The viruses impact on the brain functions of some children, including several who’ve, also suffered from that same multi system, inflammatory syndrome. There have already been quite a few studies out that examine neurological problems linked to covert 19 and adults, but only a tiny number focused on children in the united states. So far, they’ve only been a handful of such cases. Now we spoke to one 15 year old girl here in london, one of the earliest child patients to experience neurological damage. She spent two weeks sedated on a ventilator. She fought pretty typical, coveted symptoms inside her lungs and then a week into her recovery. She started to experience hallucinations and severe seizures. It was a second hit for her. According to the pediatric neurologist treating her at one of the children’s hospitals here and one doctor, who’s encountered this kind of neurological damage in adults. Is dr robert stevens he’s a critical care neurologist at johns hopkins? He said the neurological impact of covert 19 seen so far was not all that different to what doctors have witnessed in other respiratory illnesses. We know from even studies before cover that people with you know: respiratory failure and patients with multi system organ failure who are in the icu for days and days and days have an increased risk of developing long term impairments in cognition long term problems with quality of Life and um and fatigue and problems with uh also with psychological disturbances.

So there there is also likely to be a sort of secondary pandemic of people who survive the acute phase, but go on to have some longer term problems.

Now dr stevens and half a dozen other neurologists have told us that more research, more data more time will be required to clearly understand the multiple mechanisms by which the virus can potentially impact our brains. But, given that children’s brains are still growing, any kind of neurological information in kids could cause the most long lasting damage of all dr jennifer muar is a pediatric neurologist at the children’s hospital of philadelphia. She’S seen a handful of these cases so far she told us but worries there may soon be more. It appears that the incidence of these complications is relatively low. However, if we are going to have such a high volume of total cases across the country, even a low percentage that has a neurologic complication could turn into a high absolute number. And so i think that the better that we aggressively first try to just understand what this is: um, the better we’re going to be able to care for the children in the longer run. Doctors, we spoke to were keen to emphasize that these kinds of neurological complications really do only affect a very, very small number of patients, but they said it was important for patients, parents and other family members to be aware of them. Music. A california state senator is saying that the state’s handling of the pandemic is quote spiraling out of control.

Nbc news, correspondent, steve patterson, joins me now from providence holy cross medical center in mission, hills, california, steve what’s.

The situation at this hospital. Are they preparing for a big surge in patients yeah? We just spoke to hospital officials, savannah it’s kind of a good idea, a good sense of the patchwork across california about the hot spots in different places across the state. This hospital specifically only has about 55 covet patients out of about total beds, uh they’re about at 60 capacity and it’s. Not that way uh because there isn’t a crisis in this area. Certainly l.a county is the epicenter of what’s happening in california, uh they’re able to handle it because they’re part of a much larger health system, providence health, one of the biggest in the area. They’Ve got 11 hospitals, so they’re able to shuffle around resources a lot better than say a smaller health system in a more rural area that is specifically what is being targeted by the state as hot spots as really the problem spots here, they’re able to manage it, But you can see behind me, i mean they’ve got the surge set up, ready and available. We’Re told there is a patient in there right now, but they’re able to treat patients outside a lot of these are usually negative, pressurized rooms so they’re able to treat really infected patients and do it in an organized way which doesn’t impact the rest of the hospital. So they are set up to handle the surge, but hospitals across the state.

When you look at the rate of hospitalizations it’s been 2 000 every day in l.

a county for at least the last four days, they are dealing with an extreme amount of stress, an extreme influx of patients in some cases, but the distribution of where it is worst Uh is sort of a patchwork across the state that we’re seeing right now if it gets any worse, of course, uh you know they’re gon na have to send in more resources, ppe. The biggest problem is just simply staffing it’s keeping people up around the clock to deal with the influx of patients it’s boots on the ground that they need to bring in to help treat patients. You know in this current crisis, but so far this hospital is doing. Okay and the system overall has about 65 capacity when you look at those 11 hospitals so again, it’s comparing those larger health systems to the smaller ones, and those really are where the problem spots are. At this point savannah it’s a relief to hear that they’re doing. Okay, there now let’s talk about testing what’s. The situation like in los angeles right now, so la county has really focused and tamped down on testing they’ve done about 2.1 million total cases in the county uh. They say there are some blind spots. Of course, i’ve been reporting covet all over the the country and specifically in the west coast in every major city, we’ve seen it where the testing blind spots are always, unfortunately, underserved communities, minority communities, latino population, black population.

The availability to testing for those communities is a lot less than it is in, say, a larger, more affluent white community that’s just the way it is they’ve done a lot of work to try to address that um and what they’re really focused on and the number That you will hear the figure that you will hear when it comes to testing in all of these cities is the positivity rate.

Now it’s at 8.5, it’s been flat that way for a little while in la county it’s higher than they would like to have it. But what that positivity rate indicates is the availability of testing. It also indicates the wildfire like spread of the virus. The community spread, if you have a higher rate, chances, are it’s spreading much further and much harder than you might have imagined, and that the availability to testing is much lower, so 8.5, while that number is higher than they would like. It has been flat for a number of days, so they see that as kind of the one beacon of good news uh. So far in this crisis, still the mayor has talked about, and the public health department has talked about it as well. That kovid coronavirus is very much on track to become the second leading cause of death in la county. L.A mayor eric garcetti addressed that when he spoke about it yesterday i want to play that sound for you listen to what he said about the coronavirus all told we have reported more than 9 000 cases and 122 deaths in the first three days of this week.

Let me put the danger of covet 19 right now in perspective, as of today. Covet 19 is on track to become the second leading cause of death in la county after coronary heart disease and obviously the only one that can be spread by transmission and the la health director or public health director talked about that again today saying that more needs To be done to address the problem but they’re, hoping again that that positivity rate is an indication that the uh, the conditions that were put in place about a week and a half ago, you know limiting access to bars and indoor dining will help overall.

But the problem is with all this data: is it takes weeks to really calculate to get a good sense of if it’s, working or not? As you can see, this is a very active hospital behind me, savannah, steve let’s, talk about that california state senator i mentioned and he’s calling on governor gavin newsom for a second shutdown what’s that about you, think it’s going to happen yeah. This is state senator steve, glacier he’s in the bay area. Of course, the bay area has kind of been sighted. During this whole crisis is being a whole lot more strict, both in its closure and reopening when there was that period of reopening for the state. A few months ago and a lot of people have credited that area uh for not having the same sort of astronomical figures that we’re seeing in a place like l.

a but he’s, calling for basically an immediate closure. Uh statewide uh, almost a reversion to the stay at home orders that we saw a few months ago, he’s, basing it and again it’s important to talk about this figure on the 14 day, positivity rate, which is hovering for the whole state at about 7.6 percent. He wants to see that drop to two percent. There is no indication that we’re anywhere close to that at this point, and he says until then he would like to see the governor take some action close down the state until we can get a handle on this thing.

Will it happen it’s a proposal right now in the state senate uh, you know when you, when you have to look at this thing, you have to look at california as a whole, it’s, a huge state, 58 counties. Several of those counties would like to control their sort of reaction to the virus at the local or county level. Several of those counties are far less impacted than a place like la county, which accounts for about 40 percent of all the current cases in the state. So whether or not that can get traction uh remains to be seen, but it certainly is an interesting point. When you’ve heard the governor and the mayor of la both talk about the possibility that a stay at home order may surface again when you’re dealing with levels like this savannah wow we’ll see what happens.

Thank you. So much steve thanks, savannah stay safe. Florida is reporting its highest daily coronavirus death toll since the start of the pandemic. More than 170 people have died in just the last 24 hours. Nbc news, correspondent, sam brock, joins me from miami sam. What do we know about this tragic new spike in deaths? It’S heartbreaking savannah good evening good to be with you and the fact of the matter is for a very long time. The narrative out of florida was that there have been an incredible surge of infections and hospitalizations, but that the deaths had not caught up to that.

Well now that’s changed 173 people are fatalities, announced in this last batch. That is the highest water mark. So far that we’ve achieved 154 about a week and a half ago was the previous mark there. So this now caps what has already been sort of a surge in deaths recently, if you go back a month ago, savannah it was about 30 deaths a day right now. The state of florida is at 120 plus deaths a day. That is the highest figure in the country. It is more than states like texas, texas is second or third on that list, and they have 25 more people than florida does more deaths here. However, i want to give you a little bit more context on this. In new york, at its crisis, okay, in april, there were about 700 new yorkers dying a day, so this is still much lower than what we saw at the very beginning of the crisis, but it is still by far the largest figure that we’re seeing right now Across the country – and you see the turtle there – 5 631 is what it said on your screen.

The official total for florida residents is more like 5 500.. It is an astronomical number either way savannah and it is breaking hearts here as we see that that lagging indicator now, starting to catch up now. I know there’s also some questions, though, surrounding the death toll numbers in florida. You spoke with a researcher at florida, atlantic university, about this right.

What do you tell you? We did so there were 173 announced today, but when he looked more fine tunedly into the numbers, he found that about 14 of the 173 actually occurred within the last 24 hours, which is to say that about 160 did not that they either happened. In the last week, or so, some of them a couple weeks out – and he even told me that there was one death savannah that occurred at the end of june – that we’re only finding out about now so it’s not to say that there isn’t a huge aggregate. Total of people who are dying in the state, but the trend lines are different than what we’re, seeing because there’s just this enormous lag and it’s, not something that the governor is unaware of here’s. What governor desantis said on this very topic earlier today, when the state reports that that’s not saying that those deaths occurred last night, they will report them if you look by the date of death, so sometimes those can go back months now. I think they’ve gotten better, but those have been.

You know you look by the dates. Those have probably been over the over a several week period and we know savannah certainly that older populations are more vulnerable to this virus. That is perhaps accentuated in a state like florida, where one out of five people is 65 and older right now the numbers break down as such 82 of the people who have died in florida so far are the age 65 and older 60.

Some odd percent are 75 or older, so most of the people who have died so far are coming from nursing homes, long term care facilities. There are about 4 000 of them in this state, that is, the population. That’S been the most affected. So far when you talk about deaths, but of course there are concerns that this is going to continue in that population and spread amongst more people as we’ve seen just more infections in general, like we’ve already said, just tragic and heartbreaking. Now, sam, i know where you are in miami curfews and mask mandates are in place. How are those restrictions being enforced and are people actually following them? Yes, so let me answer both of those questions: they’re really good ones. This is video that we got from miami’s police department, miami beach police department. They went out there and started issuing citations. They’Ve been doing this for several days now to people who are not wearing their masks: it’s 50 bucks at least up front.

It goes as high as several hundred if you’re a business. You can be fine that much, but they are really trying to pound it home to the people here who are not wearing masks that you’re not going to get away with that. It is important, even if there’s, not a statewide mandate, which there is not in florida, that, on the local level, where a quarter of all the cases in the state are in miami dade.

That people are following this rule now in terms of what percentage of people are actually doing it or we’re doing it anecdotally savannah. I would say that probably three or four out of 10 either wear the mask or wear the mask properly lots of people wear them underneath their chin or they wear them below their nose. Three to four out of 10 people are actually wearing them. The way that they should be wearing them, that has probably ticked up a little bit since there’s, been a fine in place, which tells you a lot when there’s a financial incentive involved. People generally do follow the rules more closely, but it has been a process getting people here in south florida forget about in florida in south florida to follow these rules. It would make a difference. We know that and we are seeing at least a plateauing right now of the number of cases. Hopefully part of that is the the pounding of this message. Wear your mask when you’re out i got ta, tell you sam here in california, whenever i have to leave for something i see so many noses out of the masks, and we just had a piece on a little bit ago about how noses are literally covered.

Super spreaders, it’s, just it’s it’s, really something you got to put it over the nose for it to be effective. Thank you so much so infuriating, it’s, so infuriating, because it’s it’s kind it’s, not rocket science right, it’s, common sense that you know that particles can come out of two areas of your mouth.

You know of your face, let’s say your mouth and your nose. So just follow that please that’s all we’re asking.