I really mean that I’m, not like being facetious I’m, not trying to make a joke or anything he made Sasquatch scary, like Bigfoot or the Yeti or the Yowies. That is that what they’re called in Australia wait hold on a sec. I want to check yeah the Yowie okay, so that’s, the Australian name for it, but like yeah, most cultures have tales of some sort of big like ape ESCA man that walks around in the wilderness and we’ve heard plenty of myths and legends about it. Over the years and like they’re not real, I’m, sorry, I’m, sorry to break it to you, but Bigfoot isn’t real and neither are ghosts. Okay, I but that’s a separate discussion. I want to get into ghosts right now, but I just I just hate that people act like they’re real, but the point is Sasquatch is not real, but indie Evolution Max Brooks basically says like hey what if they were real, what would they be like, and then He basically sets the stage for this one specific incident where a bunch of people were killed by a pack of sasquatches or troupe heard what whatever you want to call it. The story is essentially that there’s, this small community in rural Washington State like up in the mountains somewhere the exact spot, is never specified but they’re up there they’re very cut off from civilization and then one day Mount Rainier erupts, which is that is possible.

Like I don’t think it’s likely in our lifetimes, but it is possible and that causes tons of issues all over the state.

So, like Seattle and a couple other bigger cities are like cut off from the world and so rescue services, and everything is focused on that. But at the same time, the community Greensboro is cut off as well. It has no communication. The one Road in or out of town is covered by magmaflow and they’re running low on food that’s. Their main issue at first, however, as the days go on a troupe of sasquatches, is also fleeing the disaster and they’re, making their way closer and closer to this community and while they’re, basically primates. You know where they’re mostly vegetarians, like they mostly eat fruits and such, but if they need to, they will eat meat, and so they start finding dead animals all over the place that were killed in bizarre ways. And then the sasquatches see oh there’s, all these humans. Food now, just like World War Z, this book is written as though it’s nonfiction, you know, it’s not written in the same way as World War Z, which was a series of interviews. This one is written kind of like what was that book called uh into the wild. You know where that dude disappeared into Alaska and died, and the author basically just investigated his life and what caused him to do that. And what happened up to that point or like a bunch of other true crime novels that are out there? This one is like the author is investigating what happened in Greensboro, because everyone there went missing and they don’t know what happened to them and it cuts back between his investigation in the present and the journal that one of the people they are wrote and my only Real issue with this book, and even then it’s, not a big issue, is that the journal takes up a little too much of it.

I would say, like okay it’s a journal that is, that has way more detail than a regular person would write in their journal. Like I get that I can suspend disbelief for that that’s, not a huge issue, there’s plenty of other books where that same issue comes up, but you just you just got to roll with it. That said, I do wish there had been more time spent on the author in the present investigating things, because he it’s mostly just two interviews that he makes like there’s one with a park ranger who figured out what was going on and is basically going into detail About hey here’s, why we never found these guys here’s, why they here’s how they were so cut off, here’s, why they were in so much trouble, etc, and then the other one is an interview with one of the people who went missing. One of her brother and he’s also convinced that, like yep sasquatches went in and killed people, even though that sounds crazy to your average person, he’s, very convinced of it. So those two interviews are really good. I just wish there have been a little bit more of it other than that I have basically no complaints. This is like a perfect Max, Brooks horror, novel, because a lot of people forget that, when, at the time when the Zombie Survival Guide, enrolled or Z came out zombies that was before the zombie craze, so no one really cared about them and they they were seen.

As kind of silly, they were seen as just shambling slow, dumb corpses that went braids, and that was it, but max Brooks was one of the first people at least one of the first people in this century, who really stopped and said: hey what, if these guys, Like really were just out to eat human flesh, wouldn’t, they be kind of terrifying and like they are, but as long as you’re prepared for it, not that big deal and Sasquatch is kind of the same way. It’S, just that in this, the people are not prepared for it like, even though they’re way out in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by wild animals, they’re kind of a new age, hippie, commune sort of thing, and so they don’t have any firearms or anything. And, like I said, they didn’t have much food prepared. A pretty big theme of this book, just like with World War Z, is how most people are just generally unprepared for disasters, or at least most Americans are generally unprepared for disasters like not just us as individuals, but like our governments and our society as a whole. Just don’t know what to do, or rather we aren’t ready to do what we need to do in case of an emergency. You know we don’t have enough food stocked up that won’t spoil like you know canned goods and such we don’t. Our grocery stores need constant deliveries, or else they will be just out of food altogether.

I’M. Sorry, my nose is running a little bit. I hope I’m, not touching it too much, but and if you’re out in the middle of the wilderness and you’re surrounded by even if we forget Sasquatch for a minute you’re, if you’re surrounded by bears and mountain lions and stuff, you kind of need to have some Sort of firearm around, like I’m sorry that’s, just that’s just the case. That said the journal is told much more like a traditional narrative. You know, like we have a main character: Katie, the one who’s writing it um. When she first arrives at the community, she gets to know everybody and introduces them all to her journal, which is written kind of for herself and kind of for her psychiatrist, which okay, it makes sense why she would actually be keeping this and why she would be. Writing down so much because it’s a way for her to deal with her anxiety. So, okay, I buy that and also talks a little bit about like her marital problems and everything which I get why they put that in. I just didn’t care that much like it. Wasn’T an issue really I just I was never into it and then there’s the eruption and then being cut off and then realizing. Okay, we got ta, make sure we have enough food and stuff, so we have to ration things and then there’s the slow buildup of like hey there’s, some weird animals out there and most of the other people think like it’s, a bear guys it’s fine, but then Finally, the sasquatches reveal themselves and they all think well now what do we do and then the rest of the book is impressively intense.

Like the last book, I read that really had me this gripped in there and my heart beatin this much and I had to periodically stop and just take a couple of deep breaths. I’M, really not exaggerating when I say that the last book to do that was Metro 2033, which is really sell the book by the way just check that out. But even if that one is written a little weird. But the evolution is much more straightforward. With its plot and lives, characters, and so it’s, just it’s, very, very intense, like even if I wasn’t in love with most of these characters, most of them were just fine, the one exception being most are. Who was this woman? Who was in the Yugoslav wars, or rather she was a civilian in the Yugoslav wars, so she’s the one that when the disaster happens, she’s like hey, we need to prepare here’s what we need to do. We need to ration our food and all that, so she was pretty good. The rest of them are just kind of there. You know, but that said it is pretty great to watch the Sasquatch’s like attack people and then have to try and find a way to fight back properly. So they, you know, build some homemade weapons and they prepare themselves, and these things are way bigger and stronger than us and they’re extremely intelligent as well, and they want to eat us. So we got a, we got to get rid.

It almost seems like the humans. Are de evolving a little bit, which I don’t omit, maybe I’m reading a little bit too much into this, but like when the humans start building Spears and axes and short swords and stuff. It seems almost like they’re reverting to some pre civilization hunting. Society used to presumably deal with the sasquatches, because there’s actually some bits in the interviews later, where they talk about how maybe the sasquatches were some sort of giant ape that lived out in Asia and they came over to North America. Many thousands of years ago, around the same time, humans did and they sort of evolved alongside humans. I guess like there’s, an explanation given which uses Africa as an example and it’s like hey those animals, they’re evolved alongside humans like so before. We were really even humans and then up to the present day, so they were able to find ways to survive against us, whereas the rest of the world, a lot of the big animals like mammoths, died out because they got hit with us. When we were, you know intelligent and when we had technology and weaponry and when we had social cohesion. So he knew how to hunt and stuff and so that’s a really really fascinating idea. And it basically says that yeah the sasquatches they evolved to learn how to be really good at hiding, so that they could. I mean whether they’re prey or predators that’s a good skill to have in nature, and they also learned like eat meat and eat veggies, because well, but that’s also just a good thing to have.

But the main question is were: did they follow after humans as food or did they run away from humans and it’s it’s kind of left ambiguous, but we know in the present they’ll be willing to eat humans, so it’s just it’s a really a really creepy idea. You know and well I rambled on a little bit enough, but basically just yeah it’s, a really creepy story, really, bizarrely plausible, because you know it’s max Brooks. He just puts a lot of detail out there and overall well, just really good. So if you’re a fan of horror, if you’re a fan of Max Brooks, I would say, check this one out special thanks to all of my patrons whose names you see here, including my 10 up guys, Oppo Sava, Lanen, Andrew Dixon, Ashley Watson, Ava, tumor, B Quinn, Brother Santo T’s, Christopher Quinton, Emily Miller, Joel Johnny, st. Clair, Madison Lewis, Bennett Ronnie Taylor, Briggs tobacco, crow Tom beanie, Topher, wheeler and VAE Victis man that that list is getting long. Thank you for watching.