We got a hat club exclusive man: i’m, not gon na waste. Your time man so let’s just go ahead, get right into it. Man let’s get right into this we’re gon na go ahead and slice him open peel it back. You filming let’s, do this man now! If, if you guys are anything like like me, man, it is so hard to get a hat from hack club, especially an exclusive man. And oh, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, you see what time it is man. We got the mess right here. Man. We got the all black with the blue and orange logo, man, seven and one eighth man. This is pink bottom swag man, pink bottom swag pause. You feel me. We got the white guts man, white, sweat band. You feel me 7 and 1, 8 cooper’s town collection, man. You feel me a real throwback. Look at that. You see the batter man logo right. You see the blue and orange right. You see the side patch man don’t, get it twisted man. We sight patching over here world series, you see it. Hopefully we get a good focus on that man. 2001.. No, this 2000 is pardon me 2 000 world series, patch man. This is this – is really clean man.

I got ta throw any on 42 bucks. Man, hack club, now the story behind this hat is this was actually a raffle win that somebody else won the raffle, but they didn’t pay pink bottom, just he went on live and he just started going through random people that were in the in the live with Them he just said you know, throw me a hat size.

If i got your size, then you know i’ll bring you on the live and ask you which hat you want. So you know i’m putting in seven and one eggs, seven and one eight. I put it in like five ten times. You feel me. He clicked me into the live. He was like what’s going on, you feel me. He said he had the new york mets and the seven and one eight i said. Let me get that he sent the invoice and about three days later the hat is here. You feel me: we got the new era – flag, it’s, all black, so i’m, not sure if you’ll be able to see that but it’s right there, man, i’m gon na, throw it on real, quick. You feel me, so i really like the way these one eights are fitting man, because i have some one. Fourth, i have some one ace man and he’s one eighth. They just they sit right on top of that head, like the crown that they are. You feel me, i really appreciate the uh, the love for the you know the oath for the the hat man cause it’s been tough man.

If you anything like me, you be taking a lot of elves on hat club man it’s, like every every day at 11. O’Clock, pacific or 2 o’clock eastern just get ready for that. L man, because the l is coming. They just did the uh, the watermelons uh today actually and uh.

A lot of elves were passed out. You feel me but yeah. This is just a quick look. Man, pink bottom white, guts, man, you can’t, go wrong, got the mike piazza, i mean you see the coordination bee. This is a michelin ness, batting practice. Just you know, as a heads up man, but it’s your boy ace to the boogie man. I appreciate you checking out this video man go ahead. Like comment subscribe, tell a friend to tell a friend man hit me in the comments. Let me know what you picked up recently from hack club man. Give me the secrets, man. I need the keys man. I need the keys.