Everyone’S day, is going well so what’s up talk to me. Please what’s up. Does anybody care to tell me what the hell is going on? I turn my back for one week and i come back no. I do not want to talk about current events right now. Instead, i’d rather take a trip down memory lane. So today we’re going to talk about the movie white chicks. Everybody knows the movie white chicks right, it’s, a classic. It was quite literally a cultural phenomenon. There are so many lines from that movie that we still reference to this day and that movie came out in 04. A couple days ago, i came across an amazing tick. Tock by this creator named at swamp, amish and here’s what she said: okay i’ve seen people on here, trying to come for the movie white, chicks and i’m about to shut that down right now. First of all, like you guys clearly, don’t know anything about the movie. So i’m gon na educate you it is written by the wayans brothers, who are the two black lead characters. They also have other brothers who helped in writing. That movie was very ahead of its time. The whole thing is supposed to be a social commentary on white privilege, which was not as hot of a topic back then, as it is now. Not only does the film flip blackface back onto white people by taking two black men dress them up like two privileged white women, which were like modeled after paris and nicki, and mock everything about their lifestyle and their privilege.

The point of the movie is to contrast the experience of black and white americans. The movie mocks how white people are okay with black features on white people, but not black people. It mocks fetishization of black people by having a black character that fetishizes the white women like that movie is literally genius. We should be applauding its writers after watching her video. I was just sitting there like how did my over analytical ass not catch that when i was first watching the movie and then i remembered i was six so thanks to swamp amish, i rewatched the movie and i realized she’s right. You know this movie isn’t. Just about black people making fun of privileged white people. Why on earth would we do that there are actually so many racial parallels that were like carefully and meticulously encrypted in that movie? So let’s take a trip down memory lane and visit the ones that i was able to find. Shall we okay, so the movie begins with marcus and kevin played by marlon and sean wayans, the iconic, the legendary marlin and sean wayne we’re going to give them these flowers on this here channel, okay, marcus and kevin are fbi agents, undercover out of bodega they’re, trying To bust a drug cartel now that mission fails miserably miserably and as punishment, they are ordered to escort tiffany and brittany wilson, who are two rich white, privileged sisters to the hamptons. For the weekend now, just like swamp said these two women tiffany and brittany, wilson, they were obviously modeled after paris, hilton and nicole richie, which oh, my gosh, who remembers how big of a deal they were in that time.

What was their show called uh this? I think it was called the simple life wow wow, those two bitches, paris and nicole. They walked they strutted that runway so that every kardashian, every jenner, every house, wife, could run bow to your leaders and the waynes brothers. They did so well with this invitation. Like everything was spot on from the blonde hair to the french tips to the mid rise mini skirts to the chihuahua, oh, my gosh, they brilliant after kevin and marcus pick up the girls. They end up swerving off the road, because the damn dog crawled out of the sea onto the front of the car and even know how his little eyes got there. But anyway, they ended up swerving off the road. And then the two sisters collide faces and they end up with two minor scratches. In that moment they throw a legendary b f, which by now we all know stands for she’s gon na have a bitch fit you better get out of here. You would have thought these bitches had facial disfiguration like sis, if you don’t slap, some neosporin at home and take a nap damn this scene exemplified how some white women very often become hysterical. No exaggeration, there hysterical at very minor inconveniences that are of no real detriment to their livelihood right and because they are so offended that another human being had the nerve to inconvenience them. They weaponize their white privilege and try to get people arrested, fired or worse.

This scene was so ironic to me because now that the term karen is popularized, there are people who think it’s like a new thing, but no ladies bitch has been calling a manager forever so now that the sisters have decided that they won’t be making it to The hamptons, because of their injury, kevin and marcus, decide that the only way to keep the situation under control is to impersonate these women and go to the hamptons as them. So they bring in some of the best special effects. Makeup artists on the team – and they transform them from this to this now the biggest complaint of critics. What critics was that these men were doing white face you know and if the roles were reversed, i start i start to twitch every time. I hear the phrase if the roles were reversed because they already are what the wayans brothers were doing here is called irony. Blackface is a thing still and just because people aren’t taking literal black paint and red lipstick to their face doesn’t mean black face. Isn’T still happening it’s still happening. It is still happening anyway, kevin and marcus begin to adjust to life very quickly as brittany and tiffany wilson. They very quickly realize that they can get just about anything. They want by way of complaints or compliments. Either one works just as good what a beautiful chocolate man you know. Then they meet up with their friends karen lisa and tori and before they head off to the hamptons reception party, one of them complements their lips, which they believe are collagen enhanced right.

So they complement them by saying your lips went from cameron diaz to jay z. This is especially interesting to me because had this movie come out today, they would have complimented their lips by referring to them as kylie jenner lips, because people are clowns so for these women to complement their lips by saying jay z. That brings truth to the common intentions of cosmetic procedures such as lip enhancements. You didn’t do it to look like her. You did it to look like us, then they hit the hamptons reception party and they bump into their arch, rivals, heather and megan vandergel and all hell breaks loose. In that confrontation. We get to see the contrast between the white and black community’s perception of banter. So, while the vander gills are throwing shade by saying stuff, like your mom shots at socks, the wilson sisters are making your mama jokes, they being extra loud and rude and obnoxious. You know just acting the same way. We would in black spaces where we are comfortable except they’re, bringing that energy to this uppity rich, ass, white, ass space and people were shook. Rightfully so i mean who could forget the breast powder joke throughout the movie. We also get to see these two men experience. The unpleasant side of womanhood, such as getting cat called body, dysmorphia, uncomfortable clothes. I like that they threw that in there that was a nice touch and then we meet latrell spencer baby.

If you were looking for dr umar’s worst nightmare, there you go there, it is latrell’s. Character was very obviously meant to be your stereotypical beef head ball. Is life i’m, not racist, because i only like white and light skin it’s. Just my plasma ass athlete latrell immediately takes a liking to tiffany um. He actually compliments her by saying she is a white girl with a black girl’s ass throughout the movie. Latrell also makes it a point to be super hyper masculine and express his immense respect for white women. Specifically, his incessant desire to have a white woman on his arm is symbolic of many successful black men who often fetishize white women and use their companionship as a way to assert their power. The same way rich white men would yes, i’m gon na shut up. I was about to say something so disrespectful we’re gon na keep going, though the girls then hop in the car to go shopping, and yet another iconic scene is born as they sing along to making my way downtown easy. I would bust out the whole song for y’all, but i heard you could get a copyright strike for that these days. Ugh youtube is a fans but yeah anyway, so they change it to a hip hop station and what is conveniently playing on the radio realist by 50 cent. So the sisters instinctively start rapping along cause, they’re black men and the whole car, is like you guys.

You can’t say that well nobody’s watching so and before you know Music it. I am so thankful for that scene. I know some of y’all probably would have thought that, like i would hate a scene like that. But honestly that is one of my favorite scenes of all time. It is so funny, i know y’all be saying it i’m, not stupid. I know y’all be saying it when ain’t nobody around, or at least when nobody like this is around. So the transparency of that scene was so hilarious, but i’m gon na go ahead and reach for a second and say that i think that scene was meant to symbolize how many white people, especially of the 2000s – they most definitely listen to hip, hop and rap, but They would only sing along when they felt safe, like when they were in spaces that they felt were safe and secluded likely, due to the stigma that surrounded anything associated with black culture. Now that’s very different. Now, right, it’s, like black culture, has been absorbed. It hasn’t been absorbed, we’ve talked about this before right, but i feel like back. Then there was still more of a stigma surrounding it, wasn’t necessarily the coolest thing to do. We skipped forward a few scenes to the fashion show, or should i say the shit show? Oh my gosh, as you probably remember, there was tripping, it was falling. There was a shootout. There was a shootout and latrell jumped in front of a bullet to save tiffany.

Tiffany then reveals that she’s, actually marcus and latrell’s response was, but you are not white. I guess in a way this was kind of a plot twist right because i’m happy i’m kind of happy about it, i’m kind of happy that this plot twist happened, because you know around this time, jokes about gender identity were so common like so so so. Common it’s, like every movie in that time, like was about pulling off the wig or revealing that there weren’t really boobs there. You know like something like way, problematic way, um and that scene. It just reminded me of a quote. I came across the other day and it says sexual relationships between black men and white women have rhetorically been shaped not by their relation to each other, but rather by their relation against the other, not saying that that’s how it is with all interracial couples. I’M. Just saying it was very interesting to see that trope of you know the the self hating black man woven so deeply into a character like they really went hard with that one and then they bust the bad guys, marcus and his wife get back together. Kevin asked the reporter girl on a date and then they all come together and promise to go shopping and that’s pretty much where the movie is so this movie wasn’t super metaphorically charged. You know what i’m saying it: wasn’t super symbolic or anything like that, but i wanted to come on here and share my findings just in case there was anybody else who missed all of these hidden messages.

The same way, i did i want to go ahead and give another shout out, and thanks to at swamp, amish um. Thank you so much for being so kind with allowing me to use your video in my video.