Her dad sends that John. Is your dad here’s John Applause Applause, my daughter’s dead! My grades. Are you wan na play like Lowell? We don’t do the damn right, he’s Michaels got it guess what Michael had it? No such a chaser. Now what stay right here dad this is realize you have to. Let me live it. The same thing um you did! This expresses my life, you got ta. Let me make my own choices. I gave your child be there for me. Listen to me that was never gon na change, he’s, always a mess to nip kids around and then daddy’s gon na be the one there what’s like when I’m gone huh, then what there’s no pick up the pieces for you, son bomb like that it’s, the father Of my daughter and the father to her son too: well, they want let’s. Do the right thing, that’s, what I’m trying to do? Applause all right baby! I love you. Okay. I’M. Sorry that I’ve done this slice, but I mean otherwise. If you choose to Beus me and give me another chance, I ain’t gon na do none I’ll prove it prove it. How how are you gon na prove that Michael the best way with actions instead of words I mean I can’t tell you. I heard this. The last time, so then, what later, when you’re walking out the door and our daughter doesn’t it’s, not just learning how to use her hands, it’s, not running to crawl, no it’s gon na be starting kindergarten.

It’S gon na be starting preschool. Yeah, like you, was gon na, be there when she learned to crawl like you’re gon na, be there her first words right, but then horns like this are more important, Bobby bitches. I really don’t like that. Okay, you, but you like that, though that’s what you did. Oh boy, that’s, what you do every time you can’t handle being a man and being a dad. No you’d rather do what you do dad and a man that’s. Why I’m doing this that’s? Why you haven’t seen you don’t? You deserve that’s! Why you walked out on your son, but you know the truth and I deserve to be treated like I got yeah somebody you do like you actually loved me. Okay, yeah. I mean I understand you deserve something better than that, but you also deserve some better me and I’m sorry, but I’m gon na try to be that man Music. You love him. Yes, Gary! Unfortunately, I do and do you want to try them for the 50th time? Try to make this work I do. I do want to be with him.