And I – and I ask it this way because governor would it be a lot simpler to have one standard for the state when it comes to masks? I understand having different standards on restaurants and businesses, but on the masks front, why have all of these sort of different mandates, depending on the county, you’re driving it well, first of all shop we Ohioans have done very well, you know we flattened occur very early. Ohioans did what they needed to do when we reopened we put in place. We were on the first states to put in place a very sophisticated policy about how you reopen, and that has included a mask requirement for every every employee as far as customers now coming in, as you pointed out, we’re at 60. Frankly, we’ve seen that go up as our counties have turned red we’re, going the wrong way we’re at a crucial time, and so this this week you may see a lot more counties under under that mask requirement. So we certainly would not rule out going going. Statewide we’re, certainly looking looking at that, but there’s a you know: there’s a lot of things going on and one things that we’ve tried to do: we’re running TV, ads, we’re, going to start a new ads this this coming week or a preview it on Tuesday really And the message is that you wear the mask for other people.

You wear the mask to to protect your grandmother.

You wear the mask too and so it’s, not just the orders. The orders are obviously important, but getting people to buy in and to understand, getting a 20 year old to understand that he or she may you know, feel invulnerable nothing’s going to happen to them, but they may get it. They may not know they have it. They may go home and see their grandmother, she may get it and she may end up dying that’s, a message that you know we’re trying to get out across the state of Ohio. Isn’T, though your message diluted, if you don’t mandate it I mean it look hey. Let me ask it this way: it looks like because you’re getting a lot of criticism from the right on these mandates and the idea of a mandate – and I know there’s protests about mask wearing in front of in front of your offices and residences. I think it was one plan for today in Columbus. Are you letting that pressure sort of keep you from issuing the statewide order? If you know you’re about to put more counties in a red alert in a couple of days, why wait Chuck? I don’t think anybody in Ohio who’s watched what I’ve done over the last four months. Doubts that you know I’ll do what we need to do to protect Ohioans. I gave a speech Wednesday night, which was basically said to the people of Ohio.

Look. We are at a crucial stage.

We are at the point of where we could become Florida. You know where, if you look at our numbers today versus where Florida was a month ago, we have very similar numbers, so we’re we’re very, very concerned it’s, not just about mass, though, if we I went out and talked to all our on the phone call this Week talked to all our health departments and here’s what they report back: here’s here’s, where it’s occurring it’s occurring in bars, it’s occurring in churches, it’s occurring from people who have traveled out of state, but a lot of it frankly is just people in casual settings. 20. 30, 40 50 people gathering together and so it’s, not all about orders. Orders are important, but it’s also about getting people to understand hey. This is, this is very, very serious and now, while we did a great job early on in Ohio, we are now headed in the wrong direction and, frankly, I’m very, very concerned about that. So we’re gon na move in as you’re gon na Chuck we’re gon na see you’re gon na see more orders from us this week, but I again want to emphasize it’s, not all about orders. You got to get people to come along with you. Do this right. No, I get that. I get that. Let me ask it bigger bigger picture question: do you do you have confidence in the president and this coronavirus task force right now, given the fact that we’re, basically right back to square one, you know I think people look frankly, the governor’s historically we’ve looked to governor’s To deal with the you know: crisis whether it’s tornado damage, whether it’s a flood pandemic.

We look to governor’s, and so you know what this administration has been able to provide us and the Congress has provided us and we think both of them is the money. You know we’re going to continue to need money for testing. As I look at where we go in Ohio, we have doubled the testing in the last five weeks. Frankly Chuck we need to double it again. We can only do that with money coming in from the federal government and has to be over a long period of time, we’re not going to be out of this in a month or two months or three months. I understand you say: then people look to their governors, but you sort of duck the question here: do you have confidence in in the president and his leadership on this virus? Right now I have confidence in this administration we’re on the phone call. Every week, every governor Democrats and Republicans sometimes twice a week with the vice president, the vice president, has been doing absolutely phenomenal job in leading that and of course, the president has delegated that to the vice president, anytime I’ve asked look, we need something we need to Try to get more reagents, we need to get the FDA moving every single time, I’ve asked the president or I’ve asked the vice president they’ve come through, so you know you getting into a discussion and trying to figure out. Okay. Is that the president, or whatever? Is you know this is not about politics? This is frankly about getting the job done every single day and all the governors are out there fighting to get it to get it done well, but you’re you’re.

You have to launch an ad campaign to convince people to wear a mask. If the president, United States said wear a mask, would you need to run that ad campaign? Well? Well, he wore a mask this past week, so we were very, very thankful for that and very happy that he wore a mask and said that you know people should wear masks. So look it’s, no it’s, no different than anything else in this country. We’Re not used to wearing masks, you know Fran, and I were a trade mission to Japan a few months ago and a lot of people wore masks it’s more of the culture in this country. We don’t have the culture to do that, and so what we have to do is so people understand it’s, not just about them, that when they walk into a store it’s important for to where that mass for somebody else and that’s, why we run the ads that’s. Why we and they’re all they’re, all Ohioans talking to other Ohioans and saying look we got to do this together and Ohioans have done done well, but it’s look, people are getting weary across this country. People are weary about staying home, they want to get out, and I understand that our message is, you can get out, you can participate in the economy, but please be be careful. Don’T do things that are just don’t, make any sense and that’s the message that we keep trying to to bring across to the people of Ohio, governor DeWine Republican governor from Ohio.

As always, sir, thank you for coming on and express your perspective with us.