Well, megan stein actually broke her silence and she pretty much said she’s, not protecting anybody. We’Re going to get that clip. You know cued up and ready for you guys in a minute just give our opinion you know on it. I thought i was just starting make this day. Man just do it um play the audio with her. Today she put something out, i think, on her instagram on twitter and um. She was kind of speaking on the shooting incident went down la here. We go the audio i was shot in both of my feet. I was, i was shot in both of my feet and i had to get surgery to get the shit taken out, get the bullets taken out and it was super scary. Oh lord, i think i was gon na cry, but yeah i had to get surgery. It was super scary. It was like just the worst experience of my life and it’s, not funny there’s, nothing to joke about. It was nothing for y’all to start going and making up fake stories about. I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot and do shit. Thank god that the bullets didn’t touch bones.

They didn’t break tendons like i know i know my mama. My daddy, my granny, had to be looking out for me with that one because, where the bullets hit it it just it missed everything, not that i’m. I was protecting anybody.

I just wasn’t ready to speak that’s, not no shit. You just immediately get on the internet and start talking about y’all, take your whole life to instagram and twitter and make it diary and that’s not that’s, not me so calling them fake, ass blogs and y’all fake ass sources and my fake ass friends. But on a positive note, just taking some time to myself have definitely, it has definitely made me realize how to move forward Music, and you know how to protect my energy i’m. So nice imagine imagine, being Music, imagine being 25 and you don’t you don’t have both your parents. My mama was my best friend she. You know i’m still really not over that. So you like what do you think about this man, uh people? I guess people were saying: maybe she was protecting tori, but not speaking, he wanted her to speak immediately, but what’s your thoughts on that one um it’s unfortunate. Did you see a 25 year old, female who’s, beautiful who’s living her life right out here in the limelight and trying to adapt and trying to add just she ain’t got neither one of her parents. You can only imagine not having any staple not having anybody that you know genuinely cares about you telling you how it is and what it is and they’re maneuvering amongst these snakes and these devils.

This must be crazy, um, but we talked about it, man every any. What three or every three months, or so it seems like it’s, some sort of drama, not kind of legal drama to where she could find herself behind bars with drama that just kind of takes a little more off her image as a rapper and puts her in A lane more so as just a social media, uh act, i put it that way and it’s unfortunate, because the young lady has an incredible buzz.

We talked about it, though, how much or when would the over sexualization become a little bit like all right, when’s enough enough that trick and that pony has sailed what’s next, when has the the things and the antics that we’ve seen gon na run this course and You’Re really just gon na have to give us some substance um. I hope she doesn’t take that as hate. I want to see her win i’m just going to ask some real questions. Yeah, you know what i’m saying but um i didn’t want to see her get shot. I want to see tory lanez in any kind of situation, but if the young dude shot that woman that he gon na have to go ahead and deal with those consequences – man, hollywood yeah, um – you get up here and it’s. A lot of you know: um people that put out false information on blogs. We understand just because you got numbers in the name: don’t mean you’re gon na be a credible source or you know, put out credible information but um.

This is what you sign up for when you’re a celebrity but not, and you on instagram, shaking your ass and every little things on instagram people are gon na. Want you to come out and say things and speak, and you know i definitely feel for not having their parents and things like that 25, but it was time to grow up. I mean your adult now it’s time to make better decisions in life.

We know you out there hanging out but there’s a situation that could have cost your life and you anytime, you get shot, you could lose blood, you can you have an artery or something like that. Um and then you got to be careful. The people you’re hanging out with right, you know – i mean you’re just hanging out with you know, obviously they’re saying unless victoria was in the car. Some people are saying: kylie jenner, i don’t know how real that shit is but that’s the rumor going around and you know um just got ta ha. I wasn’t spoke on it at all. I mean you got ta have better, you got if you don’t, have a mom and dad now it’s time to get better people around you by your counsel. People’S, like you know what this isn’t. This is not cool man. You need to move like this because, like you said the buzz, is there one of the hottest things going on in hip hop, but that all could be gone just like that? If you make the wrong decision, whether it be somebody’s shooting you killing, you robbing you.

Whatever you know or you’re just doing so much fuckshit that people just get tired of you and they move on to the next thing. Contestant is coming. Your next act is coming that’s going to be blazing just like her, and you know the sun. The sun always settles, but you determine how long you stay in this game.

Nikki’S done it little kim has done it. Cardi b is sort of doing it. You decide how long you stand in the game. Meg but um yeah we’ll see the outcome of that whole situation with tory. I don’t know if he shot it that’s what people are saying, they’re supposed to be investigating them and um much much much success to both of them. Man be safe. What does it say to you that we haven’t heard anything from tory? He hears that man get thrown out there, just throw any guilt to the situation and i’m not trying to get anybody caught up by asking that question. But you talk about a brother that lives his life on social media too. He was doing a whole bunch of shit and he ain’t even moving forward. You know nothing yeah, because that’s smart, if somebody you wouldn’t, do it either. I mean you ain’t gon na go on it’s, definitely she’s the victim, especially if i shot ass, yeah yeah. I mean that’s as smart as hell like i mean come on here. What you gon na say, if you do come on there, which you shouldn’t just fall, the fuck back, you know now you got ta now you fighting for different reasons and shit.

Now, all the other shit don’t matter, no more i’m sure you’ll be back but yeah. You know um yeah, that’s, smart, you can’t talk about it because, as soon as you get on there, your ego might get in the way.

You must have been honest. Don’T even say that you say don’t even say nothing, just let the shit play out and um go to court man, but um it’s, just sad that they both got to be in this situation, but hey man. I guess that comes with the lifestyle. Man anything can happen in hollywood, yeah fucking tory lane, shooting mega stein in the pinky toe allegedly. What do you think about the whole things with people’s calling and saying she got balls and dick, and all that shit i think that’s fucked up. I think i think there’s plenty of beautiful amazon six feet over that can throw some pussy around and the shit’s amazing. Nobody say that, though, because of the whole stallion thing she put her, she put that shit on. I know right. Male horses, i don’t know like make the stallion like i get. I get it like yeah we get yeah the horse, hair and then the horse and the stallion, and we get all that, but the black stallion that’s throwing some dick in somebody there i don’t know. I don’t i mega stallion is not a a man by any stretch of the imagination, i think that’s, a big beautiful woman, yeah and i ain’t got no problem climbing on that horse.

That big, though i mean she’s, all right, six foot ain’t that goddamn bitch for a second beautiful 280 like whoa what’s up nah, but she caught up in the world women.

I do feel for you know not that we don’t feel sympathy or empathy. You know for um she’s young as hell, even though i said grow up yeah it’s. Just you got to make better decisions. You want that bad boy. You want to roll with that bad boy type. You want to be out there that’s what you get you might get shot fuck with them, bad boy. Yeah i mean you. Might i mean you see what happened? You know i mean you want these motherfucking money back yo niggas shout out to my nigga money back yo no disrespect to him, but you want these niggas that’s rapping. All about this shit and they’re living this lifestyle and hanging out ask jlo. She had to get away from diddy because she ain’t want to fucking be involved in that lifestyle. No more. She took the fuck off from that shit. She stood that band down from fucking head mark, anthony nah. We good right, i mean who wants bullets flying at him, but um? What do you think about the part? Do you think that she should testify and will she testify uh, if, indeed, tory did this if she’s a civilian and never claim to be street? None of that and she wants to tell go ahead.

You got shot in the foot. I did. I ain’t gon na tell that woman what to do what not to do i’ve, never heard her say snitches and this, and that or claim any of that.

So if she feels justified in doing what she has to do, so be it if her and tory sides can have some conversation where there could be some mutual agreement and understanding of where they can settle out of court, and she decides to do that. I’M cool with that too, i may lean toward more or so that side, you’re gon na have to throw me some bread and stay out of jail, but you’re gon na get me some bread and we’ll set a lot of court, which i’m kind of leaning toward May be happening, but who knows if she decides to get and sit on the stand and say yeah that man shot me and here’s? Why i wouldn’t think of her any different way if she’d never claim to be street? Well, the crazy part about it is like, even if they do that he might still be charged they’re going to probably pick up the case, even though she didn’t testify right. They still might have enough evidence already for testifying. You know i mean get this dude let’s just say: it’s the same bullets. Out of the gun, i mean i ain’t trying to be no prosecutor or nothing but or defense attorney, but the shit ain’t gon na be that hard.

It ain’t gon na be that hard. They found a gun yeah. You know what i mean, who was in the car it’s, not gon na be a hard thing to do so.

You know shout out to tori man. You know um as far as you know, hope that things could work out for them and meg um again. I don’t we don’t know if it happened yet yeah so shout out to toy.