The other night. What’S. Crazy, though, is i believe they held out like three or four players who tested positive, still played, which is ridiculous. Uh. You know kind of similar to the nationals who had juan soto test positive and still played against the yankees granted. That was only one person to the best of our knowledge, but still kind of ridiculous. If you’re taking a safety first approach, at least from a public relations standpoint and yeah now, the marlins have been predictably forced to cancel their home opener and news is just bursting out here so i’m reading here that um, the mlb, obviously is meeting to figure out What the hell they’re going to do, obviously, first things: first, health, wise hope on soto, gets better hope, all the players, all the staff gets better, but my god that’s that’s, crazy, that that is that. That is just absolutely crazy and from what i understand too, the phillies are not happy about this, and the phillies are also quarantining and yeah. So matt gelb reports here sources. The phillies are quarantining their entire visiting clubhouse staff after exposure to the marlins this weekend, some were tested yesterday and awaiting results. Yankees brought their own clubhouse staff to philly last night. That is a nightmare scenario, that’s a nightmare scenario and look. I would like to think i would like to think that the mlb did have this type of scenario in mind: did have contingency plans in place.

Hopefully, the contingency plan, wasn’t just yolo let’s – do a 60 game season, because this looks really really bad and i i’m seeing here a tweet that’s, a treated t athletic even worse, don mattingly said his team never really considered not playing. Oh okay. So if you test positive, if you have multiple people test positive, you never consider not playing. Has anybody been following the news? This is the thing people got ta understand here. I don’t i don’t care which side you’re on whatever okay. This is a one. This is a public health issue, two it’s, not how bad a person is that’s gon na cause them to not play a game or a team to not play a game it’s the amount of cases, because these athletes are some of the most healthy people in the World which is great but that’s not most of the population, which means that’s not most, of the coaches, most of the staff interns. Whoever else is working the game, mlb staff journalists, whatever anybody else, they come into contact with, maybe their families so yeah. This is this is the doomsday scenario here and to think that, maybe just maybe there are teams that are being flippant about this – that still aren’t taking this seriously. Maybe the mlb was just flipping about this. I don’t want to think that, but maybe they were flipping about this and didn’t take this seriously to think that is pretty disturbing, because you see adam silver with the nba they’re not perfect at all, but they at least have a bubble.

They got majority of players on track. They got a majority of players. On the same page hell. I got a buddy of mine, who’s working for one of the teams right now, who’s gon na be in the bubble for a while and so far knock on wood. So good mlb not in a bubble, pretty damn risque. So look i would love to see baseball complete a season. I would love to see the playoffs. I would love to see the craziness, the unpredictability that is the mlb season and postseason as we do every single year, but man this just seems way too dangerous. Some people would say you know. Maybe if you’re a doctor, you would say way too careless and i don’t know i i don’t know we’ve seen with the ufc they’ve done a relatively great job of isolating fighters of testing multiple fighters of airing on the side of caution and say what you want About dana white – and i have a lot to say about him – he’s done a damn good job, protecting the fighters. In that sense, that being said, the uc at most runs once weekly, so you could get a dozen or so fighters corner men, whatever be able to test them on the spot. Maybe isolate them, like you would at the ufc apex in las vegas. Of course, they just ran fight island in abu dhabi, which has its own testing procedures and everything. But as far as going from home stadium to another stadium to another stadium, traveling back and forth, i mean man, i don’t know that seems pretty damn risky for america right now and if you were just talking about the marlins, i mean hello, the miami marlins.