Oh, my god, i’m baby enjoy this great game. What’S going on everybody. Welcome back to the hum baby baseball channel, and today we got a huge freaking issue. We have a problem: miami marlins have postponed the game against the marlins amid a coveted 19 outbreak in clubhouse. Our worst nightmare has come true only four freaking days into the season, and this is bad. Miami marlins have had at least 14 of their players and staff members test positive mother, effing 14, not one, not two, not three, not five, not seven, not ten. Fourteen have tested positive for the coronavirus and the game has been postponed. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the confidential nature, quoted tonight’s scheduled game between the marlins and orioles at marlins park and the philadelphia phillies at new york. Yankees at citizens bank have been postponed while mlb conducts additional coven 19 testing, and the members of the marlins traveling partner, announce party are self quaranting in place while awaiting the outcome of those results um, i don’t know what to tell you guys. This is terrible news and a lot of people. You know we’re in doubt that this season could finish, and you know i mean i had my doubts, but i wasn’t going to worry about that. I was just you know. Getting on board with the baseball season. We’Ve been having a great time talking baseball in the post and pregame uh streams and it’s been awesome and uh.

I don’t want it to end, but you know: safety comes first and i’m, not saying that these guys are their lives are in danger. I don’t think that’s the case. I certainly hope not, but i believe you know most of these guys are hopefully young in good condition and we’ll be fine and recover, but still you can’t just have people getting covered, left and right. This is just not going to work, and this is bad. The team remains in philadelphia to continue undergoing testing with the outbreak spreading throughout the clubhouse, depending on positive, testimonials will have to self isolate per mlb and the players, association, health and safety protocols, and this is bad, so uh, just uh keeping you guys updated with the Major league season not a whole lot to tell you other than this game is canceled. Another game is cancelled with the phillies uh. Their game is cancelled, gon na be a lot of quarantining going on and we don’t know the status of mlb, obviously there’s some games. Today the giants have an off day. The marlins covet 19 outbreak is really bad and exactly what the email, what mlb signed up for this is bad, really bad. It will get worse because living here today with leaders whose first prior priority is themselves among fellow citizens who can’t be bothered with fortitude or compassion, looks just like this i’m. Assuming this person, tim brown wanted the season to be canceled, which is a respectable opinion.

I mean makes sense it wasn’t up to me, thank god, because i wouldn’t have wanted to make that decision. You know i love baseball so much. I definitely wanted to see it and i’ve been enjoying it and it’s been really awesome. A complete high. You know, even though i can’t make it to the stadium, and even if i could they wouldn’t, let me in uh yeah, i mean i’m still really loving it, but yeah. I understand when you got a global pandemic. You know there are bigger things than baseball, but still not up to me i’m going to enjoy it when there, when there’s baseball i’m going to watch and i’m going to enjoy it and we’ve been enjoying it. But right now we got a big freaking problem, so this is the world which major league baseball rolled its operation. If you sign up for baseball in the summer of 2020 and escape from reality, you signed up for a baseball team, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and friends. Holed up in hotel rooms 1200 miles from home, while people wearing masks gloves and grim expressions knocked on their doors so um, basically, the miami marlins were tested and a bunch of them came down with it. I don’t know how this spread started. You know who started. Obviously they were all clear at one point that’s why we started the season. Something happened, someone got it. Don’T know. If there was a responsibility there or not, we can guess that there might have been, because you know these, you know i i assume most players are doing the right thing.

It only takes one. It only takes one player to go out. You know get his party on and boom get it and i’m, not saying that’s what happened. I don’t want to say that i don’t know we have no clue, but we know that it is out there and it’s out there big time with the marlins and possibly the phillies. This is bad, really bad, so wholly predictable um. I didn’t think it was going to happen this quick. I thought we would get through longer in the season before we saw an outbreak, i did think games would be, canceled games would be postponed. I did expect some of this to happen. We just have to keep fighting through, but the fact that it happened so quick and so big um is very very concerning so um. This is really painful and i first got wind of this story from carmen q. She comes on kmbr on the marty. Lurie show and uh she’s pretty cool, but i saw her tweet here. Health first baseball. Second, always: is there really anyone out there who thinks baseball can make it the full season that hurt um, but she’s got a very, very good point. Carmen says not to be captain, mr obvious, but this is not good uh, exactly my words exactly and her last retweet came from jeff pass and updating the miami marlins outbreak. The total number of infected players is 11 of 33 have been traveling with the team.

This was an hour ago and two coaches, so we got 11 players and two coaches, who are very possibly older and uh that’s a little bit scary, but uh. The marlins orioles yankees phillies games tonight have been postponed for now. The rest may be played for now story that we got to keep an eye on, may go live a little later, even though i said there wasn’t going to be a pre or post game live stream. There might be a live stream just to discuss this situation. If more comes of it just wanted to get this quick video up right now, um and uh, this is bad. This is very, very bad and when she said that uh is there anyone out there who thinks baseball can make it the full season. I had to reply with my favorite tweet right here, so what did you say that hurt bad but uh um it’s, just of course, i’m just kidding her and we have a situation where we may not get baseball much longer, and that is very painful. For more reasons than one but uh, i understand the bigger picture so guys. Let me know down below what you think i don’t know i don’t know guys you know, should they have played this season? Was this stupid just to try this? I don’t know so you guys, let me know what you think down below marlins, not looking good philly’s got a problem uh.

This is bad. We’Ll, keep an eye on the story. Look for a possible stream if this thing gets worse i’m going to talk to you guys really soon. I want to give a shout out to my new patrons and uh guys i’m gon na give you guys another shout out in an upcoming video, because this is not the best video for it but uh. Thank you so much for joining my patron, both stephen prinzle as well as dan. Thank you. So much for supporting the uh home baby baseball channel means the world to me. You guys, i really do appreciate it, and everyone who sent us super chat over the last few days. Look for your name at the end. Credits coming up right now, look for your name there. If i missed it, let me know i’ll be updating that every week or so so guys so much appreciate your support. It means the world to me have a fantastic day.