You know vest gets his his first out and then he walks a guy um. You know it seems like the walks. I think we had two walks in the homer right after um, so i think it seems like the walks were kind of the theme of not you know, just kind of setting us up for trouble all day long. It could have been a lot worse. Honestly, you walked nine guys uh in this ballpark and it could have been a lot worse. Joel done, yeah. Obviously, when you get uh, like you say, nick nick kind of settled things there for two and a third uh alex gets in, gets the first out to get those kids in there. You know obviously you’re looking for production, but how much do you think you could benefit that they get their first taste of the big leagues on the road and so forth? Um. You know, i think, always experience the more you get the better you get when you make adjustments and you deal with everything that comes comes your way, um, so obviously anything they’re getting here is going to be good for them. Um but, like you said, we’re we’re, not in that mode, really it’s production – we just you, know, got to get the ball where you want um and again the walks, i think, just put us in a bad spot all day long.

Yes, john. You mentioned before the game. You know, zack wheeler’s stuff can be nasty just what did you see from the at bats today against him and just kind of how tough was it to really get things going? Offensively yeah we didn’t get.

We didn’t get a lot going. Um and his stuff is really good. You have to give him credit, uh, he’s, a guy that you’re just not gon na beat around the ballpark uh. For the most part, you might catch him on a bad day or something, but for the most part, his stuff’s too good to just get hit around. You got ta battle him and that’s. What i i felt like we kind of hung in there. It was a game that we could have stole, even though, with all the you know, the walks and – and it seemed like we were the ones getting out of jams, all the time um. You know we were still in the game right and you had a chance to battle him and and get out of there and steal one but yeah he was. He was good all day i thought uh god looked like he may have got a little winded at the very end that’s. What happens you start seeing guys over and over, but he was. He was pretty dominant all day. Andy don you mentioned nick was doing well. What made you decide to take him out yeah? He was at a spot there with dede um that we felt like first time out we’re gon na it was the it was a vessel spot for us and uh.

That was really the decision that was yeah. We thought it was a vessel spot. We thought it was better didn’t work out, uh jordan.

You mentioned that you guys were able to hang in there at times with wheeler, but four inning ending double plays, obviously that that looked like a backbreaker there on the offensive side, yeah the first two innings uh. I think it was the first two or maybe the second and the third he gets out of it with double play. So yeah he’s a guy that the ball’s got a lot he’s he’s a little like sandy from the standpoint, heavy movement uh with power stuff. Where you got to get your back going to to hit this guy and then late movement. You know he ends up throwing balls on the ground. I don’t grab the computer so yeah he he’s a he’s, a guy again a lot a lot like sandy, all right, andy yeah.