He got a chance to opt out and sign here. He is, i don’t know why anybody would pretty special relationship wasn’t, it that’s a question with two outs: that’s, an awesome piece that you know didn’t really expect anything from the mets but to receive that kind of um recognition awfully fulfilling. You know one of the well. I appreciate it it’s um, you know, 34 years old, big time, power Music now broke his bat that’s up the middle, the hits from albies and then, of course, the rbis from freddie freeman. Well, they’ve got a ton of talent up at the top. They can do a lot of things they can run. Break on, base was close to 400. and a swing and a miss at that makes it kind of tough to get noticed. Doesn’T it boot makes it kind of tough to get noticed believe it here. He is 2 2. Now all these handles go ahead. Good luck! Try to get it in the air fair ball inside and his foot just barely in there they’re going to overturn this guys on 6th avenue over by radio city music hall. Yes, you know the game of baseball.