I just tried to go out. What are you doing? I went out to the strip club yeah. She asked me for a ride home later and she ended up giving me oral sexy. Yes, jerry. I know she was a trans sex. Oh okay got something to tell you i treated on you with a stripper. What the hell is wrong with you is that a man Music right she built like a long back too much. I can’t do this no baby, don’t move don’t. Leave. I love it. I want to be with you. I can’t leave baby. Just please alpha me straight cat baby, baby straight cat straight cap, straight cap cap cap cap, cavity cat cat baby don’t leave baby hold baby. Let me just talk to you leave, no, no, oh! No! She got it. What even is this position? Dude? You know. I dj at the club and i didn’t think it was going to lead to that nah. He knows. I love you and you’re the only one you don’t right, that’s, what everybody say: bro too much too much got ta go. Please forgive me. You mean everything to me, i think about you when you’re not even around getting you around baby bro you just she don’t know what to do. Bruh, you can do better than that.

We got ta, go call the homies. Now i don’t call them homies because told me gon na roast you i don’t want any d.

I don’t want an icd. I don’t want an scd Applause Music. He said what’s up, but let’s get back to the video i’ll be with you i’m straight. It got ta be more than that. Come on don’t. Do that no get your damn hands off of me. Scrap him. Scrap him scratch him like it, break him out. Fine Applause alone. I don’t want to be with no man right. You don’t want what is he doing swing that’s my fan. Look at her stepping look at the brush shoe. Look at the brush Applause, here’s, shane Applause. He went in the shower to have sex with him. I know it’s really funny at the end of this conversation that made him build an arena with a whore like you, oh wow, i wouldn’t have cheated. If you would have treated me properly, tell me that my opinions, don’t matter making me feel like a child. All the time you be literally she’s ugly, though you make me feel like lesser of a person. Oh look at you, you’re self centered. You think everything’s about you all the time you don’t give it to you. I don’t know how other people feel loved. I don’t know, but you guys just have yours. I told this girl, i loved her for some effect of her personality, how she was treating me about how i felt i worked 14 plus hours a day in the sunlight landscaping.

So she doesn’t know that you slept with her sister.

No, oh, what oh wow, okay! Well, she does now you mess with your sister. You are sick Applause. That’S! All you gon na do is hit it with a shoe that’s. What you mean too, i mean this is what you do. This is your mo. You get mad that’s. What i do, because you do the dumb do like that. I mean i, i know it seems messed up but like it was an outlet to deal with this. Oh and you didn’t, you didn’t, know what you were getting into. You ain’t know the crazy ones had to bomb. I mean i know it’s, just like your sister’s at video games.