beatrice married her beau eduardo mapley motzi at all saints chapel in windsor great park at 11am. Today, with just 20 people in attendance, the duke and duchess of sussex would have been unable to attend beatrice’s small private ceremony in windsor today, due to lockdown restrictions. They currently live in los angeles, california, and so would have to quarantine for two weeks if they flew to the uk, while this is unlikely to be a snub to beatrice with whom harry is said to be close, this is not the first time they have caused A stir over a york wedding in 2018 megan chose eugenie’s october wedding to tell family members. They were going to have a baby in the new book royals at their dylan howard and andy tillett claimed the announcement outraged. Some members of the royal family – they wrote, meghan put her foot in it when she decided that eugenie’s wedding day would be the ideal moment to announce that she and harry were expecting their first child. This was a huge social gaffe, even if you were not a royal dash, stealing the limelight from eugenie who was furious, as was her mother. Sarah harry was reportedly embarrassed by his wife’s faux pas, knowing the timing would upset his cousin. They also chosen an opportune moment to publicly announce the news accidentally stealing the thunder of another member of the york family. Buckingham palace officially announced the happy news at the very start of megan and harry’s tour of australia, new zealand, tonga and fiji.

however. This was also the 59th birthday of sarah ferguson, the mother of beatrice and eugenie. Incidentally, the news of meghan’s pregnancy was revealed at 8 40 a.m. On october 15, 2018. At the exact same time, sarah duchess of york posted a tweet about her daughter’s wedding. She posted an image of herself in her royal wedding outfit thanking her designer and she then posted three further messages saying how proud she was of eugenie and her new husband, jack, brooks bank prince andrew, wished, sarah dash affectionately, known as fergie dash a very happy day And retweeted, one of her posts of eugenie and jack.neither andrew nor fergie congratulated meghan and harry on their news. All this fueled rumors of a feud between the sussexes and the york family that could now be inflamed after they missed beatrice’s wedding. Some royal watchers even claimed meghan and harry even caused eugenie’s original wedding date to be postponed. A source told the daily mail in 2018. Eugenie and jack are keen to tie the knot quite quickly and there certainly wouldn’t be an issue as regards to the booking of the chapel given who her grandmother is. But the issue is that some members of the royal family already have commitments in the diary. There is talk of a number of foreign tours for prince harry and ms markle this year and september is a date that has been mooted princess. Beatrice’S wedding could not have been more different from eugenie’s large fairy tale display with 850 guests.

beatrice and her now husband, nicknamed edo, only had close family with them, including the queen, prince philip and prince andrew, but the remainder of the guest list is unknown.