You were asking him if he was going to be able to work with donald trump. John lewis has been called the conscience of congress. You obviously covered him for a lot of years. Kelly covered him for a lot of years. What are we losing in congress? What role did he play in that body? Well, he was really, i would say he was definitely, i think, congress’s spiritual leader um, because he had an ability to um. He had an ability to to touch people on both sides of the aisle uh. It was interesting to me how how you know look. I think it was i’m gon na the cynical side of me. Some of these republicans, who would reach out to john lewis, were looking to brandish their own credentials or try to improve their own image, and it would do hoping that sitting next to john lewis or walking across the bridge with john lewis would do that. And if john lewis, he never cared what the motive was, if somebody was going to march with him, if somebody wanted to be educated with him and needed the photo op to go with it, and i guess that’s that’s what’s, what made him i think so beloved On both sides of the aisle is as cynical as we all are in washington. He never questioned the motives of others, even if the motive was obvious right in your face, because at the end of the day, i think he thought you know what it’s one more chance to educate one more person.

Boy, as you say, is that rare in washington right now, we’re going to talk much more about john lewis. In just a couple of minutes with john meacham chuck let’s talk about what’s, going on in the campaign right now. A new poll from the washington post out overnight shows a 15 point spread now between joe biden and donald trump and nbc wall street journal poll also had it in double digits. We had the demotion of brad parscale, the campaign manager for donald trump, and then yesterday we saw these tele rallies, where the president is on speakerphone uh talking to supporters, a far cry from those big sold out stadiums in 2016. What is the state of the trump campaign right now? Oh, i think it’s in dire straits. Right now, i think it’s in a it’s in a rough situation and the question is um is there? Does the president have the credibility to turn things around there’s time to do this? Willie it’s, not an issue of time, but what is dragging him down are two issues that he just doesn’t seem comfortable handling. One obviously is the virus. He continues to want to deflect leadership on this punt it to the states, and then the other has been race relations. I mean the two of them in combo clearly are are pushing a group of voters away from him. We’Ve noticed that it’s it’s sort of right, leaning, suburbanites college educated voters you’re starting to see a split, even among republicans, where those that count themselves as trump supporters as devoted as ever.

But those that say there are supporters of the party over the president, there’s 40. There’S a 40 point gap willie between that group of republicans and trump republicans on the handling of the virus. That is what’s dragging him down so it’s there’s time to do this, but the president has to change course. Is he willing to do that? That’Ll be hard to do at this point, given the fact that he promised it would magically disappear. The coronavirus and people see in their own lives republican and democrats that’s not happening chuck. Thank you very much. We, of course, will look for much more this morning on a special edition of meet the press. When chuck takes an in depth.