Yesterday the team did not leave philadelphia. Last night. We will see where it all goes from here again. Jeff passan just reporting this on our show. In the last few moments we had reaction from jessica mendoza. Let me bring my football crew back in here for reaction, booger mcfarland, jeff saturday, diana roussini. I will start with you because diane i know you’ve talked to so many people around the nfl about what their protocols are going to be. They just made agreements over the weekend and how they’re going to handle all of this i’m sure they’re sitting back and watching this they’ll have the ability to learn from whatever it is that happens with baseball here. But what is your reaction as one who knows how football is going about trying to get this done to the idea that we’re not even a week into the baseball season? And here we are yeah head coaches and gm’s – are all at their facilities. Today, i’ve been trying to text some of them to just try to get an idea, and they are all writing back that they’re watching the news here break as jeff paston’s. Putting the word out about what’s happening with the with the marlins here and greenie. You asked me weeks ago about the idea of a bubble, and i told you that it was discussed for about a millisecond.

It was something that the nfl did not want to do. They did not think it could work.

There were too many teams and too much that would have to be part of this to make that work. So obviously, now we’re, watching this with baseball and the idea of them not being in a bubble, could perhaps be the reason why the season doesn’t continue. We obviously don’t know that just yet, but greeny as you guys were talking about it, i just kept thinking. Baseball is probably the the least physical sport in terms of contact. Football is the opposite. How are they going to be able to keep these players safe and everyone i spoke to with the players association and even in the league, have told me that they’re going to be vigilant about the testing. That is why the players fought so hard for that daily testing and i’m sure you’ve read tons of articles where there’s been access all around the league uh allowing reporters to see what these facilities are like players, saying that these are some of the cleanest they’ve ever Seen patrick mahomes says he was blown away with what kansas city has done with their facility and how they’re wearing their mask and how they have the meeting room set up the locker room set up. So, in terms of them being on location, it sounds like there’s control here with the nfl, but again with this virus. We just don’t, know and they’re, also not on location, 24, 7, the nba again they’re in a bubble.

I i can’t sit here and tell anyone they should live their lives in a bubble that they should have gone into it in major league baseball, it’s, their life to live it’s, not mine, but the idea, because they’re not in a facility 24 hours a day, you’re Going out to pick up food you’re going grocery shopping, these teams are getting on airplanes and flying places.

So the idea that this this should not come as a surprise to anyone that this has happened here this quickly, and i do not think it is overstating it to say that the entirety of the major league baseball season is is precariously hanging in the balance and We’Re not even a week into it, if one major league baseball team has to shut it down for a significant period of time, jeff saturday what’s your reaction, yeah i’m, with you green there’s, no surprise. Here i mean, and and without being in a bubble, there’s no way uh to stop something like this. I mean you think about. When you go back home and your kids, you know we haven’t, started schools and will school start back and and all the different things that happen at homes, with your with your spouse’s, significant others, family members, all at your home, to your point, there’s there’s! No way to keep everybody completely clean and antiseptic like you can at a facility and they have done a fantastic job at facilities, but you know what in the in the truck and the travel the requirements, all those things it’s very difficult.

I think the largest conversation will be. How do you manage this? How do you manage how do the marlins manage, but how, as the nfl now that you’re seeing this happen with the marlins, how do you manage what kind of conversations are happening now if this were to happen on a football team and – and you know so from The nfl’s perspective, the one thing i would say, is having the week in between is a little bit different.

You heard in the last segment talking about a guy or a team coming in playing in the locker room that they just used yesterday. So i think some of those things will be scaled back, but there’s no way to prevent this. If you’re not in a bubble to your point – and so i think it’s all about how can you respond to the situation and how do you make players feel comfortable about their health and safety and the health and safety of their families? They’Re, going back to, i can’t stress that enough that you know miami marlins they’re concerned not only is for themselves it’s when they go back home back to their families. What are they bringing back? Very, very serious conversations are going to have to be had. Unfortunately, the marlins are sparking this, but these are discussions that will have to take place. Booger i mean athletes are athletes and so try and put yourself jeff just referenced it. The marlins played in philadelphia yesterday.

The yankees are supposed to play there today. If you were a member of the new york yankees. Are you comfortable going into that clubhouse showering there dressing there doing all of the things that you do when we know that the marlins have had 14 people, 12 players and two coaches to the at minimum, who have tested positive so far, absolutely not greeny and and More importantly, not only the locker room i’m not willing to get on the field with the phillies, knowing that they faced the marlins for several games.

I i just think that, for this situation to happen, you guys are right. We knew something like this was coming. What we don’t know is how mlb is going to handle it. I think that’s what’s at stake right now. I think college football. I think nfl football. I think all the sports that are getting underway now or later in the fall are going to watch how major league baseball handles this and green and, more importantly, these are professionals. I i think college football is really paying very, very close particular to this. This decision we’ve already had a couple of football teams, michigan state and i believe, rutgers – have quarantined their entire football team for 14 days now that’s easy to do in late july. Are you willing to do that in late august, early september, when the games start to happen? I think this is a pivotal moment for sports, particularly college football.

When you’re dealing with amateur athletes, i think everyone around the country is paying attention. How does major league baseball handle it? We knew, or we can say we knew it was coming. What we don’t know is how rob manfred, how the players union tony clark how everyone going forward is going to handle this situation. I think that’s what’s at stake. The nfl can’t play in a bubble. They said they don’t want to do that, it’s just logistically, entirely too challenging, so the nfl is going to deal with similar things.

But again those are professionals. I think the amateur athletes in the ncaa are the ones that have to pay close attention to what mlb does it’s well said here, uh guys, thank you very much. All of you, i’ve got jalen rose and bomani jones standing by as well. I’Ll make this very brief comment before i bring you guys into the conversation from the from the moment. I came back up here to bristol and mid march when all of sports got shut down. I told you i’m going to be optimistic because it costs the same as being pessimistic, but that i will never be unrealistic. I’M. Never gon na lie to you sitting up here, and so the reality of is right. Now this could not possibly have started worse. The idea that this has already gotten to a point where they had to cancel a minimum of one baseball game tonight, and maybe there will be more cancellations today, less than a week into the season.

It was easy to foresee and if they don’t have a plan ready to go, i don’t think it’s overstating it to say everything hangs in the balance this quickly, so jalen and bomani i’ll come to you on that thought. Um jalen! Let me start with you. We see the nba and the fact that they’ve gone into this bubble, and and now we sit back and we say to ourselves that might be the only realistic way to conduct a sports season during a pandemic.

This is the genius of the nba, and this is why, when we talk about the best commissioners in sports adam first, it was david stern. Now, adam silver carries the torch. Look at all corporations in the united states of america. The only one that i know about in theory, that’s putting its employees in a bubble, is the nba now for sports. What allows that really to work? 80 percent of the regular season was already played so now. You’Re not trying to chase those regular season checks for baseball in the nfl. Those seasons have not started so. Not only can they not go into the bubble, they want to figure a way to play their season, get to a champion and get their checks. So for the nba, the timing worked out. Well, i don’t see major league baseball based on the reports that you guys have reported this morning, finding a way to get towards a world series champion without multiple interruptions.

The same thing can be said for the nfl bomani i’ll, give you the floor here. What are your thoughts? I mean they are trying their best, because the money is so significant and the consequences are dire if they’re not able to put a season together, and we knew that from the very beginning that this was going to be hard. But the nba has a distinct advantage. There’S, only 15 players per team it’s a lot easier to put them into a bubble than it would be for the nfl.

I don’t know how big the wild world of sports would have to be if they tried to bubble that, and i think baseball baseball’s in a similar place. But once once everybody decided whoever they were, that they were going to be jumping on planes and people were going to be going back home. Then somebody was going to catch it. That was inevitable, there’s a reason: it’s a pandemic that’s how pandemics work there was no chance that nobody was going to catch it and then once they wound up back with the team. This was something that we knew was entirely possible. What i can’t glean from here is did they have a set plan and, if then plan for what happens, because this was obviously foreseeable and if they didn’t have a clear idea of what they would do for an outbreak with the team. That’S. A great failure on the part of major league baseball.

It seems almost impossible to me that there isn’t a plan again jeff passing said there’s, nothing in the 113 page plan as to what you do when there was a significant outbreak. But, as i said to him and bomani i’ll say it to you: none of this can be taking people by surprise. They have to have some idea of what they are doing, but the question is: would you expect i hate to ask you to speculate about something? This serious but the yankees are supposed to play in philadelphia today.

Bomani does that game get played, do they go into that clubhouse and and they just go back on that field and play that same team? Can major league baseball do that today? I will say this: the major league baseball players, association of my youth wouldn’t, step foot in that clubhouse right from marvin miller, to don fear all the way down. They would not put a toe into that clubhouse back then. I don’t know how it goes right. Now, though, because of the stakes for everybody, but if i’m on the yankees nah man i’m not going in there, i look at all the places i don’t go right now, jalen. What do you think if you’re you’re an athlete all athletes, you know have a one, similar mentality? You want to play your first and foremost. Desire is always to play, but these are circumstances, unlike anything we’ve ever considered, we’re, not talking about a a torn up knee or anything like that.

What do you think? Do you think these players are going to want to continue? I don’t think so. It’S risk versus reward and baseball players get a chance to play the marathon game, not a sprint. They have the best union in professional sports. Their contracts are guaranteed. You can sign for unlimited years they have the leverage of not operating like essential workers in this case, especially a story brand like the new york yankees. So i absolutely anticipate you doing more breaking news stories about how players are going to respond to this as the day progresses all right guys.

Thank you very much for this again. None of this is what we planned to talk to you guys about today, but of course this is significant. Breaking news at least one game has been canceled so far. I think i’m being told, as i go to a break here, that mark dichira is going to join us coming up next, with his reaction.