Let me tell you what happened Jerry well. A few weeks ago, yeah me and my boyfriend. We get into it yeah he leaves the house out met. So I go to sleep I’m in my bed knocked out. My friend Nadia’s blowing me up constantly calling me so I’m answering the phone like what’s wrong what’s, going on she’s like well, where shit is it? So I tell her well, he was in the living room when I went to sleep, so she was like well right now, he’s on his way in to Denise’s apartment Jerry, I didn’t even put on any shoes. I just ran out the house yeah at this point. I’M, in the back of the complex I’m asking everybody where’s Anne, he said where she lives, so I go to her apartment I’m banging on the door banging on the door. He answers the doors Jerry I’m living he’s standing there with this dumb look on his face. It’S hard to have a good look when you’re, yes, you’re caught yeah, oh he’s stumbling over his words, I’m tripping I’m overreacting. You know I’m doing too much. I didn’t even want to hear it. I ran out the house to get my bad, your bad. My bad Applause yeah: do you regularly play baseball? No, I do not Jerry. On my way back out, I went back to the girl’s apartment.

I asked her where she goes. She told me he jumped out the window.

Well, I don’t really base ball bad, who wouldn’t? I mean you better run yeah get in my car I’m driving around I’m. Looking for him all around the neighborhood. I finally see him standing on the corner. Looking dumb as ever. Oh yeah, you know what I do. What for force drive my car until that corner and I missed him – I missed my point. If you didn’t miss him, you wouldn’t be here. I probably didn’t, probably an iron – probably not yes, okay, that’s, how you really ticked off. Has he cheated on you before? Yes, get this, I just forgave him. I just gave birth to his daughter October 5th, yes, and the day of delivery. He was in boxing girls texting home. You know. Why are you with this guy? If he constantly cheats on Jerry, you know it’s just like a history thing at this point and he is a great day, but it sure sounds like yeah relationship wise he, no! No! So at this point yeah I had security escort him out the hospital room. Yes, Applause. I’M. Here today I never got my chance to break her face. Oh that’s. What I’m here to do today? Jerri Music? We want to be with her. I mean always this chick don’t know what his intentions was. You know I don’t know. You know he told me when I caught him: I’m just smoking with her you’re overreacting he’s.

You know just sharing know that that sex together um no, I don’t, owe be ashamed to break her face if it did that she didn’t have.

I believe she slept with him because my friend Nadia told me that she’s a town whore she slept with her ex. She slept with her baby daddy, oh my god, okay I’ll, let you talk to her. Be nice, Denise, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Applause, this raggedy ass bitch over here, your raggedy, your tacky, your boney, Music Applause, Music, oh, really, really! You’Re! Okay, do you want to be with him? No, what happened? Well, we actually originally got introduced through her friend Nadia yeah. We used to just kick in his stuff. He came over my house couple times. We had smoked chili, it was just cool like he was talk to me about her cuz. I mean look at her she’s mad, like all she done here and complain, see how miss man takes care of his kids. He takes care of her kids like she just wanted to trap him that’s it like, but he is a great dude and she don’t appreciate that, and I was there so appreciate it like last night. I guess Oh last night, thanks to her, we got to go out. We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings, we drank we got some, we we smoked and went back to my hotel room, got it nice and upgraded. Yes, we had a Jacuzzi in the room.

Yeah got nice and wet and wild, and it was great I look at you and look at will kill.