So it’s kind of out of my my realm a little bit it’s, not necessarily when i feel good. I could be back. The mri has to reveal that i have no tear it’s, nothing serious, nothing that i’m truly concerned about, but it’s more timing, timing than anything. Thank you. Our next question comes from steve, gelbs, hey, marcus, um, so sort of to that end i mean you, you characterize it as a very minor setback that you weren’t worried about um. Is there anything specific that you’re able to do in a situation like this to try and speed up whatever process there is or is it simply resting waiting for it to heal and then going from there? No, i think, we’re being proactive. Like i said, i started um right when the first injury happened. We started kind of i’ve been in the pool daily. Um i’ve been on a training, regimen i’ve been getting soft tissue i’ve been all over it. To be honest with you, man i’ve, been in here since 9 a.m, this morning, just kind of trying to get everything in um, so i think, we’re being extremely proactive, we’re doing everything we can, while also being mindful of the situation but, like i said, it’s i’m Going to continue to throw bullpens i’m going to continue to throw hopefully higher intensity, lower intensity bullpens keep my arm where it should be.

Keep my shoulder where it should be and then, like i said once my tear is no longer there and it feels good, then kind of hit the hit the ground running thanks.

Our next question comes from justin toscano, yeah. Okay, i can’t hear god. Okay, can you hear me now yeah yeah yep, all right so to have this happen days before opening day? What were your emotions like when you you know when you heard about the terror? It was shocking. To be honest with you, like, i said, because we went to get the mri just to kind of rule out any any anything serious. So it was definitely shocking and, like i said, i had thrown a 55 pitch bullpen prior and i was on schedule to make my normal starting season so yeah it’s, it’s it’s, extremely unfortunate. Like i said i’m someone who doesn’t i don’t dwell. I don’t dwell on the past. I don’t sit in moments. I don’t want anyone to grieve for me. I truly just look forward um. Do everything i can to get back on the field and to get my body where it needs to be how how were you able to kind of detach from that? Maybe frustration to look forward. I got plenty of detachment methods. Man i’m great. I got a great family um. I focus on my mind, my mental. I got plenty of ways that i’m able to get away from the game and kind of um focus on what i need to which allows me to be better when i’m at the field.

So i’m, someone who preaches the mind and mentality i’m constantly reading on how to better myself, each and every day and, like i said these, these small times of adversity, don’t don’t, even uh, get anywhere near um, my mental or my strength in my mental.

Thank you. Our next question comes from tim healey, hey, marcus, you’ve talked in the past about how you take really good care of your body. Were you surprised to experience a soft tissue injury like this? No, it has nothing to do with taking care of my body at all. I got hit with a rocket in my leg. My leg was literally blown up massive, so the only reason it grabbed on me was because of that swelling in that specific area. My recovery methods are with the best of them. Like i said when i leave the field i’m still putting an emphasis on my body, whether it be hyperbaric, whether it be soft tissue normatic mark pro massage therapy dry. Needle, like i do everything to make sure that i’m gon na be able to play this game. For a very, very, very, very long time and like i said this is this is not something i’m worried about, because, honestly, if i had never got the mri, i would probably still be making my start. So it was something that was revealed to us and we have to deal with it, as is now sure uh, as somebody who’s on the injured list.

Right now and obviously the mets are doing all the social distancing stuff. Do you stay at the ballpark for the game or no um, it’s kind of like up in the air they’re they’re, trying to do their best man to to really social distance like which is pretty pretty awesome, to see that the mlb is taking every health protocol Possible to make sure we’re safe so whether it be we’re out the ballpark, if we’re, not starting for the with the la on on the i o, we kind of have flexibility to be here, um or not be here um, like you said, if we’re here we Have to be in the stands: six feet apart, so um there’s, a bunch of things that are going into it.

Man honestly it’s changing every single day, so we’re just coming into it every single day, with open arms and and just kind of reacting um to whatever’s presented before us god. Just are you gon na stick around for the game today, yeah yeah, i’m planning on being here probably watch it from inside sure. Thank you. Our next question comes from andy martino, hi, marcus. How you doing uh. You said that you were gon na continue to throw bullpens right. I heard that correctly. Yes, sir uh, so does that mean that uh, if you’re, throwing the whole time? Does that help you to reduce the amount of time coming back when the cat feels you’re stretched out still you don’t have.

To necessarily i mean, i know a rehab assignment’s a different thing this year too. Obviously, but you don’t have to still go to brooklyn for a long time or build up you’re going to stay built up yeah. My goal is like i said. My goal is to keep my shoulder where it needs to be um i’m going to be throwing bullpens. I won’t be throwing many lives. I don’t think right now, so i’m sure there’ll be a segment at the end when i’m getting back that i’ll have to throw a few lives and actually obviously getting games but i’m not going to be starting from zero. What i’m not going to be waiting for my cat to be 100 and then starting a shoulder program, i’m, going to be continuing to throw throughout the whole process.

Our next question comes from ed coleman, uh, hey marcus. It sounds like you’re less worried about landing on that leg, while you’re pitching as opposed to making a sharp cut on off the mound if a grinder comes away. Is that right? 100. 100. Like i said i, i don’t feel it truly much when i pitch at all it’s it’s that last moment kind of when my my foot flexes and my i have to kind of make a sudden movement um, whether it be covering the base, whether it’s there’s. So many things that happen in the game that you have to make sure that your body is ready to take on so once i’m able to get that once i’m able to check that box, where i can kind of accelerate and move at full speed.

Then obviously, i’m gon na i’m gon na be back out there. Thank you. Our next question comes from mike fitzpatrick: hey, marcus, um anybody who’s ever you know, watched you pitch or talk to you at all gets a sense of you know what a positive and confident person you are but um. You know considering your you know how long you had to wait to have uh. You know this season here in new york, in your hometown and and how short the season is, and everything um and your contract status afterwards. Just i mean, and and for this to happen so close to opening day, i mean what level of how much disappointment was there.

You know at that stage to know that, after waiting, this long, you’re gon na have to wait some more uh, maybe earlier in my life i would be disappointed um, but i truly live in the moment. Man. I truly find any positive light through any dark times. I’M, okay with any adversity, i truly know that i’m going to come out stronger on the other side of it, the type of individual i am um. So honestly it was it was. It was obviously it’s disappointing. I love competing at the highest level always, but i just look at it, as i truly believe everything happens for a reason so i’m going to use it as a time to make my body even better than it is make it stronger more stable.

I always use these times that are kind of working against you. I always use them in my favor, so i’m, not slightly worried about it, like i said, it’s, nothing, that’s, a major injury, it’s, nothing, structural, it’s, it’s, a it’s, a slight calf strain which, which i’m not too worried about um.