What is it that you love from burger king let’s? Talk about it? What do you love to order? Every time you come to burger king hit me in the comment section below and then lock it in with a thumbs up. Just let me know what you like to order now: we’re gon na get into my order hold on let’s get on this. Stop sign, pull up youtube. Facebook, twitter. She made me a danger back in with another super office baby. I know you can’t, listen man, so dig baby. All last week, we’ve already started the the dame drops meals at some of my my most joyous, fast food locations. Man we did the mcdonald’s drink. We did the wendy’s joint and now we’re about to slide and do the burger king joint bk. Have it your way at bk, they can’t. Have it your way bk. I said because Music, Music, Music, um yeah, let me go ahead and get your ooh number. Fifteen bacon, king bacon, king meal, small, medium or large uh let’s go with large and i’m. Definitely getting a water with that. Okay um for you today, oh that’d, be all 11 36 feet. Thank you all right thanks. I want to get right into this bacon king. I know you’re like damn how come you didn’t get all freaky dicky with the hershey pie for dessert at burger king and i mean to be honest with you. The hershey pie’s live, but i haven’t really fallen in love yet with the dessert menu at bk.

I remember it was a time with their uh, i believe, was the oldest spunk spunk meyer spunks spunky spunk spunk somebody somebody cookies, and they they used to slap, they were small, but they used to slap, but um wendy’s took over the chocolate chip, cookie game them. Drones is big and they’re flavorful, so i don’t really get the burger king cookies anymore. Let’S see what these fries are hitting on. They do a little crispy don’t, they yeah, they look crispy well let’s let’s see, are they fresh and okay or are they just? Okay? Oh okay, chris chris little blue things right here: they’re, not half bad and they salted these joints up something proper, all right, wendy’s. I said all right: bk bk! I see how you moving in these streets. With these fries you getting right to business. You get right to the point and i’m smoking these joints, one at a time, i’m smoking these up by the two piece: hey family. Let me ask my son, i don’t know if it’s just me, but who else grabs up more than one french fry when the fries ahead. If you grab up more than one french fry when the fries are slapping slap. A like on this video and in the comment section say dame more than one: oh, my goodness! Oh you you actually working today what you got more bacon. They give you a little bacon. Oh, they didn’t give me enough bacon in look at that you’re.

The greatest i’m over here mid, loving the fries. Look at that again, can’t, even extra bacon for your boy. Y’All see you know. I always appreciate you all right. Look at you. I see you the manager over here burger king yo. She is the greatest no. This does not happen at every burger king because i was in the commercial. No, it does not happen this way. This has always been happening over here. My stomach ground is a new brand connecticut well before i did the burger king commercial, this manager up over here man. When you talk about customer service, she got all she even her daughter works over here with her. All of them are about the customer service game. I mean at least every time i’ve been here even pre covered. I want to give them a shout out, because when i would be over there in line, they would always make sure that everybody was taken. Care of. It was like service with a smile and when we talk about fast food and service with a smile, damn that french fries just ran away i’m gon na get back to these double fries and triple fries and everything too. But when we talk about service with a smile family, we always know in a fast food game when it comes to customer service, chick fil a is at the top of the chain. Chick fil a gives you all the sauces under the sun for free.

You know they they greet you, they got your name right, they make sure you’re having an amazing day. Even when you come in and your day is like wishy washy like they do their best to make sure you leave with a smile. So i always appreciated the way chick fil a got down with their customer service. I get that same kind of customer service at this particular bk up over here in new britain. Those are my stomping grounds. They show me wild love, yo the same and the same with mcdonald’s in new brand, but not the one by my house, actually, the one that’s downtown. Ah, these fries are running so first thing: first, i guess they told her that they told the manager. I was here she was working in the back. She came out tomorrow. We should come bring your boy up. I already got the meal that i love, so no, this review doesn’t get no special accolades or not like that. Because did she bring me extra bacon like that she came out with extra bacon for your boy family. You see this right here talking about dave, putting a bacon on my bacon king here’s, some extra bacon man. I know family. I know what y’all thinking you’re, like. Oh damn it’s only because it’s because of you, because if i went to burger king that wouldn’t give me extra nothing. Unless i asked for incorrect, all you have to do is have a great relationship with your local bee cat.

The fries are pretty good because burger king fry’s always been like that three and a half that four piece based on time of day. What else did she give me? Did you come out here with an oreo shake for the cab um creamy oreo bites are light and crunchy thick thick and rich, rich, thick, thick and rich, rich, thick, thick and rich, but this isn’t what i normally order so that’s why i didn’t order it because The oreo milkshake isn’t, my normal go to when i come to burke, i just like getting the bacon king right, big king in the water i’m on my way, i’m driving and eating like most of us, do or i post up like i’m posted up right now. Then i get my hungry on oreo milkshake. This is a nice little addition um. I want to take this time out to say the fast food establishments out there – man, i think – and this is me personally – this is me personally and way of giving back to the community that has kept all of you afloat. Mcdonald’S wendy’s subway burger king sonic, driving in and out fab yo it doesn’t even matter this giving point more of you need to just do random giveaways, yo and when i say random, giveaways baby. This is what i’m talking about. I don’t care. If you do it once a month, whatever the case may be it’s, just a random person that pulls up puts an order in and you were like, you know what today’s on us that’s it that’s.

Why you say back in the speaker today is on us because you could afford to do that. Every fast food establishment can afford to do that today is on us. This is a random order. It doesn’t matter. It could be the first order of the day. The 30th order of the day, the 300th order a day it really doesn’t matter, but on that day y’all be like the managers are like. You know what the next person give them their meal for free that’s. It just give them their meal for free and i’m. Not saying you got to do it for 50 people, blah blah just one person once a month, one person a month start there and just give back to the community. That way, the same way this man just pulled up on me, slapped me up with some bacon upside my head and then beat me in the head with this oreo shake that’s banging. That was that was love right there, but i i don’t care. I don’t want the love to be for us food critics that do this on a daily basis, and you know management team. They know us and all that good stuff, because i appreciate all the managers out there, all the employees out there, all the teams out there that are hustling in this quick service. Restaurant industry it’s not easy. I appreciate everything you guys do on a day to day basis, and this is all love, but i would i would love to see the love extend beyond.

You know, individuals that do these food reviews and just back to the public, because at the end of the day, it’s them keeping y’all flow in these streets, especially during this whole entire madness that’s going on in the world today. I just want to put that out. There i’m gon na hit this one more time and then i’m gon na get over here to this bacon. King Laughter let’s go in for the bacon king. Shall we Applause? Oh i mean just like. Oh man hold on come here, come here while you’re acting like that baby go ahead, spread your wings and fly away to a place that i long for and if my heart will break, oh shoot there’s ever more, but ketchup, mayo bacon, all in the building. Some more bacon over here on the side, beef, beef, processed cheese, toasted, bun, action and reality is. She gave us this extra bacon, we’re gon na use this extra bacon family. She ain’t gon na, come out here in the coat and give me extra bacon, and i don’t use the extra bacon. Oh bacon, king right. We said bacon, king right and when you let your bacon down crisscross the bacon that way, you’re getting bacon in every bite. Always crisscross your bacon, i mean really, you could just chop your bacon up and ensure that you get bacon every bite. But when you get this much bacon bacon on bacon, i’m, baking, i’m, baking, i’m, baking, i’m, baking, i’m baking, all bacon, i’ll bake it on making them big and bigger bacon, bacon, bacon, bigger bigger big bigger, bigger bag.

Oh look at that. Look at that family when your bacon king, is baking on bacon, on bacon, on bacon, on bacon, on bacon i’m gon na just go ahead and put the top back on the convertible box, because it’s looking a little cloudy outside right now and just my rain on My dome piece now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a bacon king. Please believe it, please believe it when i say it now, you got to flip it upside down for flavor don’t ever play yourself. Oh oh, come here come here you little bacon, boo thing, here’s today’s! Reality, family that bun sesame seed bun is wild soft, that beef beef and i say beef twice, because you see two patties – that beef beef with all that melted cheese right there and hellacious layers of bacon is nothing nothing but a playground of flavor between two buns Of sba, satisfaction and that soft bun action satisfaction when you have a bacon king at burger, king and you have the condiments of mayo and ketchup combined. Every single bite is a bite of delight, a bite that’s getting right to business without the business suit. On you hear what i’m saying to you this right here, this right here is a team. This team right here does nothing but win. All we do is win win win, no matter what got bacon on my side. I can never get enough and every time we step up in the building, everybody’s mouths go up and they stay there.

Can they stay there? Okay, my bad that was too much hype on a burger. My bad all i’m saying is it’s just that good baby, and you know you want a bite, so go ahead and get one just one more for the road boo Applause i’m on a diet, no more, they want to see me, do my dance and these thousand Dollar, pants don’t respect me in my mess. Whoo whole lot of choppers bk don’t lead you astray. When it comes to the bacon king game, you know it’s a straight banger. I ordered a bacon king that’s. What i do family that’s, how i get down, say less all right, guys, i’m, taking up enough of your time. I apologize go ahead and watch your other favorite youtubers. All the good stuff show them love like comment subscribe to them all that good stuff man. You know the vibes babe you enjoyed the video hit the thumbs up. If you hate the video hit the thumbs down, you know how we get down every monday, wednesday friday i’m on cameo monday, wednesday, friday book me monday, wednesday, friday, cameo more and more and more super fast.