Four, the braves have the first base runner of the day, looking to put an end to this top of the first. He gets the ground ball ranging wide as mcneal and he throws out osuna and that retires the side. A walk in one left that’s come to bound at the bottom of the first, with no score. Geico met starting lineup for opening day nimo and mcneil 1. 2. Alonso hits in the three hole one of the brightest jump pitchers in the game in his rookie season finished second buying pete alonso on the rookie of the year and sixth, in the sao young jeff mcneil on deck and nimble cracks one into center field. For the first base center of the seas, a solid line drive to center off the bottom, on the Applause, a seed off the bat of mcneal, but freeman able to snag it and turn it into an unassisted double play. Well, that’s, a big hang with them right. There i mean this: ball is ripped fred, doesn’t come off the bag very much, and the cardboards are not getting along, quite so well. 3, 2 coming and alonso groundswell out to short where swanson scoops it up and that retires the side.

So soroka survives the shaky first no score after one, so many tentacles to it anyway, but add to it. All of the things that luis rojas has to worry about is mcgraw strikes out adams with a change up and there’s.

His second strikeout is that russo on the left – yes, though, yes and riley checks the swing and he foul tips it into ramos glove strike three so back to back strikeouts for the grom to start the second smile, if you struck out nine to 14 2 and Forto is hit by the pitch that’s, who specialized in getting hit by pitches last year had their first one of this season at a lead off base runner for the second straight inning pops. One up behind the plate and jackson has room now that’s the first out. You know grounds one on the right side, albies with a chance for two swanson, with the turn four six three double play gets soroka through the second, so the braves turning a pair double plays behind soroka in the first two innings no score and he cracks one Of the year to right, conforto goes back onto the warning track and he has room to make the catch that’s the art they didn’t, miss by much man roster. The mets have three and degrom with the high fastball strikes out jackson and that’s four strikeouts. First time, through the batting order for jake 0 2 to acuna, who struck out his first time up and a broken back past, the mound tough play rosario and it trickles through into center field, probably wasn’t, going to throw out the speedy acuna anyway.

After that, ball got by degrom, another 3 2 coming to alby’s and he lifts one out.

The center should be easy for nemo and that retires the side. So degrom works around a bit of trouble in the third still no score at 340. Yes, he did. He could hit yeah takes care of him with a sinker three pitches for his first strikeout. If it wasn’t for davey right down the middle and ramos is called out on strike so sorok with back to back strikeouts. I think it’s fair to say, though, four time all star never thought he’d get to the 38 home run mark, but he did and degrom strikes him out with a change up: that’s five strikeouts for degrom, who led the national league in strikeouts last year, 3. 2. Coming on the outside corner got him looking ozuna thought it was wide, but degrom gets the call from paul nard for his sixth strike well said ron. I never thought of it that way, right over ship, you’re right another shot by mcneil. This one goes by freeman and down the line: it’ll come off the sidewall to acuna mcneil, the second Music out, acuna guns him down from the right field, corner we’ll, see if the mets challenged the call but acuna with that terrific arm played it off the sidewall And throws on mcneil trying to stretch a single into a double. I thought he was safe. I thought the tag was laid: terrific, throw gare, no question right on the money safe, not even close, safe.

Look at the umpire right there, it’s not even close, get an eye chart gee dave goosh.

That might be a record. What are we in the fourth inning Laughter of game? One? Well, this one didn’t take long and they do overturn the call and it’s a double for jeff mcneil, who had 38 doubles last year today and here’s pete alonso, who drove in 120, runs last year and it grounds one to shore mcneil trying to advance and sports Mcneal gets up ended by the tag on his foot from riley. He appears to be okay for a base, running decision by mcneal and he’s thrown out for the second half and mcneil one of the best base runners on this club. A very rare mental mistake right there trying to advance zach and his wife had a baby. This past week and he’s going to play, drowned into the left side, swanson circles in on it and throws out conforto to end the inning mcneal with a double. But he gets up, ended no score after four it’s, the slider that they’ve countered to get him out, and so he goes back to the slider and strikes him out for the second time at seven k’s. Now for degrom, one two coming struck him out: 98 away. Eight strikeouts now for degrom and four and two thirds, and there was something that luis rojas said to us before the game that i think resonates line. The other way and canoe’s got to base it.

So the mets, with their third hit of the day against saroka, the note down to the counter, takes one to the opposite field.

Go ahead, oh and two on davis, who struck out his first time on three pitches. He gets this one out to center, but room for inciarte back to the track near the wall and, oh, my god, she took a whole run away from davis that ball carried well. It was over the orange line and inciarte who robbed a home run from suspendus in this ballpark a few years ago, takes one away from jd davis to keep the mets off the board wow. This is terrific he’s, not a big tall guy, and that is highway. Robbery right there, it flashes the goals. The wind comes right here as ramos grounds. One down to third riley makes the play five scoreless innings for sirocco matching degrom. We go to the sixth at city field. On opening day. South london last year was the best mets pitcher not named jacob, and now just four and two thirds shy of the met’s club record set by r.a dickey lugo starts his day with a strikeout, as he fans, jackson layer up. If you took a more exacting role as a starter – and he goes outside to get acuna same as he did to jackson with that, fastball and he’s got back to back strikeouts to start the sixth. They go to the bottom of the sixth mike soroka, just 55 pitches through five innings ahmed rosario leads off and lines one at a right center field for a base hitch, so rosario gets on a first pitch.

Slider takes it the other way and the mets have the lead off man on, for the third time today against soroka it’s, this one toward left center chasing in ciarte over in the gap, and he runs it down. If you hit it in the field of play and ciarte is going to catch it, he caught one out of the field of play from jd davis, rosario gets set to run and alonso chases the slider for strength. Three, just the third strike out of the day. For soroka, but it gets him through six scoreless, innings, neal and shallow right and canoe in the middle, but yeah we’ll figure it out. Yeah we threw in the right spots hit hard, but right at mcneil. He is equal to the task and throws out freeman a one off bullet and adams is the on deck batter. This is his 20th pitch and it’s hit hard down the left field line and ozuna’s got himself. An extra base hit davis plays the camera and ozuna pulls in at second, with only the second atlanta hit of the day, a one out double now facing the mets, with a chance to get the braves on the board, and it goes off the glove of ramos And that’ll get ozuna over to third that’s got to be a pass ball one and one to adams rounded into the shift and the runner has to hold and mcneal makes the unassisted put out that’s five unassisted at first base.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen that before there got him looking side, retired riley strikes out for the third time today and lugo pins, the runner at third horizons. You are everywhere, ubiquitous keith, hernandez, suspended for two in his return, and he drives with a deep left field, headed back toward the wall. That ball is out of here. You win assist for this more than two years on the sidelines: he’s back for the home run and the mets leaded one, nothing in the seventh johannes sespenous. The mets have waited long and anxiously for his return and he shows why he can be such a force as he clobbers one into the lower seats in left field and the mets lead at one Applause. Nothing. Yes, yes, yes to be in there, and so he is one two coming to canoe and he struck him out with a fastball. So martin has the second out his first strikeout they’re, 201 years old nunia is the veteran howard on the ground. Down to third charging? Is riley and his throw on target to get davis side retired, but the mets grabbed the lead joanna cesmidis goes deep. Now the mets lead one nothing after seven, what a place to bring you in, as in for his first game, you see wilson’s numbers. Last year, i’ve allowed one hit struck out, eight and swanson gets carved. It goes down the right field line and it’s going to land for a base hit.

Swanson will stop it first, as conforto plays it neatly. I kind of like it and he’s got good numbers against albie’s swing of the miss. He struck him out high fast ball from wilson to get duvall now that’s, the first down to the end homer to first base. There goes swanson hit on the ground toward the vacated hole, but jimenez gives ground and gets to it and throws him out nice reaction by jimenez who was moving toward the bag and had to change direction down. One and two got him looking side. Retired wilson drops in the cutter and acuna strikes out for the third time today, told you about martin, coming over for texas, late ashane green coming late from detroit. He was there close out to be answered. Well, at least the first stanza fly ball out to right and duvall looking in the sun, no problem with it, no sunglasses required – and there are two out there’s nemo who’s one for three today and he lines one over short that’s a base hit and nimo’s got His second hit of the day with an eye tour conforto, two batters away and mcneal grounds, one down to freeman and freddie – is equal to this one and that retires the side we go to the night. Then, when diaz on to try and close it bets up. One nothing on opening. This is here to close trying to protect a one. Nothing lead against some good hitters.

Ozzy alves hits a one hopper and angela simenes makes the play one pitch and one retired for diaz in the top of the night, and he walked him and the braves saw the tying run on base and that’s. The other side of the coin for diaz got him. Looking two men down second time today that ozuna has been called out on a fastball on the outside part of the plate. Trying to finish this one off one, two struck it out and the ball game is over another opening day.