I can do better, my goodness another off speed pitch a change up on the inner third rojas makes his way around. The bases back to back home runs from the bottom now back to the top for vr, who sends one deep out to center runs out of room and the marlins start the third, with three in a row back to back to back jacks, my goodness marlins. How about it? How about this back to back to back pitches Music trouble here, marlon’s a three: nothing lead with three straight homers: he gets that ground ball, diaz to rojas and over to aguilar, so rainy gets exactly what he wanted gets out of the bases loaded jam and the Marlins still in front aguilar who’s in the box right now, this is floated out toward left and that will fall a base hit to score anderson and a six nothing marlins lead. Now you talk about pumping in sound of the stadiums right, no fans if they were, if there were fans so hard, they make you think a little longer, all in the dirt, cervelli picks it and gets swanson at second base. How about that from francisco cervelli? Well, he’s still got that in the tank.

Hello, marlins fans that’s right just threw somebody out from his knees, got a little bit out of front with his back with his front side, but kept his hands back and drove that ball to left field. Long way to go, couldn’t make a kelly grounds: it fair inside the third base bag and down the line that’s going to plate a couple.

More marlins have had a balanced attack and uh, no matter who they’ve had at the bottom of the order. It’S been doing some damage tonight, cervelli makes it eight to one now good swing from francisco. We talked about that great. Throw from behind home plate yeah. Is that swing we’re so accustomed to seeing out of freddy fastball up over the plate? Rips it into right center field line, drive left field that’s going to get down for a hit. A couple of runs ought to score it’s going to squirt past the outfeeder and get to the wall. Three runs are going to score. Charlie clutch comes through again, ball gets away, but no further advance. Charlie culverson clears the bases in the eighth inning, and can you believe it we’ve got a one run game. Charlie clutch comes through now the 2 2 to waters light fair down. The left field line here comes charlie, around third he’s going to score, and the braves have tied this game at eight Applause, good fastball, that’s, the frustrating part line drive left field base hit that sound here comes waters around third they’re gon na, send it throw to The plate, it’s gon na, be cut off and the braves have taken the lead with an eight run.

Eight unbelievable Applause. I think you’re going to see the regulars early sanchez with a bomb to right field into the chop house that man can swing it we’re tied. That was an angry swing right.