He needs to tighten up now at first. It started off between megan the stallion versus tory lanez. Now looks like it’s megan the stallion versus dream michelle. Now this all started when the ex basketball wives dre. Michelle spoke out during a podcast this week now in the episode drea shared how she felt like the whole megan the stallion and tory lane situation. Now, according to the reports, they were saying, an altercation happened between tory lanez and megan. The stallion and the situation went left which resulted in tory lanez shooting megan the stallion in her foot as she was trying to leave the car. Now, according to dre and michelle, she spoke about the situation. She said that she says i predict that they had that sort of bobby and whitney love. You know that drove them down a snap type of role, fans assumed dream. Michelle was referring to the bad relationship between whitney houston and bobby brown. Now drea then went on to continue to say she says i’m here for it. I like that. I want you to love me so much that you shoot me in the foot too. Now everyone shared this clip like wildfire. So i guess drea didn’t speak to a publicist that day, because this was a bad thing to say, especially after making the station spoke about the situation and she pretty much told everyone that it was a serious situation and that it’s hard for her and traumatic to Pretty much talk about it right now.

I think no, no, no i’m. Protecting you! I predict i’ll, take it. I predict that they had some sort of bobby and whitney love that you know drove them down. This snapped esque type of road and i’m here for it. I like that, i want you to like me so much. You shoot me in the foot too like, but as long as what the whoa well, that is very dry like. I want you to like me so much that, if i’m trying to get out the car and you’re like no sit here in the car and i’m, like no you’re, not he’s, shooting now, of course, the houston rapper megan. The stallion had something to say about the video that drea posted now megan the stallion posted to her twitter. She said that she says this ain’t funny who jokes or who finds it funny about getting shot by a guy. Now drea replied to the tweet. Now she was talking to hot girl megan and she said that she says i truly don’t glorify this. I was trying to say just love me deeply, but while trying to be funny, i offended many, including megan and i’m. Sorry megan the starting replied right back, saying that she says: forget everyone making jokes about it too. I’Ll talk about it. When i get ready so pretty much like i said everyone was on social media. Everyone was on twitter, people was putting memes. People were saying that making this thing was a man and the reason that tori just and i was about to call them tory tonight the reason that tory lanez pretty much shot her was because he found other man, but all of that is false, completely false.

Everyone knows that megan, the stallion is a hundred percent woman, but you got to think you got shot in the foot and you’re really taking this a hard way of people are making jokes about it, it’s not funny at all. So now we have more information on what was going down as far as that whole ordeal before the situation happened. Now, according to the podcaster adam 22, he has some inside information. According to adam, tory lanez and megan, the stallion were fighting over kylie jenner yep. According to adam megan, the stallion and tory lanez got into a fight and she was winning the fight. Now, if you guys don’t, remember, i posted a video, maybe two or three days ago, and it was saying that tory lanez was only 5’3 now they don’t call megan the stallion megan deciding for no reason, she’s tall and she’s. You know bigger now the fight started because tory lanez was giving too much attention to kylie jenner at that house party for five minutes. Music adam22 said that what he’s hearing is the version that he heard was megan. The stallion and tori were messing around and they’ve been pretty much chilling and they go to the house party and kylie jenner’s there. Now during the party megan the stallion didn’t appreciate she didn’t appreciate how tory lanez was giving kylie jenner a lot of attention now. Of course, megan nostalgia: she has a new claim to fame and she has a little bit of ego and she wasn’t feeling how tory lanez wasn’t giving her that respect.

Now, according to him, adam 22, he said megan the stallion was probably winning the fight. This is the reason that toy linked, say d, so the what i’m hearing my version that i’ve heard from various people that are basically that trusted through a.d, yes very trusted sources – is that meghan and tori they’ve been chilling. They go to this house party kylie jenner. Is there i heard, depending on who you want to ask that either tori was showing too much attention to kylie jenner or kylie. Jenner was showing too much attention to tori either way. Meg did not appreciate it meg. Maybe at this point in her career, has a little bit of an ego she’s feeling herself. She doesn’t feel like she has to deal with any disrespect. Meg was violating they got into a fight. That was like bad, and i heard that she she was like really like really like. I could see her disrespecting. Obviously, this doesn’t justify no no but that’s. What i heard is that it was like it was bad like, like the the altercation that they were in and like the level of violation that he maybe was feeling, obviously not a reason for any violence. Now keep in mind this story, hasn’t been confirmed by tory lanez, are making the stallion. But of course this is the internet, and the whole story definitely will come out or eventually come out from both tory lanez and hot girl mag when it hits time all right.

So to update everyone about the kanye west situation, this just happened this past weekend. Now we have some more news. Now the ketchup went quickly to speed. Kanye west was basically calling out kris jenner, kim kardashian’s mom for choosing fame and success over the integrity for her daughter, kim kardashian. Now kanye feels like kris jenner, sold the tape with ray j for the claim of fame and he’s, not rocking with it. In retrospect. So now chris jenna went on her social media to speak out now. Kanye has called kris jenner chris jong un and called her boyfriend court gamble. Call me so, instead of posting and writing out a message to kanye or even putting a video up, she posted a actual instagram story. Now, in the story, it shows a box of magnets, i think it’s, some type of candy or some type of pastry, while playing anita bacon. In the background Music jenna is unfazed at all. Now, fans felt like jenner, is being subliminal and is an underlying meaning. Behind this actual video, so let’s talk about this in the comments, do you think the music that she’s actually playing is maybe kanye west’s, favorite song or maybe kanye west’s mom’s favorite song, because it’s anita baker? Now, if you really think about it, i don’t think degeneres. No offense, i don’t, think they’re listening to anita baker, but i know for a fact that kanye’s mom probably would be listening to anita baker and it’s, probably one of her favorite songs, but two and two together.

It would be wicked if she’s talking like that. So now i want to talk about the whole meek, mill situation with kim kardashian and kanye west that he was pretty much calling out now. Basically, yay is saying that her and meek mill had a business meeting business lunch back in 2018 now kanye said the meeting was out of line on kim kardashian’s part. Now kanye admitted that he was trying to get a divorce from his wife kim kardashian ever since they had that meeting back in 2018 with meek mill now, even though meek mill has came out to the public and said nothing happened between them. Here is a picture of kim kardashian and meek mill during that situation, now they’re both sitting beside the humanitarian clara wu at the waldorf’s astoria hotel restaurant let’s talk about this in the comments since mcmillan said nothing happened and, of course we got pictures now. Do you think something was up, i mean kanye must know something we don’t know.