The miami marlins home opener against the baltimore orioles tonight has been canceled sources telling espn, as the team continues to undergo testing in philadelphia, jeff paston joining us now jeff. Thank you so much for being with us this morning on such short notice. Please talk to me about your reaction and the impact of this latest news: yeah it’s, devastating molly, not just devastating for the miami marlins, for the players who have tested positive but potentially for the major league baseball season as well, because this is the worst case scenario Coming to life in the first weekend of the season, let’s remember just a couple days ago: there were all the good feelings of opening day and what a baseball season could mean and now rob manfred. The commissioner has the question: do we even continue with this, and if so, how do we prevent something like this from happening again, because it started with one player testing positive about 72 hours ago, then yesterday, three more players tested positive and when the tests were done Last night on the rest of the club, eight of them came back positive among the players that is 40 of their roster.

They are stuck in philadelphia right now, not going to be at their home opener down in miami and the question really is: how long are they going to be there and how do they continue the season, not just the miami marlins, but all of major league baseball Max or bomani do you guys want to jump in here? Well, yeah.

I mean, i think the did major league baseball not have a clear plan for what would happen if this happened, because as much as this worst case scenario, it was foreseeable if they foresee yeah this. Is it boggles my mind that anyone at any point ever so? I understand politicians and irresponsible leaders in an election year say a lot of stupid things that a lot of gullible people can believe. But you would think like titans of industry who have you know, billions of dollars at stake, would understand, well, that’s, wishful thinking and and then we’re, on the other hand, dealing with a pandemic right, but apparently everyone’s susceptible to that kind of wishful thinking. There is no way, as dr fauci said, by the way and and it shouldn’t take a a a a a health expert to understand this. There is no way to complete a month’s long season involving dozens of people on either team, including support staff in close contact with each other. If you don’t have a some sort of a bubble in the absence of a vaccine and then scaled up to a vaccination, if that’s not available and you don’t have a bubble, the odds of completing your season are virtually zero.

The odds of completing your season with a bubble like the nba, even if you do everything right and you have very little to go just a post season – the odds are not a hundred percent or anywhere near there, there’s still a good chance.

They won’t be able to finish, but at least you can be cautiously optimistic that the mba can actually get it done, but major league baseball, and it makes me think of the nfl too. You have got to be kidding. What did they think was gon na happen. Bomani just said it like: this is not unforeseeable. This is quite foreseeable, max hold that thought right there, because i it brought me to the nfl as well, and i want to get into that. But we have to let jeff go in a minute, because he has clearly a lot to do. It’S going to be a busy day for him, but jeff before we let you go. I just want to ask you this. We saw this in soccer right down in orlando fc dallas had to drop out. Could you ever see a situation like that where we continue on charge on with the season, but the miami marlins just will not finish it. Yeah that’s certainly a possibility molly and i think, that’s. What major league baseball is discussing right now and it’s going to be interesting to see how rob manford the commissioner handles this today? He has to come out and address this and address this, not just for the miami marlins, but address this for the sport writ large.

What does this mean and because, in their 113 page operations manual, that has all kinds of protocols in place? There is nothing in there that talks about how to handle a situation like this, where you have an outbreak of 12 players and two coaches, one of this size.

What there is is something that says the commissioner has the discretion. If the competitive integrity of the game is impugned to pause or shut down the season – and this is something that’s really threatening the competitive integrity at very least of the national league – east division right now and potentially the entirety of major league baseball jeff. Thank you. So much for the insight. Okay, go ahead, max jeff! What do the yankees do now? Who, like what do teams do to have games scheduled coming up where there was just a covet outbreak, yeah? Well, the new york yankees max brought their own clubhouse staff and personnel down to philadelphia because they wanted no part of the visiting clubhouse staff that had just been around the miami marlins players. And does that mean that the yankees are still going to be comfortable? Going into that philadelphia, phillies visiting clubhouse, where there were at least 11 players over the last 48 hours, who we know now are coveted positive. I would be shocked if that game is played in philadelphia tonight and someone just texted me before i came on with you guys saying: hey: is there a possibility? They could move that game to the bronx? I suppose it’s possible – i mean fluidity – is really important in this moment if you want to actually play games.

But with news like this, the question becomes the appetite of major league baseball to play games and whether it needs to step back and pause and say let’s.

Consider what this means not just for right now, but for the future of the sport as we try to go on a lot of complicated logistical decisions, bomani we’re actually going to let jeff go and then we’re going to get into the nfl. So jeff we’ll continue to talk to you all day here on espn. Thank you so much for being with us and continuing to keep us up to speed on the latest here with the breaking news that the marlins have canceled their game bomani. Now i want to come to you on this, and that is the nfl, because that’s, ultimately, where our minds go, how can a sport like the nfl without a bubble situation, more players, more contact, charged on with the season when we’re already seeing this with the miami Marlins, because there are the dolphins, there are the tampa bay bucks what’s, your response. To that i mean it seems impossible for the nfl to be able to pull this off at least from here. I am not a scientist. I just know that all the precautions i’m willing to take in my own life are the opposite of playing football, and i understand why we get so locked in on what the nfl is going to do. But i think a far more important question is not what the nfl is going to do, but what in the world is college football going to do because at least the nfl players have some measure of organization where they can push back? If something goes bad, those powerless underpaid excuse me not paid at all players in college football.

These are the people that we need to be worried about right now, as this goes on, because nothing about football seems to be in line with all the precautions that we need to be able to take, and those guys have nobody looking out for them. So everybody’s going to try to make this work, but as long as players are leaving the facility and then going back into a world of a pandemic, i just don’t see how they’re actually going to be able to make it work. They might start, but i think it’s more important to finish. I think it’s doubtful, whether college football starts. I will tell you: there is zero percent chance, as i’ve said since the beginning that college football can finish its season in the apps. Even if the vaccine was found today, you can’t scale up to a vaccination that’s available to enough people in time. To finish your college football season, or probably even start it, this is, i know people feel like. We live in a post, truth, world right and that’s the whole point of disinformation and what we’ve seen in our politics? Well, you dispute it so much that uh. This is what putin does right. You dispute every fact so much that people throw up their hands say. Oh, what is the truth? I guess there is no truth. Wow a pandemic has a way of cutting through all that stuff. Right i mean yeah. There is a the fact of the matter and all doesn’t change it.

The nfl has not been serious about finishing their season, not been serious from anything. They’Ve said that i’ve heard i thought wow that’s someone who’s serious about finishing a season, no, not at all college. Football’S in a dream world it’s just never going to happen – major league baseball – i will say this and i’m generally pro labor, if the labor union, if the mlbpa was the problem here in terms of accepting bubble conditions, then it’s likely they won’t be paid on this Season right i mean like here’s the thing that the nba did so well and they were an advantage because their season was almost over adam silver took a hard look. He realized everyone’s going to take medicine right now. They don’t want to take the players. You can’t be around your family, you have to be in a bubble, you can’t go, come and go as you, please.