I i thought he would be back in a couple hours. He didn’t come back at all jerry. When um, i tried calling him. He wouldn’t answer he wouldn’t text back, no calls he didn’t call to check on the kids. None of that wow just walked out of their lives completely. No contact whatsoever, no help nothing jerry. How long was it before you heard from him again two whole weeks and when he had finally called i mean there was just nothing like it was like it didn’t, even matter to him period um. I asked him if he could help me with some milk and he told me yeah. That would be all right, so he would call me back. He calls me back like a half hour later, and he tells me that i can pick up my daughter’s milk from the gas station mind you jerry. The gas station is three minutes down the street. He wouldn’t just come by and no no so i go down to get it, and when i do, the gas station clerk was like well i’m, a bit confused and i’m like what do you mean you’re confused? He was like well, he said his girlfriend was picking up the formula, but he’s got a girl in the passenger seat in his car, and i was like okay now. Why is the that guy station clerk has nothing to gain or lose yeah? So he was this girl right right right.

So when i confront him about it, it’s all a lie. So why are you here? He wants to get back together. Jerry and i don’t know whether or not you know he’s saying he does want to get back. Yeah yeah and i just don’t, get like what’s the sudden change of heart. Like you just up and leave. How do i know that he’s not gon na do this all over again, oh okay! So now you’re not trusting that he’s being sincere, not at all about coming back, not at all all right, what’s, his name michael that’s, the next name. I have here, here’s, michael hey. How are you pretty good? How are you good um? I brought her here today because i just want to tell her that i do love you and i really do want to be with you. I brought you all the way here to make this work to i’m. Just i’m, tired of the when i left i’m. Tired of uh arguing all the time you know over petty stuff, like everybody argues. If you love somebody how i’m you don’t just walk out. Well, i mean i understand that you don’t just walk out, and i mean if we could do it without arguing 24 7. Without all the problems i would be down, because what we had was great, i mean what we have when we’re 100 committed it’s amazing i’ve never had it before and i’m down to keep it.

You know i don’t need no, no other woman. I don’t ever need another woman, but how do i know that you’re not just going to leave all over again? You come in everything’s fine for a minute and it’s. Like you just you’re over it, you walk out. You leave. You don’t see your daughter for how long you’re, missing out on everything from her learning to call her hurting her own bottle her learning to use her hands for the first time and you’re missing all this and you just don’t care. You walk out on kids that have no one else, but us i i mean it’s it’s like how how, as a father, how do you just walk away from your kids? You don’t see them. You don’t talk to them. You don’t help me with them. I do this by myself, while you’re, what running the streets? Is it somebody else or i mean no, i mean i understand where you’re coming from with the i do i do leave. You know i mean but i’m also not trying to do that. All the time. That’S why i brought you here because i’m trying to get a change in this in this roller coaster? We keep. We keep bump going into bumps and stuff i’m trying i’m not trying to do that. No more i’m, not i’m, not trying to do this, and then you got to change the way you handle things before any of that can happen because your first go to is running out the door when these kids watching you, my son, is six years old.

He’S. Seen that his whole life that’s, not something i want for them, i don’t want my kids in a broken home. I want them to have both of us, and this is what you do. Yes, we’re gon na find and argue that it is what it is. Nobody’S perfect, nobody, not you not me. Well, i mean i understand who’s taylor, my roommate that’s, your room that’s, my roommate. Yes, why is she here um because there’s something there’s another thing to this, that i got ta tell her okay, and that is that the girl you seen at the gas station was taylor. Are you serious like that? You would just give him up, but you want me back, but this is how you do it. I mean it wasn’t, my roommate it wasn’t like. Are you serious, oh it’s, not like that? Okay, then, please do explain to me what it’s. Like i mean it was just there to fill a void that you left, i left it you’re, the one that walked out the door.