Players, testing positive, is a lot out of a 27 person roster i mean that is a lot of humans testing positive for kevin 19. Now a lot of people on the internet are saying, and we said it as well. The mindset should be that people are going to get it that’s what it’s going to be, but the league has no idea what the like nobody knows, what this could potentially do to you out of nowhere. Nobody knows what this could do: five years down the road, because it literally just popped into our world here a couple months ago. So now every decision is gon na have to be made off of what? If what? If what? If this thing is the big bad, uh uh demon under the bed like what, if it is which, by the way its initial wave definitely was – i mean it – was uh devastating shut down the entire world by the way i’m. Not sure any other thing has ever done that because of the potential devastation that it could cause now are people still seeing that devastation that it once caused. I don’t think so. If i mean we live on the internet, i don’t think it’s. Anything like it was with its first wave so now it’s leading a lot of people to think like well, maybe it’s, not as strong as we initially thought it was well.

Nobody can go out there and say that from a decision making standpoint when you’ve got other people’s lives in jeopardy, because if this does end up being what some people are saying, it is going to be.

I mean this is a cluster truck from beginning to end. In the decision making process and i’ll tell you what first time my life i ever said, i want baseball now guess what baseball can’t happen to this thing, i’m, a little bit upset about it. Well to your point earlier they can’t just with a shortened season. You can’t just be like all right: the marlins are done like that’s 10 games in their division that those teams, then you have to find them 10 more games to play like they need to figure something out and they need to figure it out very quickly. Uh. We got jet pass and joining us here in a right now. Oh my god, perfect timing for this guy. Ladies and gentlemen, he and i had a beef for a while because he goes to me and was too big time for me, but here we are monday july 27th, as best friends, again espn’s mlb insider jet passes love you jet. Thank you for coming on the show i’m assuming it’s a very busy day for you, so we’ll try to make this as quick and brief as possible. What could go wrong has gone wrong for the mlb. Originally it was going to be a biodome in arizona or florida.

You told us that the local markets are so important to the business of things, so that would never happen now. They’Re doing the local markets, they’re traveling stadium stadium in over half of the marlins roster has covered 19.

. What do they do here? How is rob manfred going to handle this it’s a disaster it’s a complete disaster and how they handle this? I don’t know at this point. I wish i had a good answer for you. I wish i understood what they were going to do, but, honestly, right now, uh i’m, not going to say major league baseball is screwed but they’re in a really bad position. Where there is no good answer, i can. You can continue to play and if you continue to play then well, the optics of that are a mess. You can cancel the season. If you cancel the season, well, that’s a complete mess or you could go halfway and you could pause the season and – and i do wonder if that’s, what major league baseball is going to do if they’re going to say hey, we need to step back and see If we can actually do this and make it happen, and i don’t know if the answer is yes, i don’t know if that pause then turns into something else where the season is all together cancelled, but going out and playing games tonight, uh anywhere, let alone down In miami where the marlins were supposed to play would look just completely tone deaf, okay, so i apologize from a stepping on their middle of that you said a lot of good stuff there at the end.

But let me ask you about this: adam silver.

Whenever they’re going into the biodome down in orlando, he was very open and saying hey. If we go down there, we have to be able to operate when positive tests come. You know the baseball world a lot more than i do. I’Ve only watched, rob manfred put his foot in his mouth on numerous occasions. I would assume that there was some sort of plan in place for if there was positive tests or are they flying by the seat of their pants right now. You think well remember, on opening day, pat juan soto who’s, the best player on the washington nationals tested positive for covet 19 and he was out, and that was one positive test and the plan that’s in place. There is you contact trace and you rapid test. The people who he has been around for more than 15 minutes at a time in close contact with you, can’t contact trace for 12 people when they’re testing positive everyone at that point is in peril in terms of potentially being a kovid 19 case, and you saw The way that this thing spread, it started out with one player testing positive about 72 hours ago, three more guys tested positive yesterday, and then they did tests after the game and the results came back on those tests and eight more players had tested positive. At this point, we don’t know the true extent in nature of the outbreak with the marlins, and so how you can sit here and say that this protocol that we have in place as robust as it is as much testing as there is, is working or is Going to work, you simply can’t do that and so that’s why the question comes up.

Is this season actually viable and in the answer at this point is definitely not a yes like it is with the nba, for example, because they’re like the players, for instance the nhl, i believe they told their players like hey we’re, doing our training camps in our Own facilities, but you go home and you come to the facility. You go home, you come to the facility. Does the mlb have those rules in place where it’s like hey you’re at the stadium or you’re at home, and is there those types of guidelines or were they just expecting guys to be smart and how do they think this spread so rapidly? Was it one or two people potentially going to magic city? What was it you think yeah, those lemon pepper wings, man um, you know they. They do not know at this point where the outbreak started their quest anto when they were playing the atlanta braves in exhibition games before the regular season began, but but the exact sort of point of contact they’re, just not sure of at this point. But, but in terms of how major league baseball is handling what their players do, there are guidelines, keep page protocol. That say, you know you probably shouldn’t be going to the club, like you, shouldn’t, be spending time outside of it’s, not a bubble that we want to create. We realize that you’re going to be going home to family. We realize that they’re going to be things that you have to do, but don’t be stupid about it and here’s the thing the players may not have been stupid.

They, this may not have come from a party. This may have been something as simple hypothetically as a flight attendant test positive and they come into contact with him or her like it’s, like what we know about the transmissibility of this disease is that it is a contagion in the truest sense of the word. It can go anywhere at any time and in the fact that players came down with it and that it spread as quickly as it did inside of a clubhouse a contained area where players tend to congregate, can’t, surprise anyone! I wonder why everybody didn’t get it there. You know oh you’re, getting a text right now is that from rob manfred, you just get a text from rob manfred right there. I did not someone’s trying to call me right now, and i probably should pick it up but i’m, not gon na. Do that? No pick it up pick it up, you can pick it up and if you don’t now, i can’t pick it up and talk with the guy when i’m on with you like, i don’t, want to give away. I don’t want to give away who i’m talking to that’s, not my style, okay, last question then, here before we go if they were to pause the season, suspend the season or cancel the season from this point going forward if they were forced to do that because They didn’t see any other option business wise. Would this cost the mlb more money than playing the season or less money? If they were to play the entire season, i mean it would cost them more.