There was perhaps no organization busier than the marlins in adding a lot of offensive thumping potential to their lineup. They were last in the major leagues and homers next to last and run scored. Jonathan vr is going to lead off for them. Jesus aggier garrett cooper in the middle of this lineup, you figure, the marlins on paper at least, should score more runs with a club that hasn’t had a winning year since 2010, and this one’s popped up. Ozuna former marlin will battle the raindrops he’ll, put it away and now anchored at third base, and he unloads on the first pitch and drills that towards got a good jump and marcel makes a nice running catch on the warning. Put guys away right here and move on and he did with a wipeout slider. That was a real impressive opening inning for mike foltenevich. Three up three down: go the marlins, but he’s not going to start opening day for them, as that one is up and into acuna who goes sprawling, yeah that’s, just a slider that got away from him. So we wish all of those gentlemen well and a safe return in 2021, as a coon you take, you know, so much of it is just is, is started with these top three gummers under one rbi’s, this one lifted softly toward left. Dickerson double play ball right into the shift and freddie freeman hurry will do them good good, off speed, pitch mike’s breaking stuff has been sharp a little pop into shallow left center and that’s going to drop between ozuna and inciarte.

So just it was jose a little pop and on the infield freddie freeman’s got it our short laded. First, one out scoreless game and pop back here at troost park, again rain still falling ramirez and he chased one collarbone high and fulty gets a break and there’s his second strikeout two way in the inning in january of 18 popped up left side. Riley will give chase and let’s say, and the pitch is popped up foul again: we’ll. Do it popped him up? Dansby will back in this shortened schedule as this one’s lifted to left and dickerson will step in who’s already walked a batter and he just walked man. Adams to start going a little bit and then got hurt again, so it was. It was a struggle across the board, a little pop on the first pitch and dickerson had it and dropped it by the target, lined and pulled just foul Applause, as this one’s tapped. Slowly toward first wet baseball aguilar will apply the tag and, if europa, dope, cement mixer slider not as alfaro drives that down the left field line and that ball is kind of. We have a new normal that we’re all getting used to. So we may need to redo this interview because back to back, i think i’m gon na leave boys. This ain’t good, no unique circumstance for you and for all the other coaches in 2020. yeah it’s uh. Please stay in the yard, unbelievable holy crap, jonathan vr.

Is it a homer, that’s three in a row, Music, one uh has their routine and is see a line drive there to dansby for the first out friday and and he came out and did a full workout and he looked knowing him up. You know we let him hit third, every inning in the inner squads. They have a chance to slow down, and so when, when they feel like they have to hurry and fight. Another 3 2 pitch spoiled by dansby will do it again and for the break times. Indeed, full count pitch swing and a shot to left dansby square that flowers, an 11 homer man last year broken bat little pop and that’s going to be the first braves lined into left back to back hits for the graves he just turned around a 95 mile. An hour fastball and flicked it in the left sharply hit towards second might be two, but they’ll have to hurry high, throw off the bag and safe everybody’s safe, a big break diaz feeding the game around instead, another chance at second good, throw to second. This time ball was a big part of the comeback, so to speak, the particularly baseball. I just think it plays such a huge role in in the psyche of everybody feeling like they’re, getting back to normal guys like tyron guerrero. Remember him he could throw a hundred miles, certainly a great opportunity for guys and garcia starts his night with strike three to ozuna, not good.

No, so they hope that that’s dramatically improved this year as matt adams, pops up ander pounced out his first time lifts this one to do jacob degrom line drive to left by alfaro. Again, you throw a strike to this guy in a first pitch you’re asking to get hit. That’S happened a couple of times bashing back in hitting number three little tapper off faulty’s glove and everybody’s gon na be safe. So some tough luck for fulton evac much different in 2020. opposite field. Try dansby to a knee good play, but ozzie couldn’t hold the bag swanson a great job to keep that ball as around 75 pitches. A little ground ball to riley he’s got to play at the plate, there’s one, no other play and there’s the force for out number one anderson, a little aggressive in the count and he’s over three that’s. How i’m going to start line toward the gap into shallow right center that’s going to get down and score one for sure runner around second is going to score as well. That’S v line drive softly hit to left. Ozuna is going to have to play that on a hop and scoring from third is that’s going to be emphasized even more now i will say it sounds like which was the unknown for me, but it sounds of you guys. Ground ball hit towards short, might be too. The shovel to ozzy tia, who was terrific and uh riley, has been frozen twice on fastballs tonight and 0 for two good start for kinsler one away and sharply hit left side and that’s through for a base hit.

So dansby swanson is aboard, that is the third atlanta knock of the night. He’Ll shake hands with the home series, with the tampa bay rays, swanson’s running alfaro from his knees, a perfect strike and in time what a throwball by cervelli at baker pardon who took over yanked foul past ron. Washington who’s also made some big news. This offseason ron, of course, back as the as one of the three atlanta hits. Did he go? It works as this one’s ripped into left field. That’S going to get down for a hit. Ramirez will watch that rattle off the left, field, fence and he’ll stand at. Second little pop charlie culvers it’ll be tested. A little dribbler cervelli is going to last it’s turned out to be a lovely night and a fly ball hit to shallow left, save as good as he’s been. He does get overlooked. A little bit popped up left side that one’s trickling toward him. You know he didn’t. Let any of his offensive struggles get in the way with 60 rather than 162, as freeman takes fly ball pretty well hit dickerson on the run to the warning track at the wall, can’t get it it’s off the fence, freeman on his way to third he’ll gallop Around the bag here comes the throw to the plate, it’s off target and oh after and head to philadelphia to minimize their stay here on the ground. Past gianvas cellarte for a base here, that’s right a lot of the strategy’s going to go away, but the dh will probably be here in 2022.

. Just to guess one ball: one strike and a tapper foul past first sunstone be able to let you know on friday. So that way, full count he’s running now and it is rolled foul and alonzo. Was there and we’ll do it again? Three balls, two strikes runner goes again, grounded foul and the other thing gretchen caney, our great producer points out and she’s right see what he can do in this 60 60 game season case here in the final two games. That pitch is high, contreras, throw a bullet and not in time vr got in second peak by the umpire, and he just yeah. They bobby valentine is here with the red sox and he had the thing after well. He was a closer and he tried to make him start her his two strikes and that one eludes contreras runners, gon na move up and come that lined into center field, drew and sure enough. He swings the first pitch from nick knight and pops into left field and at the lion dickerson 002 out of sewanee high school down the right field, braves as this one’s whacked into center field on an 0 2 count and alonso’s got a hit. Braves have five of those on the night Applause, but not this time, as neither comes back and strikes him out and that’s the second out of the inning. This guy throws darts.