. Wonderful to see him there and we begin another hour here of get up. It is nine o’clock in the morning in the east, with you for the next hour. First, take comes your way after that it is a very busy monday from bristol connecticut i’m mike greenberg and let’s get up right now with major news from the major leagues one team already having its season threatened by coronavirus concerns. We’Ve got you covered with our insider right off the top, then a huge trade in the nfl did it send seattle to the super bowl? Did it send me into a glass case of emotion, we’re talking about it and then blue will? What are you doing? Will you hear what this star was doing outside the nba bubble? You will in this hour, as we get up with you starting right now, and it begins with this developing story. Four miami marlins players have tested positive for the coronavirus, including pitcher, jose arena. Who was supposed to start yesterday in philadelphia? The marlins have delayed their trip home from philly amid concerns about a possible outbreak they’re supposed to play at home tonight, here’s their manager, don mattingly it’s, fair to say that guys are concerned right about things and that they want their feelings as part of how they’re Feeling about it, situations to be heard, and i think it’s fair we’re talking about health we’re talking about these guys, traveling back uh to their homes and their families and their kids and it’s.

The reason we want to be safe again. They spent the night in philadelphia. Yesterday, they’re supposed to play in miami tonight, our insider jeff passon has been working. The story like crazy all morning, long jeff, what is the latest yeah greeny i’m? Getting all kinds of texts right now. My apologies, because this marlin situation is very fluid and not fluid. In a good way, uh with the outbreak of four cases, four known cases at this point in the clubhouse there’s a chance that their flight could be canceled today that they may not make it down to their home. Opener i’ve been told by sources that they are getting tested again players this morning and and to determine the true extent of this outbreak and just how many people inside of the marlins clubhouse have it. This is going to be a test not just for the organization but for major league baseball to figure out how much it can withstand and how willing it is to continue if the outbreak is indeed larger than four people, no listen, um jeff. I did a bunch of radio shows last weekend and the day that the baseball season started and every single person i talked to asked me the same question. How is major league baseball going to be able to conduct a season when they have teams traveling around they’re? Not in a bubble like the nba is these guys are living in their own homes in their own communities, but the marlins are in florida, where we all know what the numbers have been there and – and we wondered it brings me back to the questions that we Raised about the bubble cities when all this began remind everyone when the conversations about the possibility of the baseball season being in bubble, cities as they’ve done in the nba first came up.

How did that go away in baseball? You know greenie very early on in the process. Major league baseball was talking with officials from the federal government about the possibility of holding a bubble city in arizona in the greater phoenix area, and we know the outbreak that has happened there since then, but at the time it seemed like a reasonable and viable idea. I wrote a story about this and when that story was written, the reaction from the players was clear. No way we want no business with spending five months in phoenix, potentially separated from our families, with no guarantee that this is going to work. But the consequence of that is that they are traveling now and the consequence of traveling greeny is the number of points of contact that players have with flight attendants with hotel workers with people throughout the stadium i mean everywhere. It just adds up and makes it that much more of a difficult situation to ensure that everybody can stay healthy exactly one. The only fear is that you hope it’s not just difficult, but it’s not impossible. At this point, we wouldn’t have been anywhere near five months, anymore, that’s all water under the bridge. I know you’re working the story like crazy. We will. We will come back to you immediately if you get any further information again. The marlins have a game in miami tonight. They are currently in philadelphia. Now let’s get back to the nfl on the enormous trade from the weekend.

According to our adam schefter, jamal adams is flying to seattle today to undergo his physical after being traded from the jets for a package that includes safety, bradley mcdougall and two first round picks, since he was drafted in 2017 out of lsu adams has basically done it All on the defense he’s considered a safety, but he’s actually had more snaps at linebacker and d line combined and just to show his versatility. He has over 500 snaps at corner as well. So this is a guy who has done everything we’ve been talking about it. This morning and the collection of people i’ve put together to try and make me feel a little better about it. This morning includes booger mcfarland jeff saturday and diana russini there’s been a lot of argument here and that’s because i’m in no mood to try and tamp it down. Diana will start with you let’s hear again. What is it you heard from people around the league about their reaction to this deal after it was done well, there’s, no question jamal adams has the respect from many coaches gm’s, even players i talked to everyone – can pretty much agree. He’S, a top three best defensive player in this league right now, jamon has done a great job and he’s done a great job in that greg williams scheme. I know we’re going to be talking about blitz as i’m sure jeff is going to point to that and booger will as well that he is a swiss army knife, but in terms of the actual trade and what the jets were able to get from seattle.

Here i had gm’s tell me that they feel like they got fleeced here, um, so in terms of the value here, it’s very clear that this team is trying to rebuild the legion of boom, as well as having this attitude, we must win now we we’re going To talk about the age of russell wilson at 32 years, old and we’ll, say he’s getting older, but we’re, seeing now that quarterbacks are playing later into their age. But that being said, he’s still, not as young as he was when he was in his 20s and he’s still not getting that same protection. So in terms of the actual deal, is this the piece that makes them um? You know the leaders in the nfc the sense i’m getting around the league that this is not enough for seattle to win that division. All right, jeff, i feel, like all morning long i’ve had to cut you off, as you were, trying to make points so i’m going to give you the floor here as we’ve sat here and discussed this this morning. We look at this jamal adams to the seahawks. Two number ones to the jets, plus a pretty good player at the position. Yes, you take this wherever you want to go, you’ve got the floor. What is your number one thought on this deal this weekend right now, yeah jets win the trade. I mean the bottom line. Is you had a player who didn’t want to be in new york? He had you know he had talked about the organization.

They had lost trust. He didn’t, like gates didn’t, feel like his leadership, was going to take him where he wanted to go regardless of how good this player is. If he’s, if he’s, that unhappy in new york – and you know it’s going to be a distraction in your locker room and then to go, get what you got, i mean the bottom line is two first round picks and a good player by the way. Another good safety, who’s gon na, come over and be in your system. Greg williams knows how to get the most out of his players. He’Ll be just fine in that system. In my opinion, does does jamal adams take the seahawks and push them to super bowl contender? One player does not do it for me. I think they have a lot of things they need to address and we talked about russell wilson’s age earlier in the show. But the bottom line is it’s, not just that he’s 32 it’s the physical toll that he takes on his body, most of most of the damage done for him, is in the fourth quarter right and he’s and he’s a hero. I mean the guy is literally a superhero when you watch him play, but ultimately do i think jamal adams pushes this team to be a super bowl contender in the nfc right now. I do not think it does so if you’re the jets and you’re the fans. Now what they do with those picks? I have no idea, but i can tell you if i’m a jets fan i’m sitting happy understanding.

Jamal didn’t want to be in new york anymore, there’s, not a whole lot. You can do about it. That was not a relationship. You could salvage he’s moved on you’re going to make the most out of your draft picks and a good player as well you’ll make it happen. I think everybody’s happy, but ultimately i don’t think seattle is the super bowl contender that you would want if you’re going, to give this much away for one player booger, if indeed there is a winner and a loser in every trade who’s the winner in this one. In your mind, well, greeny right now i would say the winners of seattle seahawks, just because we don’t know what those picks are going to be for the jets. If you look at the last five years, the seattle seahawks have average picking right around 23, and so we won’t know until those players are picked greeny a long long time ago i was traded. Okay, the indianapolis coast sent a second round pick to tampa for me, and everybody say man. They gave up a second round pick for a nose tackle. You know who the buccaneers picked sabby piscatelli. Do you know who that is neither do i so i i got ta think that the indianapolis colts won that trade, because my friend and i jeff saturday, we won a super bowl that same year so who won the trade we we won’t know until the jets Make those picks greeting and here’s the thing i’ll say: is that i’m getting a proven commodity today, i’m, getting a guy that’s been a two time all pro in his first three years.

I understand what those picks could be but greeny. I know what jamal adams is right now and i’m. A guy, a bird in the hand, is better than two in the bush, because i don’t know what those two in the bush are going to be so long winded answer greeny, we won’t know who really won the trade until joe douglas makes those two picks for The the new york jets that’s right and it is unfair to lay on joe douglas how terribly the jets have done with their first run, picks over the last six or seven years, because he didn’t make any of them, but it’s just been horrendous cindy. I don’t know if we still have that full screen, but i can tell you right now that over a five year stretch from 2013 to 2017, the jets had six first round picks they traded five of them and cut the other one before any of them got To a second contract, so diana, how do people around the sport view that right now is the people you talk to? Maybe the jets fleeced seattle in this deal, but to a jet fan hearing we got two number ones: doesn’t necessarily mean what it might for a lot of other people, yeah they’re they’re starting over. Essentially, this is going to be another year where we basically just have to sit here and wait to see if sam darnold can develop because they’re still building – and we know that douglas was brought in here to do that.

But again greenie. You know more better than anybody in terms of how the jets are viewed and that they don’t really move the needle in in terms of a threat. You know this is a division that just lost tom brady. This was an opportunity for the jets to maybe take a chance. I know many of us have the bills winning this division this year, if the patriots don’t do it again, but the jets could actually do something with this, knowing that that brady’s, not in the division anymore. But at this point this is still building up and i wish i could give you something to make you feel better. I know you tried iced coffee for the first time this weekend, um, but just go back to the hot coffee and i think maybe the jets will improve all right, that’s, a conversation that we’ll have another time.