Okay enter the window. Is that what come through the window yeah to make real? We don’t have my baby yeah yeah i’ll just take one of those and then i’ll be on my way. Okay, but we don’t have my graveyard yeah. They make real with the extra sauce right. I’Ll just take one of those. No, we don’t have that. Have what okay give me one second, which i don’t have my friend. Can you come to the window? Oh no. I didn’t. I didn’t finish my order, hello. How may i take your order? My friend todd just informed me that y’all got to make rib i’ll just take two of those and i’ll be on my way. What do you need? Oh, to make room i’ll just take two of those down be on my way: magruder, no that’s brexit! We don’t carry them at grips they’re, not here. Yeah, yeah i’ll, just take one of those and i’ll be on my way. We don’t have them so, which number is the mcrib one? I don’t see it on the menu because we don’t have them yet. So no mcrib, oh my god, do you speak english or not? Oh yeah! I speak english i’m from china. We don’t have a macri. If you’re not wearing something you can move them. I was ordering to make real okay. Thank you. Have a nice day. I didn’t get the food, yet my my friend, how you doing hey my friend hey.

Can you please come to the window? Oh i mean i didn’t finish my order. Yet no, we don’t have my grief man and i’m telling you we don’t have recorded reporting. I was trying to get the mcrib okay, so mad bro. She actually came out. I think a lot of that line was being held up. It was like about like eight cars behind me, okay, guys today, i’m cross dressing, fbs stuff, hey you like my hat. I, like my hat it’s, pretty dope right it’s better than yours, i’m. Just saying, excuse me, man. Do you, like my hat yeah, pretty nice right, i mean it fits the place where we’re in right. Oh yeah, hey bro, you like my hat, oh it’s, some burrow! Pretty dope right, it’s nice, yeah man, y’all crazy, ain’t. Never on that plane hit somebody keep doing what y’all doing man. Thank you. Yeah i’m, always positive hugs over drugs that’s, it that’s my slogan. I didn’t go vote yeah! Everyone here is so nice i’ve never been to the nicest place ever coming through coming through. Hey excuse me, ma’am how you doing today guys do you, like my hat. Do you like my hat? I like your hair. Thank you yeah you having a good day today. Yes, i am, do you support hugs over drugs? I don’t know what that’s about that’s my brand, i say hugs over drugs because i don’t do drugs. I advise people not to do drugs, but some people don’t want to feel me.

They feel like it’s, like you have to smoke, to be cool right. You don’t have to you don’t. You can be cool without drugs right right. Exactly you have a good day. Man, okay, they’d, be hating on my head all day, bro. So what are you doing here? What you getting you sound like an undercover? Oh no, i’m, an undercover youtuber that’s, it yeah 713 that’s how we do it i’m, just a normal doing. Big things got some more pineapple one more! Thank you. Oh thank you. All these mines, they’re mine, yeah, you got the coolest name ever like look it’s ib that’s, his instagram name. So what you’re doing today i’m out here running yeah that’s the mic? Oh that’s, the mic! Yeah hey, get that camera off me. I don’t know you can get the copyright for that. Excuse me, sir. Did you give her some of my pineapple? Yes, i did sir it’s okay you’re cutting up spongebob’s house and i’m. The spongebob. You did not pass the vibe test. Oh excuse me. Oh, this is my business i’m about to start oh yeah, trying to buy something. Now i can have this. Nobody please, please, please you can pay. What please can you pay for it? Please please faithfully. Please please pay for me. Please don’t want to pay cheap. Okay. How about i have a lime lion, gotcha cool, throw it to me. Hey! Excuse me. Excuse me, give me my video, real, quick yeah.

Give me my video real quick. Thank you one more time, one more time, no better than that. Where is he i’m dizzy? I can’t see hey bro, you do me a favor, you close your mouth. He showed me your mask it’s, so funny bro make sure y’all check us out every friday on network. Hey, you know how to do the wall. You know how to do the wall. You know how to do that. Do it one time do the wall, all you got ta do. Is this y’all know how to ice, skate, nope that’s, why i’m on the outside hey, but you hungry? I saw that man is that a glitzy over there as soon as they’re done with the transaction you can come in okay, cool y’all know him they’ve been reporting me all day. You know that guy y’all know him. Yeah he’s been recording me all day. You know him weird: you look familiar, though Music, you, like your homie yeah that’s, my homie yeah how’s, your play, bro, what y’all doing what’s the vlog about they have a youtube channel. This is the mk life girl. I do pranks and vlogs too y’all know him. I don’t know who this is: i don’t know he recording. My youtube is on gary sean, my name right there i don’t know who that is so that’s your camera that’s, not my camera man, my camera right over there, you don’t see him right there.

You got to see him right there, that’s what’s up, hey charlie what’s, your number, oh no, i’m serious. I don’t know who that is. I can’t get your number that’s cause: i’m black, alright that’s cool. I was trying to get her number, but she playing huh trying to give me her number what’s that i say: colby 19 on it i’m kind of scared man. What music is that? Oh somebody gave it to you. Oh he probably trashed. He should throw it away. My boy, hey look! This is my boy wrong. He was in one of my vlogs before where’s the playboy wrong what’s, your name, charlie what’s, your number. Why you do that Music? I fight girls so what’s up what they do. I’M from new orleans baby i’m from new orleans baby come on paper. Scissors who’s got them bonus in my ear. All right i’ll do that without that all that bulk motor somebody’s here all right let’s, do it together. Let’S go! Oh, oh betty! Chill, daddy chill! You get the right ear i get to left here. Oh you just got the out of me. I scared you. I was trying to turn you on. Can i have a bite of that i’m? Not talking about the sandwich, you know what that is over there. Oh that this isn’t recording us i don’t know, but i need you to be six feet away. I’M. Eight feet away right now. Mine is my want to lie.

No, i know hey man, i know you from somewhere. I seen you well, you used to date. My mom now i see him on bits and neck yeah. You said that timmy chance i’m missing it. I see him throwing it back too. I saw you there too. He was gon na walk he’s. Doing a walk from the Laughter Music.