Oh, i know that okay, uh you’ve known her for three years yeah, but obviously no intimacy with her right uh are you like dating her or um we’ve, dated on and off at that time? Yeah. I just haven’t asked her yet but now you’re here, because you’d like to take it to the next step right. Okay, and do you have any reason to believe that she views you the same way um? I think i do because i mean. Does she give you romantic signals? You know like you’re, walking down the street. She grabs your hand that kind of stuff yeah, yes, okay, um, like one of the biggest things, is i’ll look into her eyes and she’ll look back into mine, and i just i see something she can see. You yeah yeah thanks. I i see something in her that i don’t see in any other girl that i look at she’s special to you. Yes, you’re saying. Well, you seem like a really nice guy. I hope it works for you she’s outside the studio. It says here so she hasn’t heard any of this here’s michaela Applause, very nice, okay, hi michaela. How are you good? How are you nice to have you on the show uh so he’s saying that you guys have been friends for a bunch of years? Now? Yes, oh well, great, oh yeah. What do you want to say michaela? I honestly i’ve known you for a few years and i have feelings for you, like i’ve, never had for another girl in my life, and i know that when i look in your eyes, i see something that it just it warms me up inside it’s, just a Great feeling – and i want to know if you want to take my virginity – i have a box here, for you know that special night, but all right, we have some uh virgin champagne because we are under age a couple of glasses Applause.

You probably set him down because there’s a little bit more there’s, no way he’s staying a virgin, and you know some romantic candles because i like to be a romantic man and uh some body oil. In case you want, i guess you want a massage or something yeah you bring that out. First, you won’t need the rest of stuff and then what is that? Applause is that for her or you, oh for her and uh, i have the cd because you know i want to lose my virginity to you, but it’d be to this song. Uh journey it’s don’t, stop believing Applause that’s, the song that i’ve always wanted to lose. My virginity to is this: one: you’ve always wanted to lose your virginity to that song yeah. So this song right here um but honestly i uh i do. I have reservations at the holiday inn uh for us yeah. I uh i boosted that reservation. No for that special night um, what do you think well, it’s kind of gross actually like i look at you as kind of like my brother, like you’re, my best guy friend, and i just no and you know i’m, with somebody yeah yeah. I know you. I know you’ve been with somebody yeah. I do know that um, but the problem is that he’s married he’s, the guy, the guy you’re with, is married. Yes and honestly, i don’t think that’s right because it’s not going to turn out well for you, because, if he’s leaving his wife for other women, who knows how many other women he’s sleeping with okay, but i don’t, i don’t care what he is it’s.

None of your business. I think it is because i’m concerned about you. I care about you and i don’t. I don’t want you to get hurt like that.