. The vaccines are coming and they’re coming a lot sooner than anyone thought possible by years tonight, intensifying his defense of his administration’s handling of the crisis, but, unlike past briefings in which president trump was flanked by members of the coronavirus task force tonight, the president took the Podium alone, bringing in a shift in tone some areas of our country are doing very well, others are doing less well, it will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better something i don’t like saying about things but that’s the way it is including doing something he Has rarely done touting masks we’re instead asking americans to use, masks socially distance and employ vigorous hygiene, wash your hands every chance you get while sheltering high risk populations. We are imploring young americans to avoid packed bars and other crowded indoor gatherings be safe and be smart. The president also asked why he has sent mixed messages on masks, tweeting out a picture of himself wearing one for the first time yesterday and then hours later captured at a fundraiser at his hotel without one i have no problem with the masks. I view it this way, anything that potentially can help, and that certainly can potentially help is a good thing.

I have no problem, i carry it, i wear it, you saw me wearing it a number of times and i’ll continue. He also addressed why nearly six months in testing is still falling. Short we’ve done more testing by far than anybody, some of the tests, because it is massive volume it takes longer.

Others of the tests, as you know, are very quick, they’re, five minutes and fifteen minute tests and those are frankly the ones that i prefer but we’re doing massive numbers and the numbers are coming down the one moment the president veered off message when he was asked About galain maxwell accused of enabling jeffrey epstein’s exploitation of minors, i don’t know i haven’t really been following it too much. I just wish her well. Frankly, i’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since i lived in palm beach tonight. The president’s rival joe biden in delaware sharpening his attacks. You know he’s quit on you and he’s quit on this country, but this election is not just about him. It’S about us it’s about you. Now. The president’s shift in strategy comes amid a slump in his poll. Numbers it’s not clear if he’ll continue to do the briefings alone. Dr anthony fauci said he was not invited to this one lester kristen welker at the white house tonight, thanks with the pandemic hitting the u.s, especially hard and americans, clinging to the hope of a vaccine. The nation’s top vaccine makers offered some credence to the president’s sense of optimism, suggesting a vaccine could pass fda scrutiny late this year or early next here’s tom costello at the university of maryland med center.

Today, more volunteers rolling up their sleeves for a coveted 19 vaccine trial. This one run by drug giant pfizer. So far, 138 000 volunteers have signed up as drug companies race to stop the virus.

That’S already claimed 600 000 lives worldwide. So the race is on not against each other, but against this virus. At a virtual congressional hearing today, executives from five leading vaccine developers said they’re all in various stages of testing some now entering human trials, even before fda approval, pfizer, merck, astrazeneca, moderna and johnson johnson. All plan to ramp up production to meet global demand. Some members of congress are concerned. The white house could try to fast track a vaccine. I want to make sure that that you will guard against any pressure that comes from the fda, either the lower its standards or to uh or to approve something that you know. Doesn’T meet the standards. We are working around the clock to accelerate our development, but we are not cutting corners on safety among the volunteers in the maryland pfizer study, cynthia sikorski, who received two doses in june, though she doesn’t know if she received the vaccine or placebo, have you had any Side effects i had just very mild side effects after the first vaccine, which consisted of very mild chills but other than that really none, 65 years old and in good health volunteering she says is the least she could do. I felt it was something that i could do to to help fight the coronavirus in the u.

s. The nih is looking for 30 000 volunteers for each vaccine trial. The sign up link on its website uses a network. Dr anthony fauci, built decades ago.

Volunteers receive a stipend and either a vaccine dose or a placebo, lead. Researchers, say it’s critical to enroll minority volunteers since covet has disproportionately affected those communities. We certainly aren’t out to coerce any populations, but we would like minority populations to have full access and full advantage of participating in these trials if they wish to do so. Depending on the vaccine, researchers say we’d, probably all get two doses and the fda is likely to approve more than one vaccine. The first vaccine might not be the best vaccine for seniors or for children. The fda requires all vaccines to be at least 50 percent effective to receive approval. Four of the five drug companies received taxpayer money to find a vaccine. Today, two of those companies told congress. They will offer the vaccine for free or at cost lester tom costello tonight. Thank you. The urgency for a vaccine comes as infections continue to soar in hot spots like california, texas and florida, and as the cdc now says, the real number of infections may be much higher than the current numbers suggest. Here’S miguel almaguer, with nearly 4 million americans testing positive for the coronavirus tonight. The cdc says the true number of people infected is likely 10 times higher than reported in some regions. The new findings suggest those who are asymptomatic or didn’t seek.

Medical attention were likely spreading. The virus in their own communities, everything was so uncertain, like we didn’t know, if our dad was going to be able to get off the ventilator, and we didn’t know how bad my mom was at that time, when claire and grace green thought they had a mild Viral infection, they unknowingly passed kovit to their parents, their father jason nearly died.

I feel like. I had a strong desire to continue with being a part of my family’s life. The new analysis, from the cdc based on antibody tests indicates the hardest hit. Communities are nowhere. Close to achieving herd immunity, the level of exposure where the virus slows, although the number of cases are 10 times higher than we thought they were, that number being much higher means. The death rate is a lot lower, as california now surpasses a stunning 400 thousand cases. The golden state continues to set grim milestones for new infections and deaths, while many hospitals across california are stressed. In some bigger cities there are open rooms in the icu, but in smaller communities the situation is bleak facing a breaking point. Some covet patients in rural communities are being moved 70 miles away. Cities like los angeles and san francisco are under tightening restrictions. We’Re, exhausted we’re, just exhausted it’s been going on for four and a half months now, with the pandemic. Taking a deepening financial toll. This the line for unemployment benefits in oklahoma, the crisis is spreading to smaller states like alaska, wyoming and idaho.

I don’t remember, march and april at all, billy’s entry beat covid after four months in the hospital. God has some plan for me and i have to figure out what that is going forward: tonight’s stories of survival amid news, a staggering number of americans are infected and spreading the virus without ever knowing it. Miguel almaguer nbc news, los angeles as covet cases surge and much of the focus of late, has been on the spread among younger people it’s a new warning tonight about the growing impact on older americans with that here’s carrie sanders the villages in central florida home to An estimated 51 thousand retirees hospital admissions of village residents with covet have increased nearly 40 percent in just three days.

Elderly people need to recognize that this virus is very discriminatory. It really picks on the elderly it’s a catastrophe it’s a disaster, kate smith sloan advocates for the most vulnerable. How bad is the crisis for elderly in our country? Well, we’ve described it as a category 5. Hurricane 95 year old maria luisa cuevas died from coronavirus. The family suspects she was exposed to covid from an attending asymptomatic nurse who unknowingly spread it. The only people who had access in and out there were the nurses and people that were there, health officials say it’s been difficult to get a handle on the problem. Among the elderly in large part, because nursing homes continue to be overlooked. According to former cdc director, dr thomas freedom, we are flying blind in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years in florida, where one in five residents is over the age of 65.

The problem is most acute in long term care facilities and it’s getting worse. The number of infected residents and staff at elder care facilities has more than doubled in just the past three weeks, florida’s governor today, we cannot allow a contagious patient to be sent back in to a long term care facility that doesn’t have the capability of appropriately isolating Them tonight an analysis by nbc news. A publicly available data shows covert related deaths among residents at long term. Care facilities now exceeds 56 000. kerry sanders tonight. Thank you this evening.

The justice department is accusing two men in china of trying to steal medical technology from companies here working on covid19 treatments and vaccines. Pete williams has details less than a week after novavax a maryland biotech firm announced that it was researching a potential covet vaccine. The fbi says a computer hacker in china. Li xiao yu searched for ways to hack into its computers. Now he and a former college classmate are wanted men charged by federal prosecutors, with trying to hack into three other u.s companies working on covet treatments and testing. They didn’t succeed in stealing anything the justice department says, but their cyber attacks were a potential distraction. We are concerned that that the hacking, or even the attempted hacking of that information can slow down the research and the fbi says the two chinese men targeted companies in other countries doing covet research, part of a worldwide hacking campaign that also targeted high tech firms and Military contractors – sometimes they did it for profit, the fbi says, and sometimes they stole secrets at the request of chinese intelligence officers based in this building.

When china violates criminal laws and international norms, we will not tolerate it. U.S officials have been saying for weeks now that china is trying to steal american covet 19 secrets, but this is the first time anybody’s actually been charged with trying to do it. Novavax says it’s, confident it can continue its vaccine work without disruption, lester all right.