Well, his wife is watching back stall as his wife Applause did. You did. You suspect your husband of cheating at all, never mind her, just in general, no he’s too busy on playstation games, oh that’s, what he likes about me. He came over saying telling me about how much you’re bitching at him all the time and i like games he likes games. Oh, he decided he wanted to rub on something a real woman, so i decided to show him what a real woman was really so you’re that much of a home, wrecker yep, pretty much well Applause, okay, and when you just before i bring him out when you Watch this this makes you want to be with her. Yes, because i wanted to be with her i’ve i’ve seen her change over the years and i’ve changed, so we both matured both physically and mentally yeah, but you still want to be with her husband, even though he’s married to her yes and you don’t feel bad. That you’re interfering, no, i like what’s between his legs that’s. All i want Applause, apparently it’s playstation uh here is richard. Do you want to go back and talk to your husband sure, okay, don’t cheat on me? I cheated on you because you wouldn’t spend time with me. He was always out with your friends. You was stuck in your video games.

What am i supposed to do? You’Re supposed to? Let me know when you want to hang out with me and everything, and i actually found someone that actually hang out with me.

Have you cheated on her before? Yes, i have but it’s been a while a couple months here. Do you still want to be with him? I don’t know. Why do you not know well you’re, cheating on me? What am i am i supposed to get? Okay yet like always no, but you can always give me another. Try. You can’t keep a marriage if you’re going to keep doing this. You understand it. Yes, i do we’ll be back Applause before we get started. I just want to say we have a whole bunch of students here from umass amherst, very good. Yes yeah. I got it. Oh, i got a comment for fat mama um. Were you fooling around with a girl that looks like a linebacker before or after your cousin? This is for the guy in the plaid uh i’ll. Take your virginity. Suddenly, every guy up there i’m a virgin i’m. A very man it’s about michaela and the the fat venus venus williams over there. I just want to know how many uh blue tops. You guys had to sew together to make those outfits tonight i’m. Pretty sure you would like it Applause just for the young lady. At the end, over there in the blue, we like thick women over here.

So if two chains don’t want you we’ll, take it hey jerry i’m, just here for my beast Applause today, our producers have decided that you will take us into the break.