Where they were probably uh, giving it and contaminating it to each other, if i’m a player and i’m a new york yankee, i want to make sure that that clubhouse is completely um cleaned out and then not only done once or twice and then i’d also bring In my wipes and i’d do it again a third time i wouldn’t even actually go into the clubhouse i’d. Take my bag with me to the hotel and from the hotel straight to the stands and i’d play outside without even having to go in i’d. Get a couple philly cheesesteaks and i make sure that i’m healthy that’s what i would do personally um. This is serious. This is serious for a lot of players and this is going to hold a lot of repercussions, moving forward to see who plays and who does not, who opts out and who doesn’t, because at the reality, we’re seeing eduardo rodriguez with the boston red sox. Right now. Having some complications with his heart and most likely it’s due to the covid, we don’t, know we’re dealing with the unknown here. We’Ve known this, the entire time everything that’s happened so far within the field.

The protocol in the stadium has been good, except the celebrations where i see a lot of celebrations where players have been too close to each other i’m wondering where the social distancing is there. But everything outside the field is what i’m concerned with what are the players doing? Where are they going? Are they staying inside? Are they not? I know right now for a fact there are some.

There are several teams that are on the road where the organizations have told them. You guys, are staying inside your rooms until we have to leave to the stadium you’re, not going anywhere, where they’re trying to make sure that the protocol is now taken to another level. Um molly, can i i’d like to say something about about the season so far. It was so good, go ahead and have baseball back i’m, a big yankees fan and just watching over the weekend in the first three games, it’s, so good to have baseball back and as a fan, i’m upset right now, one of the few times at the players. At the players union, as opposed to the owners and the commissioner, usually when there’s a conflict, a labor conflict or issues i’m it’s, almost inevitably i’m with the players, because usually they’re in the right. But in this case, like the short sightedness to think they’re. Going to finish this season without a bubble it takes sacrifice if you want to get back to as normal as possible, if you even want to get 60 games in the odds that you can finish 60 games with that many people in close proximity to each other.

Without a bubble or several bubbles are virtually none virtually zero, and – and here we are this early already – and what what really stinks about this? Is it wasn’t it like? Maybe maybe, inevitably it would fail anyway, but it’s not impossible.

It seems to me to make your best effort. At least i did. I think the players union in this case got in the way of a best effort attempt to to try to get this season played. I know we’re very early. I know it’s just the cancellation of a couple games right now, but it looks bad to me well max. I understand your argument about the idea that you have to sacrifice, but one thing that’s worth noting is the sacrifices that we’re talking about from the players are going into the bubble. It’S, not just them that are sacrificing, has a lot to do with the people who are around them. That, then, also have to sacrifice. I mean i imagine there’s some baseball players that would love nothing more to be in that bubble and be away from home right, but the people that are losing in this by being in the bubble – aren’t just the players so it’s hard for me to say that They were being selfish by refusing it, because i imagine for a lot of them. Refusing the bubble is also trying to be closer to loved ones being closer to children, and things like that now, of course, the loved one and the children are often those that could create the possibility of an infection.

I get that part, but i don’t think it’s fair to look at the players and just say you have to sacrifice, because asking them to sacrifice is asking for a level of sacrifice from other people that are not the players.

I’M, not eduardo. I’M. Gon na you know back to you, i just want to respond to to you bomani quickly. If i said selfish, i don’t think i did, but if i did that’s not exactly what i mean um and i don’t think i use the word selfish. What i mean is that there’s needs to be a level of seriousness about what the sacrifice that it’s going to take. If you want to get paid at all, if you want to play these games at all and, of course that goes to their loved ones, their families, everything i wouldn’t want to leave my family for months on end right, but if you want to get paid, if You’Re serious about finishing at least a 60 game season, crowning a champion then thinking you’re gon na. Do that without that kind of sacrifice to me is short sighted that’s really my point. I bet they could have got that bubble if the owners would have paid a little more money like there’s trades owners. Didn’T make it you might not be lying there. You know what guys, at the end of the day, it’s really easy to to put blame uh to set blame if it’s on the players or, if it’s on major league baseball, whoever whomever it is, the reality is what are they going to do now and i Think that that is what that’s that’s what’s going on.

You have 30 teams. They try to divide it and and put 10, maybe in a bubble in the west 10 in the central 10 in the east.

But where are you going to do it and where are you going to have the facilities to be able to do this? This isn’t, a basketball court uh this isn’t a soccer field. This is this is baseball.