We have expanded our video department greatly, as we have a lot of our handicappers that are making their own videos with all kinds of great picks, so make sure you check that out as well as well as uh. Of course, the five star minutes that i do for our uh, our handicappers and as always, the deep three. So how the heck are you anything happen lately did i miss anything holy crap, guys uh by the way yep. I have not had a haircut since about a week before uh. The lockdown happened, i think it’s about around the first week in march. You know what i still don’t trust it um. Eventually, i will have it, but today uh right now, as we speak, i have my uh. Do not care cut so uh suffer suffer you bastards, um it’s good to have you guys alone. You know i’m kind of curious. Do you guys find things to bed on? Were you betting on korean baseball? Were you betting on uh? Were you betting on ukrainian table tennis? How far down did you go? Did you uh? Did you did you watch any of our videos about ufc or anything like that? You know we had.

We had fun. I got to tell you, i learned a lot about uh sports that i wasn’t necessarily that familiar with to start with, including uh ufc and golf with some golf plays as well as nascar um years past.

I was a nascar fan so that wasn’t as big of a as an adjustment but uh yeah – it was it – was kind of fun. We’Ve been doing okay, so scott, and i are still going to be doing uh today in sports betting, each and every day, so make sure you check that out as well. I don’t know what you guys are going to do for your spare time. You got too many videos to watch so anyway, thanks for tuning in thanks for coming back man thanks for uh, thanks for remembering us here at the old, deep three, so let’s uh let’s fire, this up and we’re, going to uh we’re gon na give it about A week to get back in the swing of things before we have you guys start leaving your plays so uh make sure that you keep an eye on baseball, get ready to drop us. Your five best plays and we’ll be starting that in about a week like i said once we get the uh once we get the rhythm we get all the kinks worked out a couple things we’re doing differently here, so we’re gon na make sure everything works uh. Before we start getting out over our skis, but today uh it is opening day everybody.

It is july, 25th and we’re. Taking a look at the official opening day uh we had the uh. We had the yankees yesterday in a uh in a play and uh ended up working.

Okay has the uh rain shortened game uh, they uh and it was amazing sure i believe, had 11 strikeouts and still took the 4 1 defeat. So on board enough as we go and we’re going to start off with uh close to one of the one of the premier matches in the majors battle there in the national league east as the atlanta braves square off against the new york mets mike soroka goes For the braves against uh two time, cy young award winner, jacob degrom and here’s the deal guys i’m. Looking at the braves in this one on the money line, plus 125. degrom got off to a rocky start. Last april had an era of 4.65 over his first five stars and that included a loss to the atlanta braves. Now the mets win overall, 1 3 against the braves when uh degrom started uh soroka, if you don’t, remember uh, probably one of those one of the one of the better pitchers that didn’t get a lot of exposure last year. He ended up being sixth in cy. Young voting to his 2.68 era was third best in the national league behind degrom and hanjin ryu, and he was two and one against the mets last season in his starts, and actually he had a higher era plus than degrom and era plus is one of those New stats, where they kind of try to figure out kind of factor out the park factor of the teams and make it as even as possible.

So he is certainly a certainly a high quality pitcher now here’s the deal this is going to come down. I think to a bullpen situation and the braves helped their bullpen immensely. This season, uh by signing uh, will smith. Unfortunately, uh smith and tooky toussaint are still recovering uh they’re still in covet protocol, but i still like this braves pen better than that uh fire that uh that uh train wreck, that is, the new york mets bullpen uh, the braves. They know how to put up uh offensive uh. They know how to score runs offensively. They were fourth in national league and runs last year and they added marcel ozuna and travis travis uh, the arnold travis darnold to their roster uh. They got freddie freeman back from his covet scare uh, the braves. Now they are five and two in their last seven against pitchers, with a whip below 1.15. I, like the value here, give me the atlanta, braves plus 125 against jacob degrom and the meds and moving on we’re going to take a look and staying on the east side as the baltimore orioles travel to boston, to take on the boston, red sox, uh, tommy. Malone goes for the orioles against nate iovaldi, four of the boston red sox, tommy malone was a late sub for john means, who tested the positive for the coronavirus. This is. This is a little change for this year. You guys have to keep an eye on this um if you bet early, so you have to be careful because uh bets are no longer going to be predicated on the pitchers.

In other words, if you better, it made a bet, let’s say a couple days ago on the orioles, with john beans going and he was subbed out for tommy malone. Your bet would have no action. That is no longer the case this year, as all bets have action, so we might have to adjust a little bit and make our bets later keep an eagle eye on that injury report, especially for corona, so here’s the here’s. The situation with these with this guys um the questions about the boston rotation abound, but there is no question uh. There are no questions about a team that has tommy malone as their number two starter, that ain’t good uh. This is a dreadful, orioles lineup, with a lot of guys, who would probably be playing triple a on a lot of other teams, and that includes the bullpen, which will likely come into play since tommy malone only win more than five innings three of his 23 starts For seattle last season, uh baltimore may even put up four or five against uh nate ivaldi. He has has struggled in the past, guess what i don’t think four or five is gon na. Do it i don’t think that’s gon na be nearly enough. I, like the red sox to stretch it out and win by a ton. Give me the boston, red sox run, line of minus 123. and finishing up there on the deep three taking a look at my hometown, kansas city royals, as they travel to cleveland ohio.

Take on the cleveland, indians, danny duffy tows, the slab four of the hometown boys against justin to bieber for the indians, um, hey! Remember all that stuff! We just said about the orioles yeah. Pretty much holds true for the royals as well. They have got some competent offensive players, but their pitching is absolutely dir red, full third worst era in the american league. Fifth, worst in all of baseball uh in the american league. They trailed just detroit and baltimore. Now the royals they have rejuvenated trevor rosenthal as a setup man and a passable closer in ian kennedy. The bad news uh rose, aren’t likely to have a lead against shane bieber, and this potent indians lineup now later in the season. Duffy may go six, but chances are he ain’t gon na go that far tomorrow, uh two to three runs against duffy and three innings or more against the kansas city pen should be enough to take the indians over their team total. Here i like the cleveland indians team total over and i don’t have a number on this. Yet the posted number is five and a half i’m assuming it’s going to be. Excuse me, the posted number is eight and a half i’m, assuming the assuming the indians team. Total number is going to be five and a half so we’re going to play that uh. If you get it at four and a half sell the boat sell the car load up kitties because it’s going to be a massacre.

This is probably spoiler alert. This is going to be a play that we may come back to throughout the season. This is a truly truly deadly, dreadful, royals, pitching staff, so uh, just to recap: we’re, taking the atlanta braves plus 125 on the money line, we’re taking the red sox on the run line minus 123 and finishing up with the cleveland indians team total most likely over Five and a half at the end of those three you guys can join me as we’ll pick up our winning tickets and we will head back to the window all right. Everybody that’s the d3 for today great to be back we’ll, be looking forward to doing it. For the rest of the season, keep uh keep well stay safe, everybody. I hope everybody uh made it through. Okay and we’ll be looking forward to talking to you again tomorrow on the deep three one more time please don’t forget to like and subscribe. We’Ve uh dropped. A few subscribers there during the downtime, so we appreciate it if you’d hit that subscribe button and push those numbers back up all right.