Can you tell us about that sure the President signed this memorandum that essentially says that undocumented immigrants cannot be included as part of the 2020 census? The title of this is an apportionment memorandum of ensuring American citizens receive proper representation in Congress, and so what the White House is saying is that giving congressional representation and political influence to undocumented immigrants quote would be a perversion of our democratic principles. Now this is obviously very controversial. We’Ve seen a number of statements coming out at opposing this. The ACLU says that it will see the president in court, so this is going to be legally challenged and it’s part of a broader effort by the White House to essentially make the president look proactive instead of reactive and defensive and so he’s going to be citing A number of executive orders and coming weeks and and they White House expects that they will be challenged in court. So this is largely you know an election year play for the president and immigration is obviously something that plays very well with his base. So we’ll see more on immigration and as well as health care. According to the president on recent days, let’s switch over now to those briefings. I want to play a clip from the last time the president participated in a task force briefing back in April. Let’S, listen, real, quick! I see the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute on the news and is there way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning.

Now that moment, obviously caused a lot of chatter right after and the pandemic in, the United States has changed dramatically since that April briefing. What kind of shift can we expect in messaging today? Yeah that’s, not the kind of briefing that the president’s aides certainly are hoping that he has even he steps to the podium in a little bit here at the White House, but they want him to do. Is focus very narrowly on coronavirus and the response to coronavirus, essentially his aides saying that they feel like they’ve lost control. This narrative, Americans don’t, know what the federal government is doing and they want the president to be out there. Looking as if he’s leading on this, and so you likely to hear him talk about things like vaccines, therapeutics and another sort of supplies that are going to various states and everything that he’s doing on the pandemic, so that’s how they really hope that he will handle The briefing we’ve talked to officials who said that it’s likely to be – or at least they hope, because you never know with President Trump that it will be shorter than what we’ve seen before. And it also will look a little different than past briefings. Because we’re told that the members of the coronavirus task force that we would typically see what the president will not be there, so that would be the president alone at the podium talking about the pandemic response. Yeah. We heard a little bit of that that doctor pouch.

She didn’t exactly seem to know that the briefings were coming back when he did that interview with Maria Shriver. Now what stuff masks. So, after a lot of resistance, initially continuing to say that this is a decision that should be made to governor’s left to governor’s to make the president tweeted an image of himself wearing a face mask calling the act patriotic. How now does the White House explain his previous reluctance to wear one yeah? He did he called it. The masks wearing masks patriotic ins that no one’s more patriotic than him and then a few hours later, he was at his own hotel here in Washington, DC and didn’t, wear a mask and so a bit of mixed messaging from the White House’s, which is what we’ve Seen frankly, since the start of this pandemic, when it comes to mass now White House, press secretary Healy, mackaninee was asked about this today and let’s take a listen to what she had to say. Why the mixed messaging on this critical health issue that his own health officials have said? The presidents always been consistent on this, that mask according to the CDC, are recommended, but not required. If he hasn’t don’t kill e, he hasn’t so it’s ending. Is it not mixed signals? Now? The press secretary also said that the president is tested sometimes multiple times a day, which is a little bit of news to those of us who buddy was just arrested once a day, which is something one of the reasons that the White House has given for the.