From the reports that i read from the doctors, they said that he could potentially pitch through it, though it’ll be uh, painful and the biggest issue would be mobility and getting off the mound um on certain plays, but that the advice would be for it to shut Down until it’s healed, um that’s bad news for the mets, as you guys all know, uh the mets, let go of wheeler last year and he eventually signed to the phillies. I didn’t think that that was a good move. I thought wheeler when he’s on has some of the best stuff in the league. Frankly, especially his fastball, we acquired marcus in the beginning or the end of the end of the trade deadline last year, and we gave up a package uh headed by a young starting pitcher by the name of anthony k. I was never high on anthony k, but i think that he’ll break camp with the toronto blue jays at the beginning of this year, becoming their fourth or fifth starter. At the very least, i wasn’t opposed to the marcus truman trade. When i owed i actually like marvel strowman. I didn’t think that we need started pitching that, but in hindsight it seems as if the willpons acquired marcus strowman to soften the blow of an eventual uh wheeler departure, which kind of sucks, because they kind of played it cheap rather than um.

Adding to what was already a strength, the only added to it was already a strength last year, but they signed strowman.

I mean they acquired strowman so that they didn’t have as much pressure to resign wheeler and in doing so, we sort of weakened our farm system, which wasn’t much to begin with. Anyway, um strowman went three and two for us. Last year he had a little bit above a mid threes era, pitching for the mets, so it’s and right now, he’s our second best starting pitcher. So that leaves us with steven matt’s, potentially being our number two followed by either waka. I forgot who the other guy. We signed that pitched in boston. Oh porcello corcello would be our number three followed by waka, leaving us to have to promote either david peterson or young left handed prospect, who i don’t think is ready yet hasn’t pitched about above the double a level corey oswalt who last year pitched above a six Era and i don’t think he’s a good option either um we had another option who could have been plugged in, but he too is uh out for the year, so you’re gon na see either oswald david peterson the prospect or, if we acquire somebody, but i wouldn’t Even advise i would advise against that, because um, our uh farm is a barren right now. You know they’re gon na have to give up. Maybe bret beatty, like you know, to try to plug a hole like but uh.

It stinks. I mean like there’s. There was a lot of good pictures i that were out in the free agent market this year that you wouldn’t have to have broken the bank, for i mean um.

You know bumgarden comes to mind, but um it’s, what it is with the mets run by the uh will ponds.