Things can never be perfect. I’M. Going about my day. You know sixers win, look uh very good, come out and handle the memphis grizzlies and then you know i’m ready for the phillies opening day, game i’m ready for baseball and what do the phillies? Do they go ahead and lose five to two in their first game of this 60 game season to the miami marlins, the stinking miami marlins? Are you kidding me phillies, i mean this. Is i mean, come on, man come on i’m, not gon na, say it’s. The end of the world, you know it’s game, one of the season now. Obviously this isn’t 162 game season, you you start to lose and you start to rack up losses. Things are gon na, go downhill quickly in this season, um, but really just a sluggish poor performance uh from the philadelphia phillies now i’m, not gon na, say you know i expected um greatness i’m, not gon na say i expected these guys to come out and hit Eight home runs, i understand you know later in the season. You know a situation we’ve never seen before, but to come out and lose to the stinking marlins i mean. Are you kidding me guys going up to the plate? Just just hacking man like not even looking the ball into the plate, we had like eight strikeouts as a team.

Cutchen went over four harper o for three hoskins went one for three and he got lucky on his only eddie.

He golfed at it and looped it over the first baseman i mean come on man, our our bright spot was dede gregorius, who, if you guys, saw my prediction video. I expect him to have a big ear. He comes through and delivers. I mean actually let’s talk about this. The atmosphere is as a whole. It sucks, i mean i’m watching basketball earlier at least it feels a little bit like basketball. This baseball thing is going to be hard for me to get used to man, i mean a crowd. Is a silent, guy’s hitting home runs and just nothing the the fake crowd noise is a lot worse than basketball. I mean it just sounds weird: it sounds like a video game and and at some points it’s just so dead, silent i’m like come on, but the phillies man to lose to the stinking marlins look. They got better this offseason, but they still stink. I mean they might not win over 10 games this year and we lose to the stinking marlins on opening day um jt ralmuto threw out a guy from his is amazing pop up time. It was crazy, i mean we should have signed him uh. He had a nice throw there. Segura went over for jay bruce, oh for four, like i said, just guys. Look so rusty didn’t, even look like they were prepared for opening day aaron nola i mean if he’s, if he’s our ace and he’s, giving up five runs to the marlins.

If he’s giving up five runs to the marlins or four runs and who else can ever run rosso if aaron nola’s giving up four runs to the miles i mean who? What are we gon na? Do i told you we need aaron ola to step up. We need zach wheeler to step up. We need some of these uh other starters to step up, but aaron nola’s got ta be on his game. He suffers his first loss of the year. Sandy alcantara gets the win. We couldn’t hit the ball of sandy alcantara. I mean come on aaron nola, i mean he had like seven strikeouts tonight. There were times in which he looked good got off to a good start, but really his curveball was just lackluster. He could not finish it. There were a couple. O2 counts. He just left it right over the middle to play, left it hanging and what happens. Jesus aguilar sends one deep in the left center goodbye, corey, dickerson corey dickerson is like the best player in the marlins. He rips one down to right field. I remember him from last year after the trade deadline, or whenever we got him, i mean come on. Come on the the phillies shouldn’t have even had a second run. They hit a fly ball to center and a converted infielder into an outfielder jonathan vr drops a fly. Ball drops a fly, ball that’s how the phillies got their second run. I mean look man like i said we have a stellar lineup.

We are going to be able to smack teams around on the offensive side of the ball i’m worried about the pitching and the bullpen, the bullpen didn’t too too bad um. When rasho came in, i i was going to get something he had a couple wild pitches. I saw and that led up a run overall. The bullpen didn’t do too bad, but aaron nolan’s got to have a better start racked up 80 pitches. Uh four earned runs. Five hits seven k’s. Really it was just his knockout pitch, which just it just was not good. Today it was not good and we know aaron nola is not a flamethrower, so he’s gon na have to locate that curveball a lot better, but um yeah, just a a bad game. Overall. In my opinion, from the phillies i mean, if we’re losing, if we get swept somehow by the marlins here in the opening series – i’m done i’m. Literally done i mean we got the yankees up next after this series i mean we got ta step it up. Man we got ta step it up really was not what i’m expecting from an opening day team. Obviously, um no fans, the we feed off the fans, energy a lot, but even with joe girardi i mean i, i guess it’s just a weird atmosphere, but guys really just did not seem into it. You know what i mean like it was just eh. It was just another game.

It reminded me a lot of last year like we should be winning these games and we’re just giving them up. But overall, like like, i said, it’s one game. Hopefully we can improve on this and really get our groove going. I know we’re here in in late july um, but we got to get things going. Our lineup has to do much better. Um really has to show up. We got to get guys on base. We had some guys on base um. We had a couple walks up in there uh, like i said, the error and everything, but overall we just got to capitalize a lot better. Our stars need to step up um and overall guys, like our ace erinola, got to step up too, and they got ta pitch better to the miami marlins. I mean the stinking marlins. I mean it’s, crazy man, it’s crazy, um, zach wheeler is up next against uh. Some guy what’s his name caleb smith, isn’t wasn’t. He like a reliever or something um. I mean he doesn’t, even look like he belongs in the mlb uh. Looking at his stats going back if zach wheeler can’t beat caleb smith, if our guys can’t hit the ball and get on base against caleb smith, i mean come on. What are we doing here? The phillies return in their same old fashion, as they did last year. Um, just a sour taste on opening day i was expecting a big sixers win and then a big phillies.

When i thought we were going to go off man, but um yeah philly’s fall 5 2 opening day to the marlins, just really lackluster. To me, just really just yeah, just and that’s what i feel right now and that that just stunk just watching that game stunk, i i’d, rather have had it got rained out honestly but um, hopefully we’ll bounce back tomorrow.