They are comedy the royalty and it’s the reigns brothers, the wayne’s family from kim wangs, the king, agarwans marlin and sean um. The whole family is very talented, even like their nephews. We did a couple movies stuff like that: they’re they’re, offspring, uh, damien, wayne’s junior, is funny as hell. He is hilarious, like i seen him stand up and he’s like you see. Somebody stand up on youtube like the dude is just like his dad um anyway. Uh i’m checking in that you guys know that they um the wayne’s family, matriarch, um, mama wayne’s, their mother has passed away today. She passed away this morning. I don’t know the details, but marlon wayne’s been on his twitter and he did a long thing and talking about his mom and she passed away and he said he’s trying to pick up the pieces and trying to figure out how to go on without her it’s Hard man losing your mom. I lost my mom about seven. Eight years ago, worst day of my life, devastating um passed away. Suddenly it wasn’t like a lot of times uh. I always wondered i always wanted not wanting, but i always said to myself that if my parents were to pass away or my mom was to pass away uh, i would want them like my dad passed away suddenly as well.

He that he passed away in his sleep, you know that’s the way i would want to go.

If i was going to go, i wouldn’t want to go that way. In my sleep, just you know, but my mom passed away, and it was like out of the blue situation that happened and man that was like it was like the end of the world. It was like very devastating to me, like man, that that has to be one of the worst days, especially if you’re close with your mom. You know black men like we love our moms, so that was the worst day of my life. You know what i’m saying i thought i would never be able to get over there. I said this is gon na i’m i’m destroyed. I won’t be able to get over this. You know what i’m saying my mom was like. Like my best friend like you know, we would go at it whenever you know i live in l.a. You know my family live in florida, so but i’m gon na go home. You know i’m saying it would be all love because she ain’t seen her son. I bet i’m not and i’m, the youngest too, so she hasn’t seen her youngest in a while. But then after a while, you need to pick up your shoes boy and just you know you get mom. You know what i’m saying you get annoyed by that, but when you, when your parents leave and they pass especially your mom you’re like damn, i wish i had somebody – you miss hearing their voice.

Sometimes, when i go home to visit, you know because my sister and my least still stay in the same house uh my mom’s house um, and when i go home i’ll be just hoping. I can just hear that voice. One more time you know, oh, is that my boy or is that chucky, hey boy, you know what i’m saying when i’m coming in she just started. Yelling you’re happy to see me, and you know – and i was like i’m – not gon na – never be able to get over this like this is hard. This is like the worst thing in my life, but then i watched something with damon dash and damon dash said that when his mom passed so his mom passed away when he was, i think 17. He was a teenager when his mom passed away and that’s got ta, be that’s. Why you? I can kind of tell the way he kind of carries himself it’s a little bit um like direct and harsh and hard, because the way he pretty much was still kind of raising himself. He was still a minor when his mom died. So you know um, but i remember he said something he had to the effect of. He became fearless after his mom passed away because the worst that he, because he was close to his mom and the worst that he thought it could happen – was losing his mom and then he being that he lost his mom.

But the worst has already happened to me anything else, bad that’s going to happen to me. You know worst case scenario. I can get killed and then um he said, and that could be even good because i can go be with her wherever she is. If there’s another, you know life after this i’ll be with my mom, so he said that that’s why he went hard and everything he did. He wasn’t fearless. He didn’t not speak in his mind and led to him building rockefeller and doing other great things. But man you can you never know you can tell about him talking about he’s, still effective about losing his mom to this day and damon dances almost 50 years old. So you, i think, it’s something you never really get over. You just tend to just deal with and heal from it. You know like me for me, you know, and especially when it’s fresh like i can only imagine what the wayne’s brothers are going to going through a little. You know how to win, but the wayne’s family is going through through right now, because they just lost her that fresh that fresh loss is hard. It’S gon na take a while to get over that um, but you know she was a mature after their family. Like my mom was the matriarchal family, you know she was the last well one of the last people of her siblings. I still got my aunt left, which is her little sister um, but which is a blessing, and you know she has mannerisms and the way she kind of you know her cadence and the way she talk reminds me of my mom.

So when i kind of miss my mom, i tend to call my my aunt just to hear her voice and kind of puts me in you know, and she kind of looked after me like a mom too as well. So just i got my aunt here, so i you know, and she my mom taught how to cook. She knows how to cook. Like my mom, you know so you know when i need that uh mother, mother figure she kind of steps in and kind of she calls out here to la check on me. I call on her and stuff like that. You know she’s getting up in age as well too as well, so but um. You know that i can only imagine what the wayne’s brother’s going through. I don’t know how old she was. They didn’t give any details about. You know how she passed or how old she was, but i knew i know that amongst the wayne’s family she was a big part of their family. Like i mean, and keenan was what martin said, keenan is really was real, close to his mom and damon and all them so i’m, pretty sure they’re really going through it right now, um you know and being that she’s the mate you are. It means they have a huge family, so you got ta think that uh you know they got grand bunch of grandkids and she got great grandkids now and stuff like that, and you know uh that can be um.

You know she’s big she’s, you know when they say nathan martin says she’s the matriarch when it makes you rock in the family, dude it’s, you lose that it’s. That sometimes throws the family all off. Maybe you ever seen soul, food movie, soul, food from the 90s. Oh and 90s movie with vanessa williams, physical fox, uh, neil great movie, good movie um, but you see how the mom was the matriarch and everybody was at peace when she was alive. But when big mama died, everybody everything was in turmoil and it was. The system was going back and forth with each other infidelity everything started to fall apart because they didn’t know how to know the matriarch who they would come to and solve things and get stuff situated. Confrontation within the family, she’s gone so everybody’s kind of the family’s lifetime and disarray and a lot of times that happens when me, when the matriarch dies, i’ve seen that happen before grandmama’s granddaddy’s that’s, usually the matriarch of the family passes away. Everything is in turmoil, financial if the siblings are fighting, so you know i don’t think it’s going to be that way for us financially with the wayne’s, because she wasn’t that it was taking care of her. You know but uh yeah so rest in peace to mama. Wayne’S and my condolences to the family, the wayne’s, family and uh, i hope they will um. I know they will get through this it’s gon na be hard guys if y’all watching this or anybody in the family, watching this um it’s going to be hard to get through it i’ve been through it.

I lost my mom it’s going to be hard. It was just going to be hard but you’re going to get through it prayer, and you know i got through, i think, by praying talking to my mom, believing that she’s can hear my voice and i pray, and i talk to her and stuff like that and That kind of really helps me deal with that deal with the you know, her being not being here so you know, god, god bless you guys the wayne’s family and condolences to them and uh yeah. Let me know what you guys think about losing your mind. Have you guys lost your mom leave your comments? Let me know how your mom impacted you. How did she, you know those memories? You know all those memories of picking you picking you up from school, making you lunch. I want to know this. Those things make me feel better. You know what i’m saying i know, people you know: moms moms man, people love their moms anyway.