The timing of that works out well as our insider jeff passin has further breaking news. Jeff. What can you tell us yeah granny? The number of positive cases among miami marlins players is now up to 12. Two coaches sources have told me and jesse rogers are also positive for coven 19.. This is the sort of outbreak that baseball was afraid of and what happens now is anyone’s best guess their game. Their home opener against the baltimore orioles has been cancelled in the further fallout today and in the coming days, is going to be awfully interesting to see to see really the viability of the 2020 major league baseball season and how baseball or if baseball, continues to be Played it is, it is not overstating it to say just that right that the season less than a weekend hangs in the balance, as one of the teams has been significantly compromised. If we know of at least 12 players you’re talking about 40 percent of the roster and we’re, not even a week in and again would is it overstating it to say, the season is hanging in the balance as to how they they handle this from here forward. Greenie, i think the motivation in major league baseball for games to be played is great. I think it is significant. I also think it’s being tested right now by this outbreak and how mlb and rob manfred responds to this is going to be awfully interesting to see because it’s going to show the lengths to which they are willing to go to put a season on.

That is not in the operations manual. They have 113 pages worth of protocols in place to get a season played nowhere in there does it explicitly say what they do in the case of an outbreak of this extent and so to see how they handle it. Not just today, but going forward is really, i think, going to chart the course for the season and to let the world know. This is how far major league baseball is willing to go to get a season played again. It may not be in the operations manner, but there’s no way. This is taking people by surprise. This obviously was always a possibility, so they have to have had some idea. What they’re going to do again in case you didn’t catch it in what jeff said they had a game tonight schedule their home opener against baltimore in miami. That game has been canceled jess mendoza again, we were planning on talking about a lot of other things with you. None of them seem important right now. What is your reaction to this? This is scary period. I mean this is something that yes expected. I mean something that you knew that was going to be the unexpected coming into this season, but the fact so quickly we see the amount of positive tests. Just yesterday we were talking about a few now it’s up to 12.. I mean this should elicit real fear and i hate saying that because of course we want baseball, i can’t tell you how giddy i’ve been all weekend to watch the games, but right now, as jeff was saying, this is the number one challenge that rob manfred will Face in his entire career as commissioner, because of how bad they want to put baseball on the field, and yet you have a team, that’s already shown us how quickly and how serious this can get all eyes are on him right now and what he will do.

Next now, the marlins, of course, are their home games and their lives are are based in florida, and we all have seen over the last few weeks what the numbers have been relative to the coronavirus in the state of florida. So again, this should come as no surprise. We talked months ago about the possibility of a bubble. The nba is all upset this morning, because one player seemed to show some lack of discipline with regard to the bubble when he was not in there with major league baseball. These guys are all out there living their lives. I mean jeff. I i don’t want to overstate the obvious, but it feels like this was very predictable right. The idea that they would just be able to travel around the country and live as though a pandemic wasn’t going on just does not seem reasonable. This doesn’t feel like it should be that surprising to anyone, no it’s, not that surprising, greeny and let’s not just put this on the players it’s, also on the umpires it’s, also on the coaches, it’s, also on the whole traveling party, it’s, also on the people who Are not included on the tier one and two in three lists within the organization flight attendants, hotel workers, people who they are going to come into contact with on a daily basis and that’s the folly of this plan? Could it have worked? Could it continue to work? Yes, it can, but the inevitability of something like this happening was clear from the start, and i think it was clear earlier this week when, on opening day, juan soto, the washington nationals best player, tested positive for cove at 19.

, and i talked with somebody a high Ranking official that day – and he said to me just wait until it starting pitcher test positive, and that happened yesterday with jose arena with the marlins. And i don’t think we realize it at the time. But when four marlins tested positive over the course of about 48 hours, it was just setting the stage for what we have right now, which is almost half of a team testing positive, which is an opening day being canceled and which is the rest of the season. Being thrown into peril jessica, what do you think happens from here? Like i know, you’ll start making phone calls all that this is all literally happening as we speak. This is developing news that jeff is bringing us within just the last five minutes, but where do you think this goes from here? They don’t play tonight. They get their testing done and now what happens? You know. I think that, honestly from here it’s, you look at every other team and you start to really watch you know. Do the nationals have any more positive tests? You just start to see. I was just speaking with the mets over the weekend and their protocols and how it’s constantly changing, because, even though there’s a hundred and thirteen pages, as jeff mentioned in the protocols, it really comes down to the teams and what these players are doing off the field. Greenie i mean we’re watching these games we’re, seeing the mass we’re seeing the social distancing, but when that red light goes off and we’re not able to see what these players are doing, that’s, where the real questions come up, i think there need to be more rules On what they’re doing away from the field? Because to me that’s, where the real difference is happening, that’s, where a lot of these players are getting, this virus look it’s their lives to lead, not mine.

I can’t sit here and tell these players that they should have gone into a bubble and separated themselves from the world as they know it, otherwise, for some period of time now, the way it worked out, they didn’t start the season until the end of july. So really we’d be looking at what is it jeff, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, whatever it is it? What not the five months we were talking about at the beginning, but the one way to try and get through this thing would be that and to try. As you point out traveling around and all of that, it seems next to impossible to get this thing done and i’ve tried to be optimistic about this from the day we started in all of this in march, but sometimes you have to be realistic. Jeff i’m told you have more go ahead, yeah and greenlee. I think it’s worth noting there’s no way that they can do a bubble at this point, but but the fallout from this to me is not just the miami marlins and their game against the baltimore orioles. Today, i believe the new york yankees are due to go to philadelphia today. Do you think the yankees want to be in the same visiting clubhouse that the marlins were in yesterday? Do you think the yankees are going to be comfortable playing that game against the phillies? I you know it’s not just that game down in baltimore down in miami at this point that’s in peril, but i can’t amend to a clubhouse that had that many live infections as of yesterday and that played a game by the way like that’s the part.

If we look back on this it’s going to be insane to think about the marlins went out and played yesterday so it’s, not just them, it’s them it’s the phillies it’s the braves, whom they played earlier this week in exhibition games. I mean there are so many different layers to this that are going to make this a complicated and confusing story as to how to handle this going forward. Jess, let me give you a quick final word here. I just have a 30 seconds. What what? What are the final 30 seconds you’d like to share with the audience and what could potentially be a really really bad moment for major league baseball yeah? I well first off. I hope everybody is okay. You know jesse and i have been told there are some symptomatic cases with the marlins at this point, and so i hope that they get healthy as soon as possible. But major league baseball has a big decision to make right now and that decision is. Are they going to continue the 2020 season and what is the cost of doing so and beyond that? Just how comfortable are the people who are involved are the people who are playing the games in doing so, and how far are they willing to go to play baseball in 2020? I need to pronounce these things more carefully. I meant that for jess from now on, when the two of you are on together, jessica mendoza, you will exclusively be jessica, that’s, my fault that’s nice.

We can laugh in this moment i’m up against the bottom of the hour. I’M. Sorry, i have to go again. This this is very, very significant, baseball news. Today, uh we have two more games scheduled for you on espn and the espn app diamondbacks padres today for petco, then mets red sox at fenway, first game of a home and home series it’s today on espn and the 11 rebounds nine assists in just 24 minutes Of action it’s been fun to watch these guys working down there in the bubble and then with joel embiid out with calf tightness ben simmons picked up the slack for the sixers in a scrimmage against the thunder. He nearly had a triple double in just 26 minutes. He had 14 points, 11, rebounds and nine assists that we didn’t attempt any threes and and jay will, as the season officially gets restarted this week. What are your thoughts on simmons? What he needs to do in order for the sixers to take the next step and the impact that maybe being in the in this bubble without fans, might have on that greeny. First and foremost, i feel like i’m ron, burgundy right now and i’m in a glass case of emotions. When it comes to ben simmons, i was obviously at the beginning of the year i was talking to his trainer. I was watching videotapes of him work out, shooting the ball. I said at the beginning of the year.

I thought he could have an mvp type of season if he were willing to shoot the ball. He obviously wasn’t able to do that.