She go to my job. Tell my job! Well, i won’t be working and can’t support my kids or her. This is the third time i got a job this year. She don’t chill she don’t she don’t say i do anything good in the house. She always complaining it’s like it’s. Just like i can’t, i can’t. Do it? No more. Are you serious? I watch dragon ball. Z with you, Music, you can never watch her. You treat me like. I ain’t nothing. Bro we’ve been having a rocky relationship: yeah yeah, yes, very rocky relationship. Yes, but i forgave you for a lot of things. You did chance on the day of my daughter being born. What did you do? You were in boxing a girl trying to meet up with her while i’m delivering your baby girl you’re a baby girl yeah that you love to death, yeah i’m interested in the girl that i’m gon na live with, because you stay putting me out in the cold. Don’T be having nowhere to go, you know. I got no family right and we’re family. We almost died together, jerry, we got a talk accident and we we made amends to each other, that we would be together in spirit in everything. So why? If she’s, the only family, why would you sleep with someone else because denise she listened to me she’s? She she support me and what the stuff i want to do.

She makes me feel confident.

She um tell me i’m, a good dad to my kids. She don’t know your kids. She could never know what you do for your kids. She doesn’t even know you you. She doesn’t even know you. So how does she know what you do for your kids a month yeah a freaking Applause, i’m about to feed the children right now i keep feeding your children yo. My kids are fat that’s they’re dead. I know because i’m, a great mom, please please ask him – have i ever opened up my legs to anybody. Besides, on a Applause when we do have sex, you say: it’s, boring Applause, Applause, Music, 15 minutes! You want to sit down and rest all right. You don’t care. Now you got a call from nadia that, yes, do you know nadia? Yes, i know. Nadia nadia is my baby. Daddy’S sister look official whore, well, here’s, nadia Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music. You mess over my family member. You messed up with me right with me and your family and got nothing to do with you and best believe i did not sleep with your bum baby, daddy, okay. So what makes you think i’m still doing it now, you need to check your tone. Second of all, three strikes: who are you three strikes you mess with my friends, bitch Applause, Music. I never knew that she was well. You know what i take that back. She is the biggest whore, but at the end of the day we were all smoking together.

Yes, we all spoke together and at the end of the day i did not know that she was going to go and be the horror that she is don’t. Go live don’t, go lying, you were being a whore. So was she two horses together just and you tried to hook us up just because you probably slept with him too. Is that what it is? Applause, Music and you know – i’m hard Applause? Okay, everyone calm down, just for a second deep down. Do you love him? Yes, i love chess. Today, okay you’ve got to know, because what would you do to convince him to still be with you? Well, i would tell chaz you know you can go ahead and tell them now.