She wasn’t there and you had a box of paraphernalia just he said to spice up your sex life with your husband. Yes, so you have a husband. What were you do only trying to Jerry yeah, my husband is a crybaby. All he does is cry. I want a thug for one night. I want to be choked. I wanted to be slab Applause to you, sweetheart yeah, I’m, only 20 years old, Jerry today’s, my birthday, happy birthday. Applause gave me all that he choked you I don’t want fail if it was just the sex. If I can do it again, I would does your husband know about this. No, not yet well. He does not because he’s watching Applause, all you do is cry. What a man I love you, I love yo, kids, sometimes why you under was crying go to your mom’s house. I want a man. Philip made me feel good. That was the best orgasm I had in geared you. Wan na do is have sex all the time. I want to make love you. You want me to treat you like a slut but you’re, my wife. How can I treat you like me treated like just love, sometimes well, my mother didn’t treat me to treat. Have my wife treated like a whore? Well, what do you want me to do about it? I just can’t believe this Jerry her and her kids.

I love both of them all of her and it’s.

Just I can’t believe this. I I still get butterflies when I kiss her. I usually think about her when I’m, going away from her. I just can’t see how she would disrespect me like that. I just want to be sexually pleased. The fetus actually pleased me everything will be fine and that’s what you were bringing this stuff home for yes, but why would you sleep with another guy, though? Wait you just you can’t have been married for that long, you’re only 20, because what Applause and you don’t feel bad that you’re interfering in their relationship to forgive me or she’s, not she can’t. Forgive me like I said. If I could do it again, I would well why should she, why should she forgive you when you admit that you would do it again if it’s, like you, made a mistake, she doesn’t get over it. Oh well happened, okay, so what’s gon na happen here. Do you want to leave him? No, I don’t! Oh well, you got ta work that part out and you probably got to give a little bit too.