for your confidence now, especially on a stage like the nlcs um? It definitely helps 100 um. I think for me it just reestablishes the fact that i need to trust my stuff, like my stuff, is good, continue to trust in that, and you know not be afraid of what’s going to happen after i throw the pitch, and you know just that surmounting confidence Is huge, were there any nerves for you whatsoever heading into this one uh this morning, when i woke up definitely so uh. My girlfriend will tell you she’s, like you, weren’t speaking, very much at all like and um, but once i got to the clubhouse, i was able to keep my mind busy.