They they let you move in, i mean you know, they’re being nice to you right, yeah, so wouldn’t the proper thing to do. If they’re being nice to you, i mean, but it just happened. I didn’t plan on it Applause, so you have no interest in being with him. I mean he’s kind of cute, but, like i wouldn’t be with him, i don’t want him Applause, all right, let’s uh, who is melissa, who’s, melissa, that’s, my mother it’s their mother it’s. Your mother it’s the girls, mothers, oh here’s, their mother Applause melissa because of you, because you won’t take care of your man you’re too busy running away. If you would have been home and learn how to be a mom and a wife instead of on facebook. What happened learn how to cook for him once in a while he got what he got. He got with me like this three years ago, so what that’s nothing! But it gave you three years to grow up three years to grow up. You should have thought about before you sprayed your legs and had kids Applause. What is this, why are you being a heart? Why are you sleeping with your brother in law? Look at you mom! What about me? What about me? Look at you. What did i do really, but uh yeah? What is it? You’Re? The man see your followers.

I guess you can beat your ass, like you remember that tank Applause, you know what i gave my life to god.

Not change. Don’T make good gospel. Okay, okay, gospel gangster. I gave my life out to god change and everything this girl. Every day i got ta wonder where she’s at every night who’s she laying up with with some random people, they’re fighting out she laid up with felipe and you, the father of my granddaughters, okay, emily started our businesses when you gave me them grandkids Applause you’re, such A good mom right now, she’s your life where’s, your brother right. Where is my mom, and what is it? What you can’t even take care of your marriage, i can’t, and what? Okay all these girls out there in the streets? Do you have to take care of my kids right? You do take care of them. Take care of myself. What is it i swear to get this boy on my face: Applause, Applause, okay, think about the gospel! You know what i’ve raised. I wasn’t the perfect, perfect mother growing up without a mom i’ve learned from my mistakes, and i forbid that my daughters will grow up to be like me: okay, especially disrespect each other. This respect, family and they’re, not thinking about everybody else that they’re hurting in the family, you know that’s what hurts the most if they don’t want me in their in their business. Don’T. Ask me for money.

Don’T make me be the babysitter three four days out of the week. What is it? Okay, if that is true, you’re going to her and asking her to be a babysitter once in a while you’re asking her for money? Okay, if you do that, you realize i’m, not saying the way she’s doing is necessarily appropriate, but you’re asking her to be in your life when you keep going to her asking for help that’s inevitable.

No, she asked me to see my daughter. She don’t even see my littlest daughter. She asks. Oh, can i can you get it my granddad. Can i tell you, i got a kiss. You have to be around my granddaughter whatever, then, why don’t you ask me why don’t you take his bed for a day. No i’ll take care of it. No, you can’t! Why? Because i can’t take care of two of your kids, the one who got her pregnant, okay, don’t. Okay, ask me to see my daughter’s name don’t. Ask me that don’t ask me for it: hey! I won’t call me no yeah we’ll see what happens. Yeah we’ll see what happens. We’Ll see what happens. Okay, what’s gon na happen here. What’S gon na happen here with you, two jerry. I love felipe we’ve, been together three years i mean we’ve. Had our ups and downs, but i would i would love to like happen with him. Okay. Well, that means you probably have to stop and you and you you guys, i believe, look.

I just met both of you five minutes ago. I do believe you probably do love each other, but that means you really do have to start doing things around the home, with your child, etc.