Hey what’s, up guys. Welcome back to the 4 23. megan. The stallion finally broke her semi silence today. By going on, instagram, live and speaking more in depth on what actually happened on the night that she was shot while she doesn’t mention tori, specifically or what actually led to their altercation. She confirms that she was shot in both of her feet and had to get surgery to remove the bullets. I want to include some video clips here from her instagram live, so you can hear it straight from the source, but she is playing some dom kennedy in the background by the way she’s got taste, so i don’t know if this will get my video taken down, But i guess we’ll find out so here’s a summary of what she talked about on her instagram live meg calls the shooting the worst experience of her life and emphasizes what she’s been speaking about when she has quickly popped onto social media. Over the past few days, saying her situation is nothing to joke about, as she starts talking about the shooting, she’s fighting back tears and does end up crying and once again, even though she doesn’t explain what actually did happen. She lets fans know that she didn’t put her hands on anybody and she didn’t deserve to get shot regardless of what certain websites and quote unquote sources were claiming this past week i was, i was shot in both of my feet and i had to get surgery To get the shit taken out, get the bullets taken out and it was super scary, but yeah i had to get surgery.

It was super scary. It was like just the worst experience of my life and it’s, not funny there’s, nothing to joke about. It was nothing for y’all to start going and making up fake stories about. I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot and do shit like also in reference to the shooting itself and the fake stories and tweets coming out from her friends. Megan starts to get emotional about, losing her mom, her best friend and still not being over that, so that caused her to try and fill her space with people that she thought was making her happy, which obviously didn’t turn out well. Megan also explains the reason that she’s been so silent on social media, because a lot of folks were speculating that she was trying to protect tory lanez for some reason, and she clarifies that the reason she didn’t speak wasn’t because she was protecting anyone it’s simply because She needed time and then she goes on to criticize people who jump onto social media to tell the world about every single aspect of their life. In the end, the rapper focuses on the positive and says that taking some time for herself has taught her how to protect her energy and, while she’s still going to be nice in the future. She’S going to be a lot more careful about who she lets get. So close to her and it’s, not that i’m, i was protecting anybody.

I just wasn’t ready to speak that’s, not no shit. You just immediately get on the internet and start talking about and that’s a lot of y’all motherfucking problem. Y’All, take your whole life to instagram and twitter and make it a fucking diary and that’s, not that’s, not me so fuck y’all in the fake ass blogs and y’all fake ass sources and my fake ass friends. But on a positive note, just taking some time to myself have definitely, it has definitely made me realize how to move forward. You know how to protect my energy i’m, so nice imagine, imagine being imagine being 25 and you don’t you don’t have both your parents. My mama was my best friend she, you know i’m still really not over that. So you, like you, got ta, try to feel like your space with a bunch of people that you think is making you happy there’s still such a mystery surrounding this entire situation. Who knows when or if will actually find out about what really happened, but regardless of what went down, megan is really hurt and traumatized from the whole situation. Throughout the past few years, as her career has skyrocketed, megan has been seen being super friendly with everyone and is always hanging out with new people. So all this definitely wasn’t a great way for it to happen. I think it’s good for her to learn early, that you can’t be so welcoming to everyone, especially in the music industry.

I also hope that her, finally speaking out, will quiet all the jokes surrounding this situation, because the way people have responded to meg being shot and possibly a victim of domestic violence is really unbelievable, and i hate that she’s been met with such disrespect. Anyway.