com, steelwavesradio anywhere and everywhere you can uh find us. You’Ll probably find us there, google us for sure guys the third segment you already know you’re a fan of us is our segment, but we bring you the drug screen and we start off with the drug stream and it’s my turn so let’s get right to it. Hashtag, the drugs really do you ever see, son of a woman yep. Have you ever seen scent of a woman on weed you may have seen them before, but you’ve never seen them like this we’ve scoured the archives in search of some of the worst movies. Just to bring you the hidden nugs that were made better by bud the pod heads web show presents the drug screen all right hash tag. The drug streaming is where we’re the pie, we bring you the worst movies rated by whoever rates movies rated terribly, but are really good, especially when you’re high and the next, the one i got for you this week guys. I think it definitely falls into that category. We’Re gon na go with scary movie two, and i shout out to you frank, the tag because you’re the one that i brought into my mind. I was like you’re right. That is the best movie out of them all uh, especially when you’re high and i’ll tell you what not everybody thinks that way, because it was the worst out of all the scarier movies.

Scary movie two was, you know, rated the worst fifteen percent around tomato when you’re down that down that bad, i mean you really hate it, but i tell you what, when you smoke it? Actually, it turns to be funny right because my strong hand, my strong hand, uh, listen it also in the drug screening.

We all these movies always have a great cast, and for 2001 i mean you know these names right. The wayans brothers duh anna ferris was huge back in 2001., regina hall, christopher masterson check this out. Still david cross right david cross. You know him from uh what’s. It called uh arrested development, yes tobias, oh my goodness, uh james wood was in there tim curry, tori, spelling, and then there you go chris elliott. I mean that is crazy. If you’re right about that dude tim curry, it probably costs 500 million. Just to get tim. Curry andy richter, richard moore james, the bella i mean everybody who was anybody really uh were in these movies, and that goes to the power of the wayne’s brothers, especially in the 90s and early 2000s. You know the synopsis is this: it was a follow up to scary movie, one and scare movie. One was a cult classic still still a lot of gets a lot of love number two spoofs about them, going to this mansion to get therapy or something, and then all the murder starts happening. I think there was a spoof off of uh: go ahead, how manyville right um? No, what the hell was that was it wasn’t it the one with catherine zeta jones and they go to the big mansion and liam neeson yeah.

I know what you’re talking about, but i don’t think it’s that move it’s, not that one, because that was when they all went to get therapy specifically household until it was a game, show wasn’t it.

It was a. It was a contest. Yeah you go through the whoever could last through the night. Uh wins, basically because it was a haunted house and that’s what the the the premise was. I believe well, the wh haunting that’s, what it’s called the haunting. It was basically spoofing the whole haunting, but of course it throws other spoofs in there too, uh and yeah. You know what wait if you’re not baked it’s, probably not that funny, because it’s one of those like it’s, so bad it’s, funny um and one skit bro. The n1, when it’s all and david cross in the wheelchair dude come on it’s great, especially if you’re a fan of comedy and you’re a wheathead like us, uh scary movie too, definitely the worst of them all, but i think the best of them all uh hashtag. The draw screen that’s what we do bring you the worst movies that turn awesome. When you smoke it guys, you guys definitely watched it right and we’re gon na watch. It again i mean all the david i’m, a huge david cross fan uh and all the memories him getting blown in the wheelchair, and then he comes and the girl stuck to the ceiling i’m, pretty sure yeah that’s.

What i’m saying it’s like people. I i don’t mind that that that raunchy comedy especially back in the day we were stupid teenagers. What do we know right? That was hilarious? Todd said about it was that the only that was the only movie out of the scary movies.

That was any good. All of the other ones were garbage. They made fun of um signs. They made fun of all a bunch of other different movies, but scary movie. Two was the only one that i remember laughing out loud guns them chasing each other uh. It was good. You know they lit the castles bomb, um, the the jokes back and forth between david cross and uh. I forget his the waiter was it that way. He was like grab my hand, the guy’s dying, he’s gon na fall to his death right, but he reaches out with this deformed hand and he’s like get that thing away from me, and then they stick the hand in the mashed potatoes. Oh, my god, he’s like rubbing it down because look at the people like who are the people that judge these movies they’re, not us right that and that’s who the demographic is for it’s for the cult following and the people that judge it are not part of The cult following i love it, bro good choice: yeah hashtag, the dress, reading guys, if you’re watching out there on live, especially watch it. Let us know what you think, frank it’s, your turn.

Thank you jb. I appreciate you passing the blunt the proverbial way, uh, because you know it’s always a cypher here with the butts uh hashtag higher learning, guys it’s my segment and i like to educate so let’s get right into it and smaller new, smaller new, smaller new get your Sleep all right guys, you know what it is if you don’t it’s uh, where i like to spread a little knowledge and usually there’s a theme behind this, but today’s just going to be random facts a lot of times uh when i’m just sitting hanging around.

I like to just google random stuff, find random facts, and i want to share them what i learned i’m going to bestow that information on to you guys uh so yeah, this uh today’s higher learning comes just random cool shit that i didn’t know that i bet Most people didn’t know – and this comes from good housekeeping – oh hey – on pornographic magazines and uh. I wanted to share some of this stuff. Here we go. Um curtains and tabletops see money, a hundred fold hat the chef’s hat. Did you guys know that a chef’s hat has those little folds in it? Yes, okay now i know it’s a hundred folds and it stands for the the significance behind those hundred folds is how many ways a chef should be able to make an egg uh, which is crazy, get outta. 100. 100. I know 6.

. I know scramble hard boiled sunshine over easy over hard and maybe, like i don’t, know, that’s insane, that’s nuts, okay, pretty crazy, uh see money here’s another one for you did you i’m allergic to cats? Did you guys know that some cats are allergic to people? It actually does happen where cats have lost uh chunks of hair and people have brought their cats in not knowing what’s up and the cats are allergic to their owners. Pretty what do they say? What uh, what the science is behind that like, because you’re stink, maybe because you smell bad or i think, there’s certain species and it depends on certain mutations in that species, so not at all.

Oh so it’s, not okay! So it’s, not me! It’S, the cat, yeah apple pie, isn’t, actually, american, i think uh, this original uh, the original recipe came from england, so yeah easy pie, that’s what i said that’s so classic america bro yeah um. Did you guys know that the largest known living organism on the planet is a grove, it’s actually called and it’s? Actually an aspen grove in uh where’s this place in utah it’s over 80 000 years old, and it takes up over a hundred acres it’s. Just about a grove huh, i didn’t know a grove was considered a huge, a living thing. You know like the great barrier reef, you know: okay, oh right, so i knew that. But i guess that’s the same same.

You know train of thought here i thought you’re. I thought itself basically, okay, i thought you. The answer was like a a a mushroom or like a fungus. I know a very big fungus that live in the bottom layer of the dirt or right underneath there, but are very massive yeah yeah uh here we’re taking it to munchies guys eminem. Did you guys know that m m stands for mars and murray, the actual uh yeah, the name of the company i feel like? I have heard that it’s, the son of the mars company, the sons of the mars company it’s, a british confection that started during the spanish civil war. It was actually uh bruce murray, the son of hershey’s chocolate president.

Sometimes i wonder if they tasted the same. The m m’s: we taste today, do they taste that way? No, they kind of show right, bro, they taste artificially as fuck now sugar and stuff yeah. Did you guys know that you can hear a whale’s heartbeat from over two miles away, which is pretty good i’ve? Seen videos next to whales like where you’ve heard you know shit, you know like where or i thought it was them. You know communicating but it’s, pretty crazy. Sound travels faster underwater than it does above. I think it’s uh longer yeah, not necessarily faster right. Google, a whale’s heart, they are massive bro the size of a whale’s heart like we could all fit a car yeah, so it’s pretty crazy.

Like that’s. What i mean is it like the t rex, from jurassic park, where you hear the water rumbles a little bit like how loud is this fucking thing? Does it wake you up in the middle of the night out out there? No, i think you got to be in the water to hear from that that’s. What i’m saying it’s like uh. Are you guys gambling man yeah hell, yeah yeah? I guess yeah i’m black baby. What do you think the odds of getting a royal flush on? Oh, my god, one in like 500 000 or something like that better chance to get struck by lightning, no it’s crazy, because jb you’re a lot more realistic than i thought i it’s one in 649 7740 to be exact, pretty crazy.

I actually thought it was a lot more than that surprisingly, but it doesn’t seem that bad 649. 000. I think you have a better chance of getting royal flush to hitting the lottery. So if you just spend all your money gambling, instead of throwing it at the lottery, you might you might win, you laugh, but there are people who call themselves. They are people who are professional gamblers. They make a good living by following the odds right, if the odds are in their favor when they know the man sure so here’s another one for you, the king of rock and roll, and my last one we’ll get out of here or the so called king Of rock and roll elvis presley, obviously one of the you know greatest of all time – only won three grammys, which i thought that was surprising.

You’Ve got people like fucking uh, billy, eilish, walking out of the grammys i mean nowadays is such a joke, but you can’t even compare nowadays. I can’t imagine yeah it’s surprising to me that elvis is 21 3, though. If there was such a thing as like a post humans, grammy or like you know, a way to listen to old music and gave him i mean, obviously he would win a lot more, but i think things were different back then i mean three grammys back then. Was probably the pinnacle of of music entertainment or whatever anyways i’ll? Take it out of here buddy.

Thank you so much for hashtag higher learning. I love it because i learn a lot while i’m high uh we’re the pod heads web show at pod heads webster, we’re gon na be down in florida real soon guys kobit be damned uh.