You know i don’t get star struggling something about when i see him in an audience really. It makes me feel bad about myself because i know he’s better than me, even though he don’t do it anymore, yeah you’re, naturally, more gifted freddie’s, hilarious man. I started doing stand up uh right here in the city and and the man that we are honoring tonight is a huge part of the reason that i started like i wouldn’t have known that it could be done until i saw it done correctly. You won’t do fat, jokes, all right, your mother’s, so fat. The bitch need a thomas guy to find her asshole Applause, your mother’s, so fat after sex. I roll over twice and i’m still on the bench your mother is so fat. She fell in the grand canyon and got stuck with his mama’s, so fat that the bitch get a toenail painted in her shirt. Oh mr murphy, what’s up bro how you doing i’m good. How are you, man, i’m in your old stomping grounds, i’m at 30, rockefeller it’s, my 30th anniversary in stand up so it’s, just like a long residency? Oh yeah, i heard you and chris get ready me and chris are doing two i’m doing all co. Headlining shows yeah rules, lil wayne they’re getting red killer.

I don’t know if you would want to do anything at all in any one of these nights, but it would be a tremendous honor.

I don’t know i got these. Nine kids bring all of them. I love you too man, i’m. Looking forward to seeing you bro, we got ta break bread. Man is the youngest comedian to ever appear on star search he’s from washington, d.c here’s dave chappelle. Thank you. Thank you. Applause! Hey. Thank you guys very much when i’m. On stage, i get real happy up there, like maybe that’s the only time in my adult life that i feel like myself standing up there. You know what i mean like a gladiator and then lights is on it and you look down and everyone’s looking at you and it’s, just all these smiles around you and they get dressed, they put perfume on and stuff and they’re going to see your show it’s. The best feeling man, i love standard that’s, why? I love my art form, because i understand every practitioner of it, whether i agree with them or not. I know where they’re coming from they want to be heard. They got something to say, there’s, something they notice. They just want to be understood, love this genre. It saved my life man. I cannot tell you what it is like to get an honor like this in this very city, i started from, in fact a little trivia for you. The first show in this very room.

I was the first comedian on stage it was me a guy named brian regan, and some dyke named ellen degeneres didn’t know she was gay back.

Then we were all trying to get some pussy. Oh i’m. Sorry.